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Plan Your Destination Wedding in Lavasa

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What’s unique about Lavasa to choose it for destination weddings?

A hill station located near Pune in Maharashtra, Lavasa has all the qualities for attaining the tag of the perfect Wedding Destination. The location of Lavasa makes it ideal for this purpose as it gives many breathtaking views of Mose valley.

Here you can know everything about Lavasa and choose this treasure of nature for your destination wedding. Your wedding will be away from the hustle and bustle of the city and this is the reason why most couples sought it for a destination wedding.

Other features that coerce couples to choose it are as follows,

  • Nature’s paradise
  • Romantic places
  • Ideal weather for enjoying the wedding functions
  • Budget-friendly wedding venues
  • Best Restaurants to make you drool

Know about the above-mentioned captivating features of Lavasa and fulfill your dream of a destination wedding here, at a scenic hilly place.

Nature’s Paradise

Lavasa is surrounded by many natural elements like mountains, rivers, waterfalls and lush greenery. You can pick any of the locations in Lavasa and gaze at the exceptional nature for long hours with your partner. The dream of getting a rich backdrop for your wedding pictures can be fulfilled here in Lavasa.

Explore the romantic spots with your partner

Clean surroundings, giant forts, posh resorts and theme parks are chosen by many couples where they go and make numerous memories with their would-be life partner. You can also plan the pre-wedding shoot for yourself at the picturesque locations of Lavasa. The Promenade, Lakeshore watersports, Tikona fort, Ghangad fort and Devkund Waterfalls are the most attractive places from the aspect of a romantic tour.


When you should plan your wedding in Lavasa?

The decision of choosing Lavasa for a destination wedding in some specific months can hamper your fun and pleasure of a destination wedding due to the scorching heat. You are advised to plan your wedding in the months between October and March. Winter season weddings in Lavasa will not only offer you a pleasant atmosphere but also enhance the beauty of your wedding with the full bloom in nature.

But if you want to choose monsoon season for a destination wedding in Lavasa, pick an indoor location for the party.

Best restaurants offering local cuisines

Food is the most essential part of any wedding. Food is also a way to know the tradition and culture of any city or state. So if you want to satiate the taste buds of your guests at the destination wedding in Lavasa, include the tempting local dishes of this place. Exploring the best restaurants in Lavasa during wedding functions will also be a good idea.

Budget-friendly event

Destination weddings are considered an intimate or private function in which only close people take part. Hosting such an intimate event in Lavasa will cost you 5 lakhs – 10 lakhs if you allow 150-200 people to take part in your destination wedding.

Akin to the other couples you can also transform your imagination of a dreamy wedding in Lavasa into reality.

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