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Plan Your Destination Wedding in Haridwar

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Why choose Haridwar for a perfect destination wedding?


Tying the nuptial knot and exchanging vows at a place where flickering lamps are floated on the sacred water surface of Maa Ganga and the sonorous chanting of holy mantras enters the ear, can be a dream of many couples. If you weaved a similar dream in your mind, Haridwar is all set to transform it into a beautiful reality.

Along with posing a religious significance, Haridwar is home to splendid natural beauty. A couple can gaze at the series of mountains and dense greenery while spending hours quietly with each other.

But access to modern-day services and comfort in staying, enhance the attraction of couples towards Haridwar for hosting a grand event of the wedding.

Attractive features of Haridwar

  • Religious significance and beautiful Ganga Arti at night
  • Scenic views for a lovely couple photoshoot
  • Hotels and resorts for a luxurious stay
  • Elegant wedding venues
  • The spicy street food of Haridwar
  • Easy to reach
  • Explore markets of Haridwar together

Know them in a detailed way


  1. Witness the Ganga Arti together

The pious ghat of Har ki Paudi, shining lights, the sound of flowing water and Ganga Arti, this blend steals the heart of every visitor here. A couple can take blessings of Maa Ganga before the inception of a lovely wedded life. Several ancient temples also glorify Haridwar like Mansa Devi, Chandi Devi and Saptrishi ashram etc. The remarkable structure of these temples at the top of a mountain is worth praising.

  1. Ideal location for a photoshoot

The beauty of Haridwar is not only limited to its glorious temples but the giant mountains, River Ghats, lush greenery, blooming nature and pleasant weather enhance its beauty up to a large extent. You can plan a photoshoot at the scenic valleys of Haridwar which will add a jaw-dropping backdrop to your pictures.


  1. Offer great hospitality to your guests

Luxury and comfort are easily accessible in Haridwar in the form of lavish hotels and resorts. Top-notch quality of modern services, amicable way of serving guests, restaurant and parking facility of grand hotels of Haridwar will give a lifetime memorable experience. Some of the hotels and resorts of Haridwar serve facilities regarding a dreamy wedding venue as well.

  1. Spicy street food of Haridwar

Well, Haridwar is not famous for its food but some hidden spots can serve you lip-smacking food. Exploring these food points with your partner will be an exceptional experience for you surely. Serving the toothsome north Indian delicacies like Stuffed paratha, Chole Bhature, Kulhad Milk and Flavoured Fruit Chaat to your guests will bring a grinning smile to their faces.

  1. Easy to reach

Reaching Haridwar with your partner and guests for celebrating wedding rituals is very convenient and affordable. This holy city is well connected with major cities of India through bus and railway services. Exploring Haridwar and shopping here is also smooth as you can take a cab and taxi for them.

Haridwar’s pleasant weather and calm breeze are nature’s presents for couples.

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