Top Bengali Wedding Bridal Sarees

You must have come across many movies showcasing the Bengali wedding Bridal Sarees in which the bride wears nine yards of saree that looks authentic and beautiful. These Bengali wedding bridal sarees carry a unique and rich look, uplifting the bride’s overall look. There are types of Bengali bridal sarees worn, each with a new design and craftwork. Two of the most common varieties are – Tant and Jamdani. Both these types are from the 18th century and carry Mughal art. Made of cotton fabric, these sarees are light in weight and look breezy.

Before we look into different types of Bengali wedding bridal sarees, let us check their importance in the wedding.

Importance of Bengali Bridal Sarees

Like the Bengali Destination weddings are famous, sarees are equally famous for their overall look and craft work. Baluchari, one of the types has earned a global recognition and carries the status of “Geographical Indication of India”. Most of the Bengali are known for their attention to details and carry the work of intricate thread. Since these sarees are made using cotton, they carry light-weight and semi-transparent.

Some of the features of Bengali Bridal Sarees:

  • Baluchari Bengali sarees carry five yards length and forty-two inches width
  • Tant Bengali sarees have 6 yards
  • Most of the Bengali bridal sarees carry red, white or purple colors.
  • Fabrics used in this Bengali sarees are- Tussar Silk, Matka Silk, Cotton, Mul Cotton, Muslin and few others.
  • They are semi-transparent and are very light in weight

Bengali wedding bridal sarees:


One of the most famous Bengali bridal sarees worn and is quite distinguished in terms of pattern work and overall look. It carries the base colour of crisp white and has red borders. This gives the saree a timeless and simple look which other saree may not have. What makes this saree worth for the wedding is the simplicity it holds, and goes best for the bride. Many women even wear this saree for the Durga Puja. Applying the red Bindi and minimal jewelry for Bengali bride surely complements the Korial saree.

Bengali Wedding Bridal Sarees

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Quite similar to Korial, Garad looks classy as the bridal wear in Bengali weddings. The saree has similar borders which are lighter shades of red. In addition, motifs are flowery giving the perfect feminine and appealing appearance.


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Tussar originates from the town called Malda, and is the primary source of the variety of silk. Tussar carries distinct in its textures and has the mulberry hives. What makes Tussar different from other Bengali wedding bridal sarees comes from the Baluchari sarees form. The saree carries the main motif designs and includes Patta and Butti. It is quite a popular type of Bridal wear in Bengali weddings. You can drape this saree with a single pallu and adjust the multiple pleats. You can pair this saree with the red light accessories and white blouse.


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Murshidabad Silk

This Bengali bridal wear is a complete work of art, but not much considered for the bride. If you love artwork then Murshidabad silk is the right option to wear. What makes this saree unique from others is the hand-painted design on the pallu border. Pair this saree with the black blouse and accessories. This saree can also be worn for other family functions & also as per your bengali wedding dates.

Murshidabad Silk

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Dhakai Jamdani

Originated from Dhaka, Bangladesh, Dhakai Jamdani carries a print style design making it look unique. Presently, most of this saree is made up of cotton and carries plenty of hand-crafted designs making it look luxurious and soft. Dhakai Jamdani is not just for weddings, but for formal parties too.

Dhakai Jamdani

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Gorod Saree

One of the classic Bengali wedding bridal sarees, Gorod comes with the combination of red and white design and has the iconic Bengali saree look. The classic plain red border matches up well with the pure white body. The embroidered inner border and mango motifs on the pallu further makes the saree look great. You can match this saree with a red colour blouse and few accessories.

Premium Quality White and Red Gorod Saree

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Baluchari is a highly priced saree because of the overall design work. It’s a completely handmade five-yard silk saree and carries geometric floral designs. These floral designs run throughout the body and give a stylish look portraying the character mythology queen. Many of the Baluchari sarees have plenty of motifs, including the handwork pictures of marriage ceremonies and animals. These designs are mostly seen on the Pallu border. You can even find Baluchari sarees woven with gold and navy blue thread, making the saree look beautiful.


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Tant bridal saree for Bengali weddings is made from cotton, and is light in weight. If your wedding date is set during summer season, then you can try out this saree. It carries quite similar designs like Korial and Garad. Thanks to the cotton, the saree looks stiff and crisp. You can find Tant sarees in different colors, but the most common ones are red and white, reflecting Goddess Durga.


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Bengal Phulia Hand-woven Saree

bengal phulia hand woven saree

Quite common among bridal wear for Bengal weddings, this Phulia hand-woven saree comes in a brown and white color combination. It is one of the finest cotton fabric material saree. If worn using the right combination of accessories and light makeup, the bride will look elegant. It comes with the tiny mango buti border along with brown plain.

Wearing the Finest Bengali Bridal Wedding Sarees

Bengali bridal wedding sarees are getting fancier with time suits to every Bengali wedding ritual also. One such is the Tussar silk saree with the dash of pink color. It goes best with the black blouse and minimal accessories. The intricate pattern of the saree looks lovely and sporting. However, the most common is the red and white combo saree. They not only look traditional and make the wedding occasion graceful for Bengali Wedding Dates 2024

When you are choosing the Bengali wedding bridal saree, make sure to do some research work and go for minimal but artistic handwork design. The simpler you wear the saree, the more graceful it will look on you.  Moreover, make sure to compliment the saree with the right accessories, and make up. Don’t overboard your overall look. The ultimate aim is to grace your wedding day for memories. 

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