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Plan Your Destination Wedding in Mangalore

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Why you should plan your destination wedding in Mangalore?

Mangalore is a location that can refresh the souls of couples as it is surrounded by the Arabian sea on one side and the western ghats on the other side.

Diverse things to explore like beaches, forts and nature abodes are available in Mangalore. But technological advancement and quick access to services make it more alluring for couples. If you are fed up with your busy life in the city choose a quiet location for your destination wedding in Mangalore.

Some most compelling features of this smart city Mangalore that attracts couples towards it are,

  • Exchange vows on an Island
  • Scenic views of God’s creation
  • High connectivity with other cities and states
  • Rich in culture and traditions
  • Quick access to the wedding related professional services
  • Perfect for a relaxed and enduring vacation for your guests
  • Lavish venues for the grand wedding celebration
  • Visit famous markets of Mangalore

These unique traits of Mangalore will leave no stone unturned in satiating the desires of couples who are planning their dream wedding in Mangalore.

Do something different from the conventional method of wedding

Mangalore offers you the most unique way of rejoicing your love in the form of an island wedding. Havana island of Mangalore has a great setup for destination weddings. Soft sand, clear sky, twinkling stars and lush greenery of coconut trees is a natural wedding venue for couples. Exchanging vows in the enveloped serenity of Mangalore will surprise your guests.

A smooth connection with other cities and states

Direct flights from Mangalore to the major cities and some specific countries make it easy for couples and guests to reach here. The inside transportation services of Mangalore are also praiseworthy as you can easily hire cabs or taxis for reaching diverse locations.


Hotels and resorts of Mangalore

The advanced city offers a wide variety of hotels and resorts to couples and guests where they can enjoy a luxury stay and excellent hospitality. At these hotels and resorts, you can celebrate the wedding rituals as well. These places are great options for couples who do not want to rush from hotel to wedding venue and vice versa.

A glimpse of the rich culture and tradition of south India

Famous as the port city of Karnataka, this place is full of the rich culture and traditions of south India. From clothes, food, and dialect to festivals everything gives a glimpse of its traditions. You can also visit diverse religious places like temples and churches for learning about its culture.

Try the seafood of Mangalore at local markets

In the free time of your hectic wedding schedule, you can chill in the local markets of Mangalore with your partner or family member. People who love experimenting with new things can try the seafood of this coastal city, Mangalore.

Famous actor Krishna Shetty also chose Mangalore for his wedding ceremony and tied the nuptial knot with his partner Pragya Shetty. The attire and wedding venue of this couple was eye-catching.

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