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Plan Your Destination Wedding in Somnath

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Why one should choose Somnath for a destination wedding?


Starting a new life with the person whom you love and adore in a divine place, several couples cherish this dream. But finding a destination that gives a spiritual ambiance for the wedding is not that easy. Only a few places have that heavenly energy and one such place is Somnath.

Apart from the religious significance, Somnath is an ideal destination for those couples who are beach lovers. Planning a shoot on the beach area or enjoying a romantic walk on the sand barefoot, you can live these favorable dreams of yours.

Other factors that play a major role in any destination wedding are also easily accessible here. You can go shopping, book a royal wedding venue, roam freely on the clean streets of Somnath and relish the mouthwatering food items etc.

Things that make Somnath a perfect wedding destination

The destination Somnath is affluent in providing all the services related to destination weddings. Have a look at those specialties of Destination weddings in Somnath.

  • Top Hotels
  • Famous tourist spots
  • Locations for pre-wedding photoshoots
  • Ancient temples

Book the grand hotels for your wedding here

For a destination wedding, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is “a place where couples can stay comfortably with families and friends and enjoy this crucial moment of life.” In Somnath, you will find a wide range of hotels and resorts where you can plan your wedding. Sukhsagar Gir resort, Daksha resort, Lords Inn Somnath etc are some most chosen places by couples for destination weddings in Somnath.

Extend the vacations and explore the beauty of Somnath

Somnath is widely known for its famous tourist spots not only in India but also in the world. After completing the wedding functions and rituals you can visit these places with your spouse. Your family members or friends can also explore Somnath during the time of your destination wedding. Museums, caves and gardens are found here in abundance.

Pick some scenic locations and plan a photoshoot

Weddings are celebrated as a festival in India and this celebration deserves to be captured beautifully. You can also hire a photographer in Somnath and reach scenic locations like Chorwad beach, Harihar van etc.

Seek blessings and experience the religious significance of Somnath

Several pilgrims from the corners of the world visit Somnath for blessings and you will be amazed to know that Somnath trust also provides arrangements for a wedding in this ancient and religious place. The trust respects the faith of young couples and provides everything essential in wedding ceremonies. If you want to keep your wedding a very intimate function, plan your wedding at Somnath temple.

Celeb couple also chooses Somnath for a destination wedding.

Everyone gets influenced by the piousness of Somnath and this is why not only the common people but many celebrity couples have also picked Somnath for their destination wedding.

Destination weddings in Somnath will not only be full of pleasure and fun but will also match your budget.

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