Top 7 Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations in Pune

shaniwar wada

Pre-wedding shoots are a very new concept that has made its way as a popular and crucial part of Indian weddings today. There’s no way that you don’t want your pre-wedding shoot pictures to look surreal which is why we have a location which can be an ideal match for your pre-wedding shoot. Pune is a flawless blend of history, cityscape charm and nature.

Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations in Pune is an ideal thing and this statement is thoroughly backed by facts. The fact that the city surrounds itself with a dramatic landscape, tranquil natural aspects, the timeless charm of rich history and romantic retreats makes it a quintessential location for a pre-wedding photoshoot. Let’s slide through some amazing pre-wedding photoshoot locations in Pune.

As we are aware, Pune’s history is closely entangled with the rise and fall of empires. It has witnessed the beauty of the majesty of the Maratha empire and the influences of the Mughal and  British empires. These influences can still be seen, and the symbols and remains of the Maratha empire are still embraced with all the faith. Not just the history but Pune has a beautiful relation with nature as well. All of these places are an ideal match for a pre-wedding shoot so let’s get started and learn about a few.

Shaniwar Wada

shaniwar wada

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Shaniwar Wada is a gem from history. This fortification was built in the year 1732 with a prominence of Maratha architecture throughout. This fort is entirely constructed of stone and has a beautiful garden hemmed in. There were a few tragic events that took place in Shaniwar Wada: the death of Narayana rao (the soldiers murdered him) and the wada was destroyed to half.

The remaining Wada is preserved for the tourist and gives a rustic effect throughout. Couples can capture pictures on the balcony which has a teak wood frame and stone carvings, the gigantic gates and the courtyard. All of these places make an ideal and aesthetical background. Couples can wear traditional attires to make the shoot look more exquisite.

How to get there?

Address: Shaniwar Wada, Shaniwar Peth, Pune

  • You can get there by public transport or private vehicle as well.
  • Take the local PMPML bus to Shaniwar Wada, or book a cab or auto to the location.
  • Private vehicles are also preferable.

Osho Garden

osho garden

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This place is named after the spiritual teacher, Osho. He with a Japanese foundation Shunyo Foundation transformed this barren land into an enchanting garden. This garden gives Japanese-like vibes with cascading water bodies, lush green and rich flora inside.

Osho Garden is one of the best pre-wedding shoot locations in Pune as it provides the couple with various aesthetics like water bodies, flowers, green grass, etc. You can capture different aesthetics, and click in some playful and frisky poses to showcase the happening side of your relationship.

How to get there?

Address: Lane 2, Koregaon Park, Pune

  • You can go to the location either by private or public transport.
  • PMPL operates in every part of Pune. You can take the bus to the nearest location and book a cab or auto from there or can preferably take your private vehicle to the destination.
  • They have parking facilities available.

Lavasa City

Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations in Pune

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Lavasa City is an artificial city constructed as India’s first planned hill station since independence. This place was designed based on Italian architecture inspired from the city of Portofino. The aim was to create a sustainable, urban and technologically advanced city. The place accommodates buildings, bridge-like structures, cafes and many other reflecting Italian architecture.

Couples can capture their pre-wedding shoot pictures at various places in Lavasa. The place backs various spots with aesthetic views where couples can capture romantic and playful pictures in the golden hour glow. There are water bodies where you can capture the most dreamy pictures.

How to get there?

Address: Lavasa City, Lavasa, Pune

  • Lavasa City is approximately an hour’s drive from the city of Pune.
  • You can book a cab preferably to reach the destination.
  • You can take your private vehicle as well. There are parking facilities available as well.

Aga Khan Palace

Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations in Pune

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Sprawling majestically on 19 acres, this gigantic palace was built in 1892. The palace took 5 years to complete and cost 1.2 million. The palace accommodates an immaculately kept garden, fancy corridors, and lakes just add up to the beauty of this palace.

Couples can capture themselves in various backdrops. The lakes, the lawns, and the palace in the background can provide you with the most royal and aesthetic pictures making it an ideal location for a pre-wedding shoot in Pune.

How to get there?

Address: Aga Khan Palace, Pune Nagar Road, Kalyani Nagar, Pune

  • There are ample options to reach the location. One can opt for the PMPL, or train based on their convenience.
  • Ghoripur Western Railway Station is the nearest station to Aga Khan Palace.
  • You can directly book a cab or auto to the location.
  • Private vehicles are also preferable.

Dhepe Wada

dhepe wada

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Dhepe Wada, nestled in Mulshi, Pune is a potential pre-wedding shoot location for the ones who believe to capture the essence of Marathas. This setting is away from the bustling city of Pune, away from the traffic and pollution. This serene place was potentially built to provide an authentic backdrop to the couples.

Dhepe Wada has various backdrops from the authentic corridors with tulsi in the centre, to swing, to rooms built with the essence of old-world charm. The bride can dress up in the Maharashtra style saree and groom in Maharashtrian attire to capture the perfect pictures. Dhepe Wada is also a wedding resort for couples who wish to marry in an authentic Maharashtrian-style wedding.

How to get there?

Address: Girvan Project, Mulshi, Pune

  • You can reach Dhepe Wada either by private or public transport.
  • You can reach Mulshi by bus and take the location auto to Dhepe Wada.
  • You can also book a direct cab to the location or take your private vehicle based on your comfort.
  • Though private vehicles are preferable.

Arai Tekdi

arai tekdi

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Also known as Vetal Tekdi, it is a popular destination wedding in Pune for photoshoots, walks or just to visit. This place is backed by nature with a water body situated in the centre. Away from the hustle-bustle, it is a popular local spot.

You can visit Arai Tekdi for the most serene pictures of all time. You can capture romantic pictures with ample trees around and the sun shining at its best. The best time to visit is early mornings and late afternoons. Not just the sun but even the skies are at their best shades during these times.

How to get there?

Address: Vetal Hill, Off Paud Road, Kothrud, Pune

  • Buses don’t reach Arai Tekdi directly. You can stop at the nearby PMPL stop: Paud Phata and reach the location either by walking or can booking an auto stop.
  • You can directly book a cab or auto to Arai Tekdi.
  • Private vehicles are also preferable. There is a parking option available.

Pataleshwar Temple

Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations in Pune

Picture credit: Pataleshwar-Temple-

Pataleshwar Temple is the 8th-century rock-cut temple nestled in the heart of Pune. This place shares a rich past, with exceptional architecture and craftsmanship. The temple has large mandapas and nature elements are intriguing.

Couples can have a rustic and spiritual background for a perfect pre-wedding shoot in Pune. They can capture praying together moments, and romantic and other playful pictures as well.

How to get there?

Address: Jungli Maharaj Road, Pune

  • You can travel to Pataleshwar Temple by local transport or private vehicle.
  • You can take a cab or auto directly to the place or take your private vehicle based on your preference.

Pune accommodates various locations and nearby spots that are an ideal match for a pre-wedding shoot in Pune. This city is known as the Oxford of the East for having some oldest and most notable universities with old-world architecture, not just the universities but the streets of Pune speak of the rich Puneri history.

The Wada, the temples, the forts, the age-old shops and the rich heritage continue to exist and are embraced gracefully. Not just the history but also nature has blessed the city. Cascading water bodies, lakes, waterfalls, landscapes and whatnot! Pre-wedding shoots in Pune can be a great hit and this city offers a plethora of backgrounds dreamy and dramatic as ever. If you are planning your pre-wedding shoot in Pune, then you must have certain questions, let’s address them.

Frequently Asked Questions for Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations in Pune :

What are some of the popular pre-wedding shoot locations in Pune?

Places like Shaniwar Wada, Dhepe Wada, Phu La Deshpande Udyan, Khadakwasla Dam, Sinhagad Fort, Pataleshwar Temple and others are some of the prominent photoshoot locations in Pune.

How much does a pre-wedding shoot cost in Pune?

The package varies. Places like Mulshi, Pataleshwar Temple, Arai Tekdi and others don’t charge anything for a shoot. You only have to pay the photography charges. Based on the locations you choose, the packages vary into gold, silver and platinum.

How long does the pre-wedding shoot last and what to wear?

Dressing can be decided based on the locations. For places like Dhepe Wada, you can dress in traditional attire and capture the authenticity of the traditions. While you can gown, or one piece for locations like Lavasa where you can capture romantic yet playful pictures.

Suggest some unconventional pre-wedding shoot places in Pune.

Nothing is as unconventional as the old streets of Pune, Peth area. These streets have beautifully embraced the old-world charm. You can capture some of the most candid pictures with the vintage beauty of the city.

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