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Plan Your Destination Wedding in Lucknow

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Why choose Lucknow for a destination wedding?


Lucknow the city of Nawabs is widely known for its Shahi Andaz, rich culture and a deep connection with the history of India. But are you aware that Lucknow can glorify your wedding ceremonies by giving them a royal touch?

Well, that is not a secret anymore because couples are approaching this beautiful destination for their once-in-a-lifetime affair- A wedding.

A couple can easily reach here and plan a commemorative grand celebration of their wedding ritual. Let’s have a glance at the features of Lucknow that make it an ideal choice for couples.

  • A blend of diverse cultures and ancient heritage
  • Unmatchable locations for pre-wedding photoshoot
  • Heart-stealing wedding venues
  • Thriving markets for a wedding shopping
  • Professional services for making your D-day memorable
  • Iconic Lucknowi cuisines
  • Hotels for a pleasurable stay and vacation
  • Great services in transportation

Couples must know in detail how these factors are going to aid them.

  1. A blend of diverse cultures and ancient heritage

Though the city has transformed into a modern-day metropolis from a small town, it still preserves the ancient monuments and the rich old culture. Couples can have a glimpse of Bada Imambara, Chota Imambad, British residency, Dilkusha Kothi and Constantia house etc. These places can remind them of the stories of old India and its historical anecdotes.

  1. Beauty of Lucknow can become your lovely memories

Not only the architectural gems but several nature places also enhance the worth of this destination among couples. On one hand, these architectures can add a royal richness to the photographs of couples while on the other hand, places like Janeshwar Mishra park, Ambedkar park, Gautam Buddha park and Moti Mahal can be a scenic backdrop of a romantic picture.

  1. Heart-stealing wedding venues of Lucknow

Lucknow is full of elegant, royal and classy hotels and luxurious resorts where a couple can demand a customized wedding setup. These places are well-equipped with all the necessary modern services and offer the best caterers, entertainers, decoration, lights and DJ etc. The spacious halls of these lavish places will please the guests with great hospitality.

  1. Add Lucknowi style to your wedding attire

The traditional bazaars of Lucknow have a different charm. Whether you want to buy an ethnic kurta for a wedding ritual or beautiful bangles for a bride, Lucknow’s local market is self-sufficient. Aminabad, Hajratganj and Chowk are the most ancient markets of this city of Nawabs.

  1. Make it memorable with Lucknowi Cuisine

The best possible way to catch the attention of guests is by serving them mouthwatering cuisine at your wedding. You can please your guests with Lucknowi Kabab, Biryani, Basket Chaat, Kulcha Nihari and Nimish. The taste of these food items will dissolve in the memories of your guests forever.

  1. Hire professionals for enhancing the glam of your destination wedding

Being the capital city of Uttar Pradesh state, Lucknow is capable of serving visitors with advanced level services. A couple can book professional makeup artists, photographers and event planners at affordable range.

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