Tamil Wedding Songs

Tamil Wedding Song

The Tamil culture and Tamil Wedding Songs are widely admitted as one of the most ancient, intricate and traditionally lavish lifestyles of India. Music is an integral element of Tamil civilization, and a glimpse of adding grandeur to the event can be seen in the Tamil Weddings. 

Whether you belong to an 80’s & 90’s traditional Tamil song era or a modern dance & romantic Tamil songs enthusiast, diverse genres of Tamil music cater to your every demand. 

A dreamy bridal entry, catchy sangeet performances and quirky yet cute dance moves of the bride and groom are some moments of a Tamil Wedding that demands a perfect song. Akin to the other wedding preparations, all the family members sift through the several song options a week or a month before D-day. 

If you are finding it difficult to load your Tamil wedding playlist, here is an ideal curation of hit Tamil dancing numbers, emotional tracks, and romantic melodies. These tracks will surely make a blast at your Tamil Wedding Rituals.

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The heart-winning entry of a Gorgeous Tamil Bride at the venue – 

Every guest waits with bated breath for the splendid bride’s entry at the venue. Her dazzling attire, captivating jewelry, and pretty smile on her face leave everyone in an Awww…. moment. But quite a few people know the worth of the background music or song in this magnificent moment. 

1. Ullam Paadum – 

The brides who belong to the Tamil community can not avoid visualizing themselves as taking a grand entry at the venue while listening to this iconic song. Apart from the bridal entry moments, this masterpiece will also be apt for the Kanyadaan moments in your wedding video album. The song holds the potential to light up your evening with heart-touching vocal notes and classic music. 

The song is from the famous Bollywood film 2- States and the arrival of Alia Bhatt mesmerized every viewer through this song. The music of this lovely track is composed by Shankar Ehsaan Loy and the singers are still unknown. You will find no replacement for this song for your subtle bridal entry on Big Day. 

2.  Manamaganin Sathiyam – 

Most people are fans of Rajnikant in Tamil states but do you know how magical it will turn out if you include one of his movie’s songs in your bridal entry? The magical vocals of Hariharan and brilliant music by none other than A.R. Rahman will spark the glow on your face while entering. 

The diverse trending versions of Manamaganin Sathiyam are continuously beautifying the whole Tamil wedding event since its release. You can pick your own that suits well to your look and personality. 

The song is from the movie Kochadaiyaan and the lyrics are penned by Vairamuthu.

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3. Pularaadha – 

A lovely Tamil melody Pularaadha can be an ideal choice for bridal entry. The romantic poetic verses and sonorous music will not only act as an emotional catalyst on your D-day but also support the bride and groom in expressing their feelings. Though the song is present in diverse languages, the Tamil version holds the top place in people’s favorite romantic wedding song lists. 

It is from the movie ” Dear Comrade” and Rashmika Mandana & Vijay Deverakonda depicted a brilliant chemistry in this song. Sid Sriram and Aishwarya Ravichandran added a spunk through their vocals.

4. Sita Kalyanam – 

Tamil weddings are known for their rich traditions and this song matches the rich and royal factor of Tamil culture. Sita Kalyanam includes some interesting beats and music that can electrify the whole ambiance while the bride enters the place. 

You can also pick some parts of this song and fuse them for giving a refreshing vibe. The original track is from the movie Solo in which the wedding of actress Neha Sharma is pictured while actor Dulqar Salmaan is giving her a staring look. 

Renuka Arun and Suraj .S. Kurup gave a trendy touch to this bridal entry song. Trust us, you will not regret picking this revamped Tamil track for your royal bridal entry.

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5. Kalyanam 2.0 – 

A beautiful fusion of Kannunchal aadi irunthal and Gowri kalyana is revamped and named as Kalyanam 2.0 version. You can also add this song to your wedding list as a blend of classic and modern perspectives. Imbibed with mixed emotions, this lovely Tamil track can be ideal for creating magic at several wedding moments.  

Arrora and Keerthana gave a beautiful compilation of this song. It was released back in the year 2013 but still the song is winning hearts through the remake versions of it.

Drag everyone to the floor for grooving on hit Tamil numbers – 

The dancing numbers of the Tamil music industry are always high in energy. Once the beats or music escalate to the peak, it is impossible to hold your thumping feet and bouncing heart. Whether it is a sangeet or haldi performance before a Tamil wedding or some stage performance on D-day, power pack Tamil dancing numbers must be included. 

Here we have sorted some peppy Tamil songs that will compel your guests, family members and friends to set the floor on fire. 

6. Selfie Pulla – 

A blockbuster song that one can find at every Tamil wedding is Selfie Pulla. It became a sensation right after its release in 2015 and still garnering appreciation from dance lovers. Not only in India but in some foreign countries also this track has gained so much popularity. A great performance of the bride’s or groom’s cousins and friends on this song will infuse energy into the event. 

The leading female singer Sunidhi Chauhan and actor Vijay voiced this song. It is from the movie Kathithi. The hook step and hook line of the song is a big catch in this song.

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7. Varaha Nadhikarai Oram – 

One can experience a beautiful amalgamation of the Qawwali genre, Tabla, Ghungaru and a unique rendition of Shankar Mahadevan in this Tamil dance track. The main subject of the song is falling a person in love with his beautiful partner in the first meeting. If the groom’s gang is looking for a track to break the dance floor,  Varaha Nadhikarai Oram is the perfect one to go with. 

The original track is from the movie Sangamam. M.S. Vishwanathan, Hariharan, Unnikrishnan, Srinivas, S. Janaki, Nityashree and Shankar Mahadevan sang this treasure of the Tamil music industry. 

8. Vasanthamullai –

It is quite hard to stop tapping your feet on this song if you have a great inclination towards Tamil hit songs. The peppy music and engaging beats of this number make it perfect for a happy wedding celebration. Not only the young cousins, siblings and friends can groove on this song but the elders, bride, groom and children will also immerse in the fun vibe of the song. 

It is from the Vijay and Asin starrer film Pokkiri and was released in the year 2007. To add some drama and spice up the wedding event, this song will be the perfect option.

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9. Ranjithame – 

A new-aged and trending Tamil track Ranjithame is staying on the top in the youth’s dance playlist these days. If you are perfect in fast moves, coordinating with others in a group and a queen or king of expressions, this peppy track is for your D-day swag performance. Mixing the track with DJ beats will be no less than the icing on the cake. 

It is from the movie Varisu. Thalapathy Vijay and M.M.Manasi gave their enthusiastic voice to the song. You can choreograph the performance with your steps but do not forget to copy the swag and hook step of Rashmika Mandana. 

10. Tum Tum – 

No doubt, you are aware of this sensational and trending track because of watching back-to-back reels on this song. But it is time to make it a part of your wedding ceremony. The bride with her entire group of beautiful cousins and friends can change the whole vibe with their splendid performances on Tum Tum. Grooving slowly to this song is an advantage for non-dancer girls. 

It is from the movie Enemy. Sri Vardhini, Satya Yanini, Aditi, Tejaswinini and Roshni sang this Tamil masterpiece. Due to being a hit number on social media platforms, the guests will better relate to your charming performance. 

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11. Saami Saami – 

Another big hit in the Tamil music industry is Saami Saami. The hook step of Rashmika Mandana made it widely popular among dance lovers. The perfect beats, fast pace music and relatable lyrics etc compel the bride and her group to pick this Tamil track for their rocking stage performance. 

Rajalakshmi Senthiganesh voiced the track and add spunk to the song through her flexible molds in the voice according to the expressions. The song is from the blockbuster movie Pushpa.

12. Saarattu Veliyidai – 

Looking for a Tamil song that moves at a slow pace but the beats are perfect to dance for the bride and girl gang?  Saarattu Veliyidai from Kaatru Veliyidai is perfect for you in all aspects. The flaunting attire of the girls, smooth moves, Apt coordination and catchy expressions will leave the guests in surprise. 

A.R. Rahman, Nikita Gandhi, A.R. Raihana, and Tipu contributed melodious voices to this track, which was released in 2017 but still gives tough competition to other hit Tamil dancing numbers.

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13. Yaro Yarodi – 

Remember the melodious lyrics Chalka…Chalka Re…? Well, the Tamil version is equally mesmerizing and perfect for a wedding bash. This song depicts the most beautiful compilation of Mani Ratnam and A.R. Rehman. Grooving perfectly in sync is a dream of all girls at the Tamil wedding due to the familiarity with lyrics and music since its release. The song’s lyrics include a sweet conversation in which girls are asking why there are three knots in the thaali or Mangal Sutra. The lyrical response of this curiosity pleases everyone’s heart. 

Released in the year 2000, this track is from the populous Tamil movie Alaipayuthey. Several remake versions are also available on music apps. 

14.  Thodakkam Mangalyam –

The makers created this song with the prime aim of celebration at weddings or wedding rituals. You and your all cousins can groove madly on this Tamil track and rock the floor with your great energy and enthusiasm. No doubt the guest will embrace your channelized dancing energy and tap their feet on the floor.

Vijay Yesudas, Sachin Warrior and Divya S. Menon sang this fun song and is from the movie Bangalore Days. 

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15. Dharala Prabhu – 

The hook step of this song and your swag attitude is all you need to charge the party attendees with your performance. A wedding playlist can not be considered complete without including this fun and energetic Tamil track. The peppy music and wedding-related lyrics will pump a feeling of fun and merriment into the wedding ambiance. 

It is from the movie Dharala Prabhu and  Anirudh Ravichander sang this track. The youths grooving on the track in style will compel the guests to match their thumps with the song’s beats.

Romantic Tamil hits for the bride and groom performance – 

Just visualize yourself with your partner swaying romantically on a lovely track in front of everyone and creating a lovey-dovey vibe in the ambiance. Well, the thought must have tickled you. But on the flip choosing the romantic track can catch you in a trap of confusion. 

Here are some trendy, hit and romantic melodies from which you can pick the well suitable one for you. These Tamil romantic tracks will set the mood right after their first beat. 

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16. Our Manam – 

A soothing Tamil track that holds the potential of unfolding the magic with its sonorous music and touching lyrics. You can delight the senses of your partner, your guests, and most importantly yours through a lovely stage performance on Our Manam. In the middle, the song gives you the complete advantage to show your romantic chemistry and mesmerize everyone with the cozy and intricate moves. 

Kartik and Shasha Tirupati voiced this melody and it is from the movie Dhruva Natchathiram. Released nearly two years ago, this track still holds its refreshing and magical vibe.

17. Oh My Kadavule – 

This soul-stirring romantic Tamil song and your spellbinding performance will compel the guests and families to skip a beat and hold their sight on you both only. In the mid the flute section of the song creates a magical vibe and you can express all your emotions with this music. 

The legend Sid Sriram has voiced this melodious track and made it apt for the male partners to pour their hearts out by dedicating this song to their lady love. The song is from the movie Kadhaippoma and was released in 2020

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18. Mann Kesar Kesar – 

If you want to create a Tamil wedding vibe through the music but pick the Hindi lyrics so that your all guests can better relate to the song, this new-aged love song is an ideal choice.  The family members and guests will find themselves lost in the bride & groom’s ecstatic journey of love. 

The recently released movie Meenakshi Sunderashwar has this soulful song that was voiced by Shashwat Singh and Aanandi Joshi. Akin to the title of the track you can infuse a fragrance of Kesar with your adorable performance into the wedding place.

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19. Vaseegara – 

If a couple truly believes in expressing love through melodies, they can not get over Vaseegara. Several languages gave this song a distinct version but the Tamil one is unique and melts in the ears like a sweet melody. 

Believe us, your guests will evoke your D-day through your couple’s performance only. Holding hands, grooving smoothly like a breeze and an intense chemistry between the couple will leave no stone unturned in catching the attention of your loved ones. 

This song is from the movie Minnale and Bombay Jayshree gave her spectacular vocals to this song. 

20. Vacchindamma – 

The couples who are looking for a duet Tamil track for the couple dance performance, Vacchindamma is created for you. The lyrical conversation between the male and female makes this love song more intriguing. 

It is from the movie Geetha Govindam.

Dating from the 90s to the superhit of the 21st century, these tracks will make you wild, romantic, funny and swanky on the stage. Framing such superhit Tamil tracks for wedding celebrations will surely help you in making your D-day worth memorable for everyone. 

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