Mexican Wedding Songs

Mexican Wedding Songs

A Mexican Wedding is considered concluded after saying vows and exchanging rings like in other wedding cultures. But to fully dive into the traditional Mexican wedding customs and whole-night fiestas, one must become aware of the fun, intriguing, romantic, and energetic Mexican wedding music

Whether a party & dancing song or a lovely serenade both genres of Mexican music enable couples and their loved ones to have a blast on D-day. But it always feels like a hefty task to curate a list of trending and timeless tunes from Mexican music.

If you are concerned about a similar thought, shrug off all your worries as we have listed the top Mexican Wedding Songs here just for you! 

1. Mundo De Amor – 

This romantic Mexican wedding song is ideal for those grooms who want to express their love for the lady undisguisedly. The lyrics of the song say that “Everyone can see he is in love and she is his life.” These are the most desired words and emotions that a bride wants to sense on the big day. The beautifully penned lyrics are accompanied by slow-paced beats and flowy music which makes the track perfect for the moments like “First Dance“. 

Los Tucanes De Tijuana is the writer and singer of this Mexican song. This 4-year-old song hit nearly 24 million views now. Hence you will find your guests humming the track while your splendid performance on the dance floor.

2. Suavemente –

Your whole Mexican wedding ceremony will feel bland if you do not include this song in the event. Dancing on this track and rocking the floor enthusiastically with all loved ones after the party will be an unforgettable event of your Big Day. 

The lyrics and beats of this exquisite Mexican music piece infuse a  “go crazy” vibe in every listener. This Mexican rhythm was created in the year 1998 but still, it win the hearts of dance lovers. 

Elvis Crespo is the writer and singer of this evergreen traditional Mexican song. 

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3. Agua Salada – 

A bride who is looking for a solo performance track for expressing her emotional gratitude should give pause to her search here. The lyrics of this Mexican melody remind a bride that how lovingly she was brought up and lived a dream of flying high one day. If you as a bride want to add some “shedding tears” moment to the fun wedding event, there is no better heartfelt song than Agua Salada. 

Despite being an old musical beauty, this song occupies a very special corner in the hearts of Mexican people. Very talented Los Tigres Del Norte sang this song with great compassion and love.

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4.  Piensa En Mí – 

Finding a slow-placed song on which you ( a bride) can groove with your father and express immense love for him, Piensa En Mí is the ideal song choice for you. This song is perfect for the bride and groom if they have a keen desire to sway lovingly on the dance floor with their parents. The lyrics of the song say,’ A parent will always be in the good, bad, happiness and pain of his/her child.” 

The slow-paced tune and classy music beats scale up the beauty of this soulful Mexican song. You will be mesmerized by the depth in the voice of Luz Casal. Maria Lara penned the beautiful lyrics of the song and it is from the album Un Ramo De Rosas.

5. Yo No Te Pido La Luna – 

This one is a refreshing Mexican music piece that boosts energy in dull souls. Those who are finding a song on which they can give a riveting performance must place this one at the top of their playlist. You can plan a romantic couple dance for your Mexican wedding reception. But do not forget to brush your grooving skills as the song has fast music and thumping beats. 

Fiordaliso created this masterpiece in 1984 but after that several versions also compelled people to vacillate madly on the floors.

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6. El Pasito Perron – 

Chasing down a song that is capable to create a fun vibe and drag every friend and relative to the dance floor for swaying insanely? Nothing will sound better than El Pasito Perron as an after-party song. Your guests would love to move on to this upbeat song. They might ask you to play twice, thrice or the whole night as the song is imbibed with fun and celebration. 

This song is by Grupo Dinastia Mendoza and was released in the year 2017. No doubt this original piece of musical art and grooving on it will make you walk down memory lane in the future.

7. Casas De Madera – 

One of the most popular and traditional Mexican songs that are picked by couples for their first dance ritual is Casas De Madera. On one hand, the music of this track depicts the authentic Mexican culture while on the flip the lyrics convey a commitment of the couple towards each other. Also, a feeling of comforting your partner is disguised in the song. 

Ramon Ayala the brilliant artist of Mexico sang this song. It was released in 1968 but this evergreen melody still wins the heart of romantic partners. 

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8. Me Llamo Raquel – 

Another Mexican song that was created with the prime intention to make people dance on the floors is Me Llamo Raquel. A sweet, romantic and fun song that speaks about the splendid beauty of the bride as well as the whole affair that how she fell in love with her beloved partner. Mexican people are listening to and enjoying this light-hearted song for ages but it still refreshes their minds. 

Banda Machos voiced this fun and exciting Mexican track. The electrifying beats pull the dance lovers onto the stage or floor in wedding celebrations. 

9.  La Cumbia Sampuesana –

Well, it is always desirable to see a couple on stage who is well versed in footwork and intricate dance steps. Luckily if you fall into that category pick this iconic Mexican wedding song “La Chmbia Sampuesana”. A well-choreographed dance performance on the beats of this track will grab the attention of guests from start to end. 

The quite popular song is the heritage of the Mexican music industry and people love to play this on great occasions. Aniceto Molina is the creator of this masterpiece.

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10. El Reloj – 

The song has the potential to turn the whole wedding ambiance into heavenly surroundings. Mid-paced music, soothing beats and amazing lyrics were blended all together to create this divine Mexican song. Mexican couples usually pick this lovely track for their first dance ritual after their wedding. 

The lyrics of the song are heavily drenched in romance and say, “His bride is his star that lights up his whole life”. The very talented Luis Miguel voiced this melody and made it a big hit.

11. La Vivora De La Mar – 

This song is a complete package of fun, love and celebration. Riveting in the wedding event completely and dancing around the newly wedded Mexican couple along with playing this track will be one of the most enticing moments. 

The song was released in the year 2011 and reached record-breaking millions of views. The song has now become an evergreen beauty in the Mexican music industry. The guests and family members dance under the veil of the newly wedded bride. The title of the track says “The sea snake“.  It is by Los Kachorrillos De Tijuana.

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12. El Rey – 

The song is perfect for the moment when all your cousins and relatives are done with their tequila shots and ready to sway insanely by holding each other.  Vicente Fernández gave voice to this beautiful song. 

Jose Alfredo Jimenez penned the engaging lyrics of this song. Even after years of release, the secures a place in Mexican people, especially for the occasions of unison. If you want to play something that does not need perfect or choreographed dancing, El Rey is the song for your entire group.

13. Capullo Y Sorullo – 

Several Mexican couples and their families prefer to hire a renowned band and DJ to play this iconic melody. But the original and recorded one hides the real magic. Grooving on the perfect beats and lyrics of this sonorous melody is like a dream come true moment for several couples. 

The lyrics of the song say,” Both the partners are accepting each other.” The song was a big hit of the old days and grabbed nearly 25 million views. The coy voice of the female singer and the fun conversation between both partners make the song perfect for jubilant occasions like weddings.

Sonora Dinamita composed and sang this lovely track.

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14. Sopa De Caracol – 

Another Mexican song that is full of fun lyrics and peppy beats is Sopa De Caracol. No doubt the song will infuse a great level of energy and compel you to swing your whole body. The lyrics of the song say,” The Girl Is Teasing Me“. One of the major reasons behind picking this track in all Mexican weddings is, ideal beats are made for grooving insanely. 

Banda Blanca sang the song and it was released in the year 2018. Including this song in “after party” moments will create an indelible memory of your wedding.

15. Oye Mi Amor – 

Not only the listeners but the DJs also love to play this unique Mexican song at weddings. This edgy and rocky song is a favorite of old-age aunts and mums as you can see them humming the track all through your mad dance performance on this track. The song reminds the good old days of Mexican people when they were young and it is no less than a heritage of the Mexican musical industry. 

The song was released 15 years before in 2008 but it is still quite cool for all age groups in Mexico. Artist Mana gave voice to this track while Alex Gonzalvez and Fher Olvera penned the beautiful lyrics of this evergreen song.

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16. Juana La Cubana – 

If we say that Juana La Cuban is the pride of Mexico, there is no doubt about it. This slow-paced legendary song is perfect for grooving even if you are not well-versed in the catchy moves. To add fun to your wedding reception event you can pick the song for the “First Dance” ritual also. Your drunk guests and friends will join you to do the craziest moves. 

Fito Olivares Y Su Grupo is the group behind the record-breaking success of this classic Mexican song. Fito Olivares penned the lyrics of this song.

17. Camaron Pelao – 

Well, there are no perfect pairs of words to describe this song rather than saying, “Play the music at any fun occasion and just start hopping like insane.” This 3:30-minute-long Mexican track is ideal for those couples who are fun-loving and want to create a celebration vibe through a traditional Mexican track. 

Banda El Recodo De Cruz Lizarraga created this musical masterpiece and the song touched the millions hit button in the year 2017. It will be a sin if you hold your feet back from the dancing stage at the wedding while the song is played.

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18. El Sinaloense – 

All the states of Mexico have a unique song that boasts about their qualities but El Sinaloense (Song for Sinaloa people) hits differently. The song is crazy and amazing just like the people of Silanoa in Mexico. Nothing will suit more than this song if the newly wedded couples are from Silanoa. 

The song was released in the year 2009 and Sones Con Banda voiced and composed this iconic track.

19. Arriba Picchataro – 

The band who played this music piece grabbed unparalleled love and appreciation from every nook and corner of  Mexico. Apart from El Sinaloense, the bands or DJ groups in Mexico love to play this one. If you pick this option for your after-party song, your guests will enjoy that moment the most. 

The band that created this energetic music piece is quite popular in Mexico and is recognized by the name Banda Renovacion. The instrumental version is more popular at weddings as it charges people with great energy.

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20. Payaso De Rodeo – 

Ending the list of great Mexican wedding songs with this sheer sonorous beauty, Payaso De Rodeo. Well, this song can be your final track in your wedding playlist as well because it will pull all the energy of couples and guests through mad dancing on the floor. This fast-paced song depicts all the celebratory emotions of loved ones. 

Hoping on the stage and pushing the loved ones lovingly and gently will be great fun at the end of your wedding celebration. 

Caballo Dorado played this masterpiece with perfect flowy music and energizing beats.

Some more trending Mexican songs to make your D-day perfect 

Though the above-mentioned songs lack nowhere in helping the couples to convey their emotions and the loved ones to dance with great fanfare, some trending tracks can add a spark to your event and make it worth memorable for decades. 

Here is a list of a few more wedding songs that are big hits of the current day. Whether a couple is seeking the soulful melody for the first dance or the craziest number for grooving in the group, these songs will fit so well in your frame of desirable tracks. 

21. Que Bonito Es Amar 

22. Celito Lindo 

23. La Bamba

24. La Paloma

25. El Balaju 

26. La Varca De Oro

27. El Guaco 

28. Come Back to Sorento

29. Jesusita En Chihahua

30. Dalabras Bonitas

31. Mlaguena Sala Rosa 

32. Lindas Mexicanitas 

33. Shamaca

34. Embeleso 

35. Companera

36. Seguiramos 

37. Cielito Lindo

38. Jaraba Tapatio

39. Tijuana Taxi

40. Probre De Mi 

Final Words – 

These classic pieces of Mexican wedding songs are just ideal to convey your complex emotion of love and affection through quite simple words and music. The songs will nurture the bond between both of you and leave several ineradicable moments in the memory book of your guests. 

Romance, fun, depth, passion, sonorous voices, accompanying classic instruments and love are those ingredients that are available in these songs in abundance. To prepare the perfect moments for your Wedding Day, go grab the best Mexican songs ASAP and start practicing the catchy moves to shine differently on your D-Day. 

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