Telugu Wedding Songs

Telugu Wedding Songs

For deep diving into the fun, celebration and emotions of Traditional Telugu Wedding Rituals, Telugu Wedding songs play a main character role. The great composition, sheer brilliance in penning the lyrics, and perfect beats of Telugu Songs will offer a great dose of diverse emotions. 

Sifting through the Telugu tracks and picking them for a suitable wedding event can be tiring for the couple or their family members & friends. To dial down the concern of rounding up a perfect wedding playlist, we have listed some top trending and evergreen melodies for you right here. 

Have a glimpse at these heartwarming Telugu tracks, Mark them for a specific wedding moment and gear up for the D-day by planning your catchy moves. Trust us, your guests will evoke your wedding ceremony as per the Telugu Wedding Dates 2024 while by humming the songs you picked for every ritual. 

1. Shreerasthu Shubhamasthu – 

An old-age beauty of the Telugu music industry,  Shreerasthu Shubhamasthu needs no introduction. For old age people, this song is no less than a treasure. Brides who admire traditional Telugu music must include this evergreen song that conveys the true meaning of a Marriage Bond. For a traditional Hindu Telugu Marriage, this pious song is a pure gem. It will remain in the hearts of people till upcoming several decades. 

It is from the movie Pelli Pustakam directed by the legend Bapu Garu. The music is given by KV Mahadevan, lyrics are penned by Arudra and legends S.P. Balasubramanyam & P. Susheela voiced this melodious song. Several new versions of Shreerasthu Shubhamasthu mixed with trendy beats are also available for new-aged couples. 

2. Sannayi Mogindi Pelli panditlo –

Looking for an authentic Telugu dance song to enhance the glory of your wedding ambiance? Give a break to your research here! The folk rhythm at the beginning of the track and Nadaswaram throughout the song’s duration give a perfect wedding vibe. A bride who is well versed in dancing to the traditional beats and highly influenced by the lyrics of this song should mark it for her D-day performance. 

The heart-melting lyrics of the song are written by Jhummandi Naadam, and legendary singers SP Balasubramanyam, Sunitha, Chaitra, and Malvika gave their voices. While choosing the song for your spellbinding performance, do not forget to copy the catchy moves and expressions of Tapsee Pannu.

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3. Shree Seeta Ramula Kalyanamu Chootamu Rarandi –

Every bride weaves a dream of her grand and heart-winning entrance at the wedding venue. This Telugu song can be a perfect fit for that dreamy entrance. Walking slowly towards your beloved partner on this beautiful composition will draw some indelible memories of your big day. In several traditional festivals of Telugu culture, this song is played then how can a wedding be considered complete without it? 

The song belongs to the Seetharam Kalyanam album and P. Susheela voiced this sonorous melody with the chorus. The updated versions of the song are also ideal for Telugu wedding celebrations.

4. Alanati Ramachandruni – 

Whether you are married or unmarried, young or old age female of Telugu culture, you have surely listened to this heritage song many times. This quite familiar song is a Golden Melody for Telugu wedding moments. The traditional music of ancient instruments compliments the beautifully written lyrics of this song. 

It is from the movie Murari and the composition given by Manisharma Garu is no less than a treat to your hearing senses. Jikky and Sunitha Garu voiced the song. Along with the beautiful vocals, the onscreen portrayal of chemistry by Sonali Bendre and Mahesh Babu won hearts.

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5. Taana Pranale Neevani –

This light-hearted song will suit your shy entrance and first meeting moment at the wedding venue. The lyrics of the song say “Marriage is akin to a book and a welcome event after the rebirth of both partners“. Not only the couples but the videographers and event teams also love to include this refreshing melody in the background. The song is quite popular hence your guests will start humming it in no time after playing. 

This heart-winning masterpiece is not from any Telugu movie but a short film named Pelli Pushtakam introduced this. 

6. Allo Nerello – 

If a bride or her girl gang is seeking a catchy Telugu rhyme for a magnificent dance performance, this musical piece will surely give you groovy vibes. In this wedding song, the bride sings a beautiful piece in the middle of the track. She sings that she considers her world around her prince. This part of the song will steal your attention if you hear it mindfully. 

This trademark Telugu melody is composed beautifully by the legendary icon of the music industry,  Keeravani Guru. The DJ-mixed song versions are more peppy and perfect for fast dance moves. But the original one still outshines them all. It is from the movie Okariki Okaru.

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7. Aidhu Rojula Pelli – 

A serenade sung by the groom and his entourage for praising the beauty of his beloved wife is worth appreciation indeed. Though several have already heard this song before if you are unaware of it, play it once and there is no coming back from playing it on a loop. 

You can also plan a performance with your partner on this track. In this 7-minute-long Telugu song, you will experience goosebumps at 4:20. The catchy lyrics are penned by Vetturi Garu and sung by Malvika. This song was the highlight of the movie Varudu.

8. Chustunna Chustu Unna –

The title track of the song conveys “I am watching… I am watching… splendor of the visual treat.” The male partner is humming these beautiful lyrics in appreciation of his beloved and gorgeous bride in a soul-stirring voice. This song is perfect for making your wedding album more engaging. The lyrics of the song depict the worth and meaning of a wedding elaborately and lovingly. 

Well, the soulful voice of renowned singer Karthik grabbed all the credits right after its release. It is from the not more hyped movie Mogudu but the song stole the spotlight. The onscreen bonding of Gopichand and Tapsee Pannu is also worth watching while listening to this Telugu melody. 

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9. Meghallo Sannayi Ragam Mogindi –

Even if you do not understand a bit of Telugu, the music will compel you to groove in rhythm surely. Every aspect of this lovely Telugu wedding track gives the essence of love, celebration and togetherness etc. A fine presentation of Telugu culture in dance form will be a delight to witness for all your guests. So, what are you waiting for? Go and plan your rhythmic moves for your entire girl gang. 

It is from the movie Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu. Mickey. J. Meyer was the composer of this remarkable Telugu track. You can thank Shri Ram Chandra and Karthik for this melodious song. The grinning smile of Mahesh Babu wins the heart in the entire song. 

10. Pallakilo Pellikuturu Rani La undi –

This Telugu song gives you a perfect festive vibe. The song includes traditional Telugu music on which your whole group can sway together and revel in the wedding celebration. The lyrics of this unique Telugu wedding song portray the arrival of a beautiful bride in a royal palanquin. If you are dreaming of something similar, do not take a second thought while choosing it for your grand bridal entrance. 

The song adds another feather to the cap of Keeravani Guru in his music carrier. The perfect beats, lyrics and music will instantly infuse a positive energy into all guests as well as the couple.

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11. Pidikiti Talambrala Pelli Kuthuru –

Several couples show a great inclination towards the traditional song when it comes to tying the sacred knot of marriage. For such pious moments, you can pick a soulful song like  Pidikiti Talambrala Pelli Kuthuru. In this song, Annamayya describes the Padmavathi Devi as a beautiful bride. Depicting the magnificent attire and ornaments of the bride and her wait for lord Vishnu to get married is worth listening to.  

This Annamacharya Keerthana was written by Annamayya who was a 15th-century poet-saint. Nitya Santoshini also voiced the track.

12.  Siggoo Poobanthi Isire Seetha Malacchi –

Looking for a lyrical conversation between a male and female for a slow-paced performance? This song option is perfect for you. The lyrics of the song convey the beautiful understanding between both partners. The fun beats and engaging lyrics of the song add a spark to the whole wedding ambiance. 

The song is composed by Pasupuleti Ramesh Naidu and sung by legend S.P. Balasubramaniam and S.P.Sailaja. If your chemistry with your partner is fun and cute, the song will portray the exact story between you. 

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13. Dharmardha Kamamulalona –

This soothing song is ideal for small wedding occasions. The inclusion of sacred Vedic mantras in the song makes it perfect for depicting the central idea of marriage. The lyrics of the song talk about the promises made by a male partner that,” He will never leave his lady for the sake of justice, goals and shadow. He will become her shadow and protect her whole life.” 

The song is from the album Johnny and brilliant singer Rajesh voiced this heartfelt melody. You can dedicate this lovely Telugu serenade to your would-be wife at the wedding.

14. Mazhaiyin Saaralil –

If you are looking for a Telugu love song that gives a ticklish feeling to you and your partner, Mazhaiyin Saaralil will be a perfect choice. It depicts the beginning of sweet love between two strange partners. The beautiful lyrics and calming music of the song will not leave any guests from getting dry-eyed. 

Swetha Mohan and Guna voiced this soulful Telugu melody. Lyrics are penned by Thamarai and the music composition is given by Dharan Kumar. The on-screen chemistry of Vani Kapoor and Nani enhanced the sheer amount of liking for this song.

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15. Yedey Yedeydey – 

This Telugu song was released nearly a decade ago but still maintains a special place in the heart and favorite playlist of Telugu people. The amazing lyrics of the song fit so well in any small or big ritual of a Telugu wedding. No doubt your all guests will immerse in the celebration of the sacred wedding after hearing the first beat of the song. Trust us, you can’t stop saying What a fit, No? 

The picturization of a wedding celebration in the song by legend R . Madhavan and Shakti is worth watching. The song belongs to the movie Sakhi. You can all thanks to Sujatha, Harin and Vaishali Ji for giving soul-touching voices.

16. Aha Kalyanam –

Any wedding feels bland or incomplete if it misses the inclusion of a fun vibe. What else can be more suitable than a song having fun music and catchy lyrics?  Rituals like Kashi Yatra demands song like Aha Kalyanam.  This will give a peppy edge to your function and will catch everyone’s attention. 

Vani Kapoor and Nani played a quite good fun character on the screen.

17. Momuna Bottetti Ni Buggana Chukketti –

If a girl or bride is finding a light-hearted song for an emotional moment like Saptapadi,  this choice goes well.  The fine blend of traditional musical instruments like Tabla and Shahnai offers you a pure cultural vibe. Adding it to enhance the beauty of your moment in a wedding video album will be the best decision ever. 

It is from the movie Kunkuma Thilakam. The lyrics of the song speak about the splendor and significance of wedded life. This memorable song will remain fresh after decades due to its uniqueness. 

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18. Chakkadanala Chukka –

Usually, Telugu weddings demand songs that depict the rich culture of Hindu marriages and the customs that are included in them. Chakkadanala Chukka is one such song having amazing lyrics and energetic beats. The most lucrative part of the song is it belongs to the modern music era but still, it holds all the traditional values of Telugu culture in it. 

Kalyan Koduri and Sunitha gave their blessed voices to the song and the lyrics are written by Lakshmi Bhoopal. Kalyan Koduri is also the composer of this song.

19. Rarandoi Veduka Chuddam –

The song is for those Telugu grooms who want to welcome their beautiful bride with great fanfare at home. The composition of Dhol and Shehnai gives a perfect Grihapravesh Vibe to all attendees waiting for a newlywed bride. This perfect Telugu wedding song’s lyrics include the blessings of all loved ones. This Telugu dance number is from the movie Son of Satyamurthi

It will fulfill your dream of entering home together with dancing madly to the Dhol beats of the track. The singers are Ranjith and Gopika Poornima. While picking the song for your D-day playlist, do not forget to copy the steps of Naga Chaitanya and Rakul Preet.

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20. Kalakalalu Kilakilalu –

An ideal after-party song for a grand celebration regarding welcoming the beautiful bride is Kalakalalu Kilakilalu. This track starts with a slow tempo and remains mid-paced throughout the song. In the lyrics of the song, the beautiful comparison of the bride with Mahalakshmi is depicted. For those who are not well versed in grooving perfectly but have a keen desire to perform a welcome dance, do not give a second thought while shortlisting this one. 

It is from the movie Thammudu. Singer SP Balasubramanyam enhanced the worth of this song by giving his unmatchable voice. Lyrics are written by Chandra Bose and the composition is by Ramana Gogula.

21. Seetha Kalyanam –

Dreaming about your Telugu wedding without this song is nothing less than committing a sin. This song’s lyrics and music will compel you to experience divinity while performing the wedding rituals with your partner. The song is at the top of wedding video creators who surely include it in their work. 

The pride of Telugu music Tyagaraja created this masterpiece. No doubt it will echo in your ears even after decades when you remind your big day in the future. It belongs to the album Yoodhabhumi.

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This playlist will prepare you for the diverse Telugu wedding ceremonies. This Telugu playlist includes all the emotions of a traditional ceremony such as fun, love, affection and emotional goodbye. 

Whether you want to elaborate on the arrival of a Telugu bride in a bamboo basket or the groom’s attempt to run away from the wedding venue, each wedding affair will have a sheer amount of fun due to the above-given songs in a finely curated list. 

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