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Plan Your Destination Wedding in Mathura

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Why should couples plan their destination wedding in Mathura?

A sacred place of India brimming with scores of devotees who come from the nooks and corners of the world is ideal for a grand or intimate destination wedding affair also. The magnificent Krishna temples and Janmbhumi of Lord Krishna who is an icon of Love, compel the couples to celebrate their love in this holy land.

Look at the attributes of Mathura city that serve you a blend of old-world beauty and growing urbanization.

  • Ancient hills, temples, ghats, kund and forts.
  • Wedding venues and stay place immersed in luxury
  • Delicious local food of Mathura
  • Great connectivity across the city
  • Wedding-centric services at worthy rates
  • Explore the markets of Mathura for wedding shopping

A wide range of specialties belonging to Mathura city makes it easy for couples to plan their D-day and give a gala time to their guests.

  1. Ancient architecture and pious land of Mathura

Mathura is the birthland of Krishna hence it needs no evidence regarding its antiquity. Govardhan Hill, Krishn janmsthan, Dwarkadheesh temple, Vishram Ghat and Kusum Sarovar tell the enchanting stories of Krishna’s ideal life. The family members of couples can have a great time here while visiting the city for your destination wedding.

  1. Wedding venues and stay places in Mathura

Mathura has an extended list of hotels and resorts that assures you and your guests of great hospitality, comfort and wedding-related arrangements like setup, sitting, DJ, decoration and caterer etc. Nidhivan Sarovar portico, The Mystic Palms, Clarks residences and Govindam resorts are some of the top choices of couples where they find services that match their expectation.

  1. Add the local delicacies of Mathura for a sweet welcome of guests

Guests usually evoke an event through the food they are served with. Therefore including the local toothsome delicacies of Mathura will be a great way to remind them about your big day in the future. Devoid of nonveg items, Mathura is the best place for Satvik food lovers. Welcoming guests with the sweetness of Mathura Ke Pede is a wise idea to bring grinning smiles to their faces.

  1. Great connectivity across the city

Sufficient cab and taxi services in Mathura connect its diverse locations. Couples can reach here with guests and family members through bus and train services from their residing places by spending an affordable price. The smooth connectivity of Mathura with other major cities or locations in India offers the advantage of planning a honeymoon right after exchanging vows.

  1. Purchase some stuff and explore the culture and markets of Mathura

A shopper in you can get satisfaction after exploring several markets of Mathura. Not only local markets but giant shopping malls and brand stores also offer a lot to you. Tilak Dwar market, Chatta Bazar, Laal Bazar, Krishna Market and Brijwasi Mithaiwala are some most common places of Mathura that are brimmed with devotees and local people throughout the year. Couples can buy something memorable from these market areas and evoke the lovely memories of their destination wedding.

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