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Plan Your Destination Wedding in Meerut

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Why choose Meerut for a destination wedding?


Known as the “Sports Capital of India“, Meerut also boasts endless features regarding a grand or intimate destination wedding affair. This city is home to myriad ancient locations and scenic spots that can boost your adrenaline rush. Featuring numerous luxury accommodations, Meerut is a prime attraction among couples for planning a grand destination wedding.

The rich history and beautiful culture of Meerut are capable of blowing the minds of couples who are great history enthusiasts.

Here are the advantages for couples who are willing to host their celebration of love in Meerut.

  • Temples of Meerut depict a religious significance
  • Historical anecdotes of great valourous fighters
  • Hotels and resorts for comfortably staying here
  • Markets for fulfilling wedding-related requirements
  • Cleanliness and connectivity
  • Locations for couple’s pre-wedding photoshoot
  • Professional services to please couples and guests

Before making up their mind about planning a destination wedding in Meerut, couples must know how the key features of this city can serve them in the best possible way.

  1. Temples reflect a religious significance here

Located on the divine banks of rivers Ganga and Yamuna both, Meerut is home to scores of ancient temples. Before the start of any new journey, we believe in seeking the blessings of our deities then how can we skip this tradition while the inception of a newly wedded life? Couples must visit Kali Paltan devil, Augarhnath mandir, Mansa devil and Hanuman Chowk and grab auspicious blessings.

  1. Classy wedding venues and luxury stay options

For couples who have a strong desire of exchanging vows under a floral or starry wedding setup, Meerut is the right pick for them. The enticing wedding venues provide the wedding setup, catering services, sitting arrangements and entertaining features that match a couple’s high expectations. Tivoli Imperial resort, Rana Farms, Hotel Samrat Heaven and Big Bite resort make their place among the top positions in Meerut.

  1. Shop together for your D-day

Wedding shopping has its distinct fun and charm and it becomes more pleasurable when you accompany your partner in your wedding shopping. Bridal stores, Groom’s designer collections, traditional sarees, jewelry shops, makeup and saloon points are in abundance here. Shopping and savoring the local street food of Meerut together will always remind you of your destination wedding without fading.

  1. Locations for a couple photo shoot before the wedding

Adding one more memorable chapter to your destination wedding story through a lovely pre-wedding photoshoot can be a wise decision for couples. Whether you plan it at the resort or hotel where you are staying or visit the ancient monuments of Meerut for adding a perfect backdrop to your pictures, your family and friends can not refrain from gazing at your beautiful photographs.

  1. Cleanliness and great connectivity

Exploring the destination where you are going to exchange the vows is the prime attraction of destination weddings. The clean surroundings and streets of Meerut enhance the joy of your celebration. Through smooth commuting facilities, couples explore the tradition and culture of Meerut with loved ones.

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