bihari wedding dates 2024

Bihari Wedding Dates 2024

Bihar is an exceptionally delightful location for those considering a Bihari destination wedding. Despite its initial perception, Bihar is a state that is abundant with unexpected wonders. Bihari culture is renowned for its devoutness, modesty, and, notably, its joviality. This colourful and enthusiastic culture also bleeds perfectly into the wedding ceremonies of Bihar. While weddings […]

Wedding rituals in Bihar

India as we know has a world of its own, much so vibrant and lively. The Unity in Diversity that the four corners of our country share is nothing less than incredible. The colours of India can be seen in almost everything that happens in and around the length and the breadth of our country. […]

Top 15 Bihari wedding songs

The culture and folklore of Bihar can be traced back to the Prehistoric period. The Indian state of Bihar has seen many settlements since then. The evidences of the same can still be seen and felt in the daily lives of the people. From cuisine to costumes, Bihari culture has its own mark in the […]


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