Top 7 Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations in Indore

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Indore is known for its glorious past. The streets of Indore and the historical influences there speak of the regal bygone era. The surreal locations and greenery majestically bring out the best sight of this city, a sight worth capturing.  This is also the main reason why couples prefer Indore as their pre-wedding shoot destination. Since pre-wedding shoots are now the latest genesis for wedding ceremonies of any religion.

Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations in Indore can indeed be one of the best pre-wedding shoot locations in India to start with. If you are planning your pre-wedding shoot in Indore or pre-wedding shoot locations near Indore then you might need this article for some amazing suggestions.

This cleanest city in Madhya Pradesh and India is thoughtfully a perfect choice for flawless pictures on your pre-wedding shoot. The rightful blend of authenticity, flavours of Indorie streets and historical influences make your pre-wedding shoot in Indore picture-perfect. Learn more about some exquisite locations in the city of Indore that are best suited for a pre-wedding shoot.

Lal Bagh Palace

Lag bagh palace

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Lal Bagh Palace is an architectural gem, in other words, a historical gift. This palace was constructed by the Holkar Dynasty which now stands in the heart of Indore exuding opulence. Lal Bagh Palace accommodates the essence of history with the most delicate Italian Renaissance Revival Architecture.

Nothing can be as royal as Lal Bagh Palace which can provide your pictures a subtle and aristocratic backdrop. The grand entrance, ornamented corridors, and beautiful green gardens provide you with different aesthetics for a picturesque photoshoot in Indore.

How to get there?

Address: Kasaharbagh Road, Lal Bagh Road, Nai Duniya, Indore

  • Railways or by road both are the most preferable ways to reach Lal Bagh Palace.
  • You can book a cab or auto-rickshaw from Indore Railway Station as it is only a 3 km drive.
  • Either you can book a cab directly to Lal Bagh Palace. Personal vehicles are also preferable.

Rajwada Palace

Rajwada Palace

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Rajwada Palace stands tall in Indore narrating the rich historic tapestry that Indore accommodates. Rajwada or Holkar Palace was built by Malhar Holkar acknowledging the beautiful consolidation of Maratha, Mughal and French architecture. The intricacy of the carvings, the jharokha (balconies) and other elements tend to add up to its beauty.

The couple can capture the elegance and timeless beauty of their love with the palace in the backdrop. Rajwada Palace provides you with a different background where you can picture the charm and eccentric beauty of old-world charm.

How to get there?

Address: Mahatma Gandhi Road, Rajwada, Indore

  • Indore Railway Station is 3 km away from Rajwada Palace, you can take an auto-rickshaw or book a cab to the palace based on your convenience.
  • Both private vehicles or taxis are preferable for a comfortable trip to Rajwada Palace.

Patalpani Waterfall

Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations in Indore

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Hemmed in the beauty of nature, Patalpani Waterfall is amongst the best pre-wedding shoot locations near Indore. Patalpani Waterfall is a real utopia for nature lovers. This hidden gem, according to the localites, is as deep as Patal hence the name Patalpani. The constantly flowing water, nature and other elements consolidate to make it an ideal location.

The mesmerising views and scenic beauty can work as the perfect backdrop for your pre-wedding photoshoot amidst the lush greenery. Couples can capture candid moments and intimate pictures in this serene environment enjoying the gist of nature.

How to get there?

Address: Patalpani, Near Patalpani Railway Station, Indore

You can get a bus from Indore which takes you through Mhow, this is the most suitable option to visit Patalpani Waterfall. You can take your private vehicles, or book a car or taxi to the location based on your convenience. Patalpani Waterfall has a few rail stops nearby. You can opt for this option as well.

Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary

Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations in Indore 2

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Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary is a nature’s paradise with lush greenery and an ancient palace built by Holkars hemmed in.The place is highly serene, and enriched with flora and fauna.

Couples who have an intense love for nature, and wildlife will find Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary the best pre-wedding shoot location in Indore. The sanctuary has wild animals like chital, blue bulls, sambar deer, leopards etc. You capture images while enjoying the jungle safari amidst nature. Couples can capture nature and love at Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary, Indore.

Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary is a place where you can not only capture pictures but also see magnificent views and migratory birds. You can create ample memories here.

How to get there?

Address: Ralamandal, Indore

  • If you prefer travelling by train, Indore Junction is the nearest stop to Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • You can book a taxi or rickshaw from there to the sanctuary at your convenience.
  • The place has the facility of parking so private vehicles are also preferable.
  • Or a direct booking of a cab via the apps can be a preferable option.

Lotus Valley

lotus valley

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Lotus Valley is legitimately known as the best pre-wedding shoot location near Indore for various reasons. Away from the bustling of the city, this place is quiet and private and provides ample backdrops. The natural light, serene ambience and shooting in the lap of nature amongst the pond with lotuses blooming all over. Making it a place worth capturing, which is why Lotus Valley is the best background you could have asked for your pre-wedding photoshoot.

The place accommodates open grassy areas, serene ponds, picturesque views, lotuses, and other flowers. You can capture the intimate moments of love with the exquisite backdrop powered by nature.

How to get there?

Address: Gurda Khedi, Indore

  • This place is approximately 25 km from Indore. There are different mediums of transport that you can take to reach Lotus Pond, Indore.
  • Booking a cab directly to the location is the most preferred option.
  • Private vehicles are also preferable, based on your convenience.

Jahaz Mahal

jahaz mahal

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Also known as Ship Palace, this monument is built in a way that the structure resembles that of a ship. The architecture is centuries old and was built to accommodate the Mughal ruler’s 15000 wives. This place is a perfect existing example of Mughal architecture. An exquisite gem from the past, Jahaz Mahal is hemmed between two lakes, Munj and Kapur Talao giving the illusion of a ship. Isn’t that exhilarating?

Just as fancy as its placement, Jahaz Mahal accommodates various backdrops that will leave you in awe. The dexterity of the palace and its architecture and heritage can add much more richness to your pictures. The lakes, tinges of the sky and the exceptional palace with lotus-shaped pools and arches can be a perfect backdrop for your pre-wedding shoot in Indore.

How to get there?

Address: Mandu, Indore

  • Mandu is pretty close to the Agra-Mumbai Highway, which makes road travel convenient.
  • You can book a taxi or drive on your private vehicle based on your convenience.
  • Public transport is also available.

Maheshwar Fort

maheshwar fort

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The timeless elegance and magnificence of Maheshwar or Ahilya Fort is picturesque. Built-in the 18th century, this centuries-old piece of historical influence and the presence of the Holkar dynasty still stand to be a masterpiece. Maheshwar Fort is an exquisite pre-wedding shoot destination wedding near Indore if you have an intriguing love for history. 

The fort has gardens, courtyards, fountains and most importantly is a historic remnant in itself which makes it a perfect backdrop for your pre-wedding photoshoot in Indore. You can capture pictures which are romantic and dramatic in such a cinematic backdrop.

How to get there?

Address: Ahilya Wada, West Nimar, Maheshwar, Indore

  • The place is a 2-hour distance from Indore city.
  • You have public transport and private transport options based on your convenience.
  • A road journey to Maheshwar Fort is highly preferable. You can travel by your private vehicle or book a taxi.
  • You can also find the bus to the nearest spot and book an auto or taxi from there.

The beauty of Indore is impeccable! Blessed with ample historical repercussions, temples, and mouth-watering delicacies this place is a Shangri-la of amusements. Why would anyone not want their pictures, their memories, and most importantly their love to be captured in the city of Indore?

Frequently Asked Questions for Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations in Indore :

What are the most popular pre-wedding shoot locations in Indore?

Places like Rajwada Palace, Lalbagh Palace, Patalpani Waterfall, and Janapav Kuti are some of the most popular pre-wedding shoot locations in Indore.

Where can we visit for a royal pre-wedding shoot in Indore?

Indore has pretty much historical influences; some of these are Ahilya or Maheshwar Fort, Lalbagh Palace, Rajwada Palace, and Jahaz Mahal.

Reasons why Indore is the perfect pre-wedding shoot location.

Indore is the cleanest city. It accommodates a rich past and cultural tapestry. The place in and around Indore is just magnificent, grand and historic. The city is blessed with nature, history and beauty which can add enough to your elegant pictures making them picturesque.

Suggest some natural and scenic locations for a pre-wedding shoot in Indore.

Places like Lotus Valley, which is away from the buzz of the city, serene and silent; Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary; and Patalpani Lake can be a good option.

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