Bengali Wedding Songs to Use in Traditional Bengali Wedding

When it comes to weddings, Bengalis can never keep calm. Like their Durga Puja, a Bengali Destination wedding’s celebrations can continue for several days or weeks! A series of events lead to the wedding, and additional events make up its aftermath. Bengalis cannot refrain from showing their prowess and love for their culture to complement each of these events.

Bengalis and Bengali Wedding Songs are eternally connected, and they love to use them for every event of their life. Therefore, there are wedding songs specifically designed for every event. Let us look at all these songs used for Bengali weddings and Bengali Wedding Dates 2024, arranged according to their series of events.

Bengali wedding songs for Aiburobhaat

Aiburobhaat is the first event of any Bengali wedding. It is an event that takes place in different places according to the number of relatives. Both the bride and the groom have to go for several rounds of aiburobhaat. In aiburobhaat, the relatives arrange for a festive meal couple with showers of blessing. The last aiburobhaat is provided by the mothers of both groom and bride. One recent trend is to include the last aiburobhaat in the wedding movie. For depicting the aiburobhaat, you can use songs like

Kichu Kichu Kotha

This is a romantic song from the movie Lorai, sung by Arijit Singh and Kaushiki Chakraborty. You can use this song to express your love for your life partner and make the beginning of her D-Day special to her. Check this also Christian Wedding Songs


You can also use this chirpy romantic song from Parineeta by Shreya Ghoshal. This is a popular song nowadays, and you can stay amongst the trend by using this song.

Shudhu Tui

You can also use this romantic song from Villain by Raj Barman and Trisha Chatterjee.

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Bengali Wedding song for Jol Tola and Gaaye Holud

The next event taking place in a Bengali wedding is Jol Tola and Gaaye Holud. In Jol Tola, the groom and the bride’s relatives walk in a procession to take water from a holy place. All through this procession, they dance to the tune of famous Bengali music like

Biya Legeche

This quirky, fun song is from the movie Brahma Janen Gopon Kommoti, sung by Lagnajita Chakraborty. You would love the tune of this song since it is so Bengali-wedding oriented.

Bela Boye Jae

You can also use this melody song by the famed singer Dwijendralal Ray.

Gaye Holud is one of the mainstays of all Bengali wedding rituals related to the wedding. In this ritual, both the groom and the bride are smeared in Turmeric paste. Although people have jokingly used the yellow ceremony to describe the event, the word ‘Gaye Holud’ will always be an emotion for all true Bengalis. And to express their emotion, they have associated the ritual with several songs. Some of these songs include. Check this also Catholic Wedding Songs

Lilabali Lilabali

You cannot do away with this old Bangladeshi Folk song or any of its several recreated renditions. This song has also been used in an old Bengali movie by the name Chandan Diper Rajkonna. This song depicts how a Bengali bride gets draped in gorgeous sarees and applies makeup to make her look awesome for her D-day.

Holud Bato Mehendi Bato

You can also use this Bangladeshi song for your Gaye Holud ceremony. Check this also Punjabi Wedding Songs

Bengali Wedding Songs

Bengali wedding song for the Biye ceremony

The wedding is called Biye in Bengali. For every Bengalis, Biye is the most auspicious occasion that can take place in their life. Several singers have considered this ritual with high esteem and have sung several evergreen songs on this ritual. Some of the most famous songs on this topic include

Laje Ranga Holo Koney Bou Go

This is an evergreen song played in almost all Bengali weddings. You will find this song to be common in most wedding videos, and therefore, you can use it for yours as well. Check this also Tamil Wedding Songs

Yadidang Hridoyong

If you want a new-age Bengali song, this one from Brahma Janen Gopon Kommoti, sung by Ujjaini Mukherjee, is one of the best choices for you.

Nisha Lagilo Re

Although a new song related to Bengali weddings, it demonstrates the Bengali culture prevalent in Bangladesh. It is sung by Shantanu Ghosh and his choir. You can use this song for your authentic Bengali wedding.

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Bengali songs on Bidai

The Bengali wedding culture has incorporated the Hindu ritual where the bride has to leave her place to go to the groom’s place, called the sasural. The moment of her leaving is called Bidai, and it is a heart-wrenching scene filled with emotions. The best songs for this moment are

Bidhi Re O Bidhi Re

This is a heart-rendering song with the lyrics and the tune perfect for the mood. Check this also Mexican Wedding Songs

Ghor chere ghorer manus

You can also use this song for your Bidai ceremony.

You can find similar Bengali songs depicting the Bidai culture on Youtube.

Role of Rabindranath Tagore in Bengali Wedding Songs

Bengalis will never be able to live without the influence of Rabindranath Tagore. His works contribute to every aspect of Bengali’s life. He has created several wonderful works that can be used in a Bengali wedding. Some of them include

Ogo Bodhu Sundori

This song sung by Dwijen Mukhopadhyay is one of the most commonly used songs in many Bengali weddings. Check this also Gujarati Wedding Songs

Amaro Porane Jaha Chaye

A series of events lead to the wedding, and additional events make up its aftermath. The romantic tune and the lyrics of this song have also been widely used in many Bengali wedding videography. You can certainly include this choice for yours. Bengalis cannot refrain from showing their prowess and love for their culture, especially evident in the meticulous video editing to complement each of these events.

Sajani Sajani

For Gaaye Holud, you can use this wonderful Rabindrasangeet song. Check this also Chinese Wedding Songs

Jhoro Jhoro Borishe Bari Dhara

You can use the poignancy and sadness of this song for your Bidai.

Tomae Hrid Majhare Rakhibo

This is the best song for you if you have a delightful and fun-loving romantic nature.

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Summing up

Bengalis have a song for all situations for their wedding. Their Bengali culture is brimming with options to go to other languages for song options hardly. They even have a song to tease the groom and the bride when their wedding is not fixed. It is called,

Baba Amar Ki Biye Hobe Na

You can use this fun song from the movie Bor Asbe Ekkhuni. Bengalis have the unique mindset to accept all rightful ideologies.

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For example, Brahma Janen Gopon Kommoti, a movie based on a Bengali wedding, has considered questioning the ritual of Kanyadaan. The idea has been depicted by its songs and has been positively accepted by the general public. Therefore, please get associated with the songs to know more about Bengali culture if you want to know about Bengali culture.

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