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Hotel Anjushree

Indore Road, Kirti Nagar, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India

Plan Your Destination Wedding in Ujjain

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Why one should plan a destination wedding in Ujjain?


Best known as the Heart Of India, Madhya Pradesh has diverse astounding locations for a destination wedding and one of those is Ujjain. Planning a dreamy destination wedding in Ujjain can leave an indelible imprint on the hearts and minds of your guests.

Let’s know about the features of this pristine location that attract couples to it and deepen their inclination to select it for their destination wedding.

  • Ancient architecture
  • Religious significance
  • Wide variety of wedding venues
  • Easy to reach here
  • Top-starred hotels and resorts for accommodation
  • Rich culture and tradition of Ujjain

Based on the above-mentioned attributes of Ujjain one can understand that this wedding destination is a blend of exotic locations, modern services and rich cultural vibe. Have a detailed look at these elements that make such a perfect blend.

The eye-catching beauty of ancient architecture

Every ancient monument of Ujjain is a masterpiece in itself. If you are a history buff, you can not take your eyes off the glory of these places. Visiting there with your partner during the wedding vacation can be a great idea for couples. While knowing about the historical facts behind these places you can know your partner more as well. Ramghat, Kaliadeh Palace and Vedhshala are some centre of attractions for history lovers.

Religious significance plays a pivotal role in choosing Ujjain for a destination wedding

Marriage is an inception of a new life for both bride and groom and due to this strong cause, they want to exchange vows at a religious place. Ujjain is one of the most sacred places in India and the newlywed can take the blessings of Mahakal Jyotirling after performing their wedding rituals. Many other temples like Kaal Bhairav, Bada Ganesh and Harsiddhi temple increase its value among couples as a sacred wedding destination.

Wedding venues’ wide range offers a lot to couples in hosting a personalized grand or intimate event

Whether you want to host a grand wedding celebration or keep it an intimate affair, Ujjain has all answers to your requirements. Spacious banquet halls, wedding resorts, grand hotels and farmhouses every option is available here to satiate your desires regarding a dreamy wedding venue. Some excellent and budget-friendly wedding venues in Ujjain are Nakshatra INN,  Mittal paradise and Abika Elite etc.

Reaching Ujjain is easy as it is connected so well with other cities

Ujjain is connected through railways and airways with many parts of India. You can easily book the tickets for your guests and reach here by train or flight.

Rich culture and tradition of Ujjain

A destination wedding is a complete package of shopping, enjoying local food, clicking pictures and enjoying the ceremonies. Therefore you can shop with your partner and relish the sumptuous local food of Ujjain. Batik print saree is quite famous here that you can gift to your would-be wife.

Famous tv couple Neil Bhatt and Aishwarya Sharma tied the nuptial knot in Ujjain. They were seen in a tv show named Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Me.

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