Manipuri Wedding Dress Groom 2 1

Manipuri Wedding Dress Groom

So far, it is known that Manipur is a rich state in terms of flora and fauna, and its ethnicity and traditions are incomparable to Western cultures. The prime essence of the Manipuri culture resides in the strong beliefs of the Manipuri people and their Manipuri Wedding Dress Groom. They never step back to find […]

Manipuri Wedding Jewellery

Manipuri Wedding Jewellery

Manipur is a rich state in terms of land and culture. As the state reflects its beauty in its dense flora and fauna, the charm of  Manipuri Wedding Rituals throws light on the purity in the heart of the Manipuri people. They find pride in their culture and follow them wholeheartedly. The reflection of their […]

Manipuri Wedding dress for Bride

Manipuri Wedding Dress for Bride

Every Indian wedding is truly bound with the customs of its community. And the beauty lies in the way the bride and groom showcase their ethnicity by following the traditions and The Manipuri Wedding Rituals—just like the Meitei or Manipuri weddings. From the Manipuri Wedding dress for the Bride or groom to the decoration of […]

The Manipuri Wedding Rituals

As in the Manipuri wedding rituals, weddings are auspicious occasions when two souls unite to fill each other’s lives with colors and happiness. The Manipuri people or meitei people use the local term “luhongba” for marriage which means the union of a man and a woman implying oneness in their heart. The Meitei people stick […]


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