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Plan Your Destination Wedding in Digha

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Why do couples choose Digha for a dreamy destination wedding?


A small yet stunning coastal town of West Bengal named Digha is a perfect location for a destination wedding. A couple can do a grand celebration of love but on another side, it can spend quality time in solace as well.

Blanketed with the splendid beauty of pristine beach areas, tall palm trees and some great architectural gems, Digha can offer you the same magical wedding setup that you yearned for.

But before making up your mind and finalizing this surreal location for a dreamy wedding you must know how Digha’s specialties will assist couples in planning their destination wedding.

  • Take a long walk on beach areas together
  • Explore the famous places and plan a photoshoot
  • Gorge on the fresh seafood
  • Offer great hospitality to your guests
  • Book a classy wedding venue for your D-day
  • Bring some long-lasting memories home

Have a look at these traits of Digha in a well-explained way.

Pristine beaches of Digha

The Beach areas of Digha are so scenic that you can walk on the warm sand of the stretched shores by holding hands together and sipping the fresh coconut water. The beautiful sunrise and sunset enhance the worth of these pristine beaches. Old Digha beach, New Digha beach and Digha Mohna watchpoint are some must-visiting locations for a couple who is drenched in immense love.

A pre-wedding shoot at the splendid locations of Digha

Digha has some unique places offering a perfect backdrop for your lovely pictures. Couples just need to book a professional photographer and drop by picturesque spots like Amarabati park, Kajal Dighi and Chandaneshwar temple etc. These meaningful pictures will revive the memories of your destination wedding whenever you come across them.

Gorge on the fresh seafood of Digha

The Oh-So delicious seafood of Digha will be an exceptional experience for couples and their guests. Digha is well known for only a few things like sea, sun, sand and the most important one, the mouthwatering seafood. You can try Pomfret fry, Tiger prawns, crabs and Pabda fish curry etc. Pleasing your nonveg-loving guests with drooling seafood can be a wise decision.

Offer great hospitality to your guests

Digha serves its guests with great hospitality through lavish resorts and hotels. Pre-booking of spacious rooms well equipped with advanced services for your guests will offer them great comfort and a vibe of luxury.

A classy venue for your D-day

Several hotels, banquet halls, farmhouses and resorts flaunt their glam among couples and allure them to choose for a dreamy wedding setup. The fine services of wedding ceremonies make these venues more captivating. Couples can ask for the customization of venues according to a specific theme wedding as well.

Markets of Digha – a great way to bring some memories home

Being a coastal town Digha is widely known for its beyond-perfection sea shell works and items. You can buy some pretty gifts for your partner or guests from the beach markets of Digha.

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