Chinese Wedding Songs

Chinese Wedding Song

Chinese Weddings have several moments when a couple or guests can not miss including a great song. From the March-in ritual to the wedding reception, Chinese love songs, traditional ones and pop tracks can add spark to every moment.

These songs will speak your emotions loudly and pour your heart out in front of your beloved partner.  While on the flip, pop songs and traditional ones of Chinese music will drag everyone to the floor for dancing insanely.

Well, it might be the hardest to find the best Chinese songs that suit well to Chinese Wedding Rituals. But here we have rounded up a list of iconic Chinese wedding hits for your big day that are performed according to the Chinese Wedding Dates 2024.

Great Love Songs for Chinese Weddings –

Weddings feel bland without romantic songs. They are a medium to express your nascent love, lifelong promises and intense affection toward your partner.

1. Love Confession (告白氣球) –

The song reminds you of the precious moments of your dating days. The first meeting, the first talk and the first smile everything feels fresh while listening to this melody. Even the title track makes the song ideal for picking as it sounds similar to your current feeling of “Love Confession“. Couples can choose this song for their first dance ritual. Swaying slowly while holding each other on the perfect beats and sonorous music of “Love Confession” will make your day.

Jay Chou, the singer of this Chinese love song is well known for his big hits in China. He finely gives a modern touch to traditional Chinese music. The song is from Jay Chou’s bedtime stories album.

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2. A Love Song For You (讓我為你唱情歌) –

If a groom wants to hum a soulful love melody that also gives a cheery vibe at his wedding reception, A Love Song For You will be the right choice. Your guests will accompany you to convey your love to your sweetheart as the song is newly released and quite familiar.

This light-hearted yet ultra-sweet Chinese love song is sung by the great artist Jam Hasiao. The song was released in 2018 and gained millions of views rapidly.

3. Another Heaven (另一個天堂) –

This Chinese love duet dissolves a melody in the ears and reaches straight to the hearts of the listeners. The track starts with soft and slow piano tunes and escalates to a mid-paced song on which a couple can groove easily. For a dreamy Chinese wedding, you can select this iconic love duet and find heaven in someone special’s heart.

The melodious voice of the female is given by eminent Chinese singer Jane Zhang while Wang Lee drenched everyone in love with his male voice in the track.

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4. Slowly Like You (慢慢喜歡你) –

The song conveys the exact feeling that love becomes denser gradually. Those who are eager to tie the knot and plan a memorable Chinese wedding with their partner must include this slow yet impactful love song in their wedding playlist. A fine blend of perfect rhythm, deep lyrics, and engaging music gives a ticklish feel to couples who are in love.

Karen Mok voiced the song beautifully and it was released in the present year 2023. Hence don’t be surprised when see all your loved ones humming the song swaying romantically with you.

5. Beautiful Love (蔡健雅) –

A would-be Chinese bride should pause her search here if she is seeking an old song to express her pure love for the groom. Trust us, this soulful ballad will not only touch the heart and soul of your beloved partner but also compel the guests to groove slowly with the rhythm.

The heartfelt lyrics of the song will take you to the sky or the depth of the ocean of love. The sonorous voice of Tanya Chuha made the song more divine. For sharing unspoken emotions and shyness, “Beautiful Love” will be a perfect choice for your reception evening.

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6. Marry Me Today ( 今天妳要嫁給我) –

What else do you want to say on your D-Day to your sweetheart? The song is created in a hip-hop tune and the lyrics just act like you are convincing your partner lovingly. Well, the reply of the bride is also worth listening to in the song. People consider this song a perfect fit for the celebration events like weddings.

David Tao and Jolin Tsai have given their melodious voice to this Chinese wedding track. It was released in 2015 but still played with great charm in Chinese weddings.

7. Thanks For Your Love (谢谢妳爱我) –

It is must to feel and express gratitude for the love you are receiving from your partner. There will be no better way than thanking him/her in a musical form. The song is perfect for those couples who dated each other for many years and waited with bated breath for their wedding day.

R – Chord penned these beautiful lyrics and sang the heart-melting song in front of his girlfriend who showered immense love on him. The song was released in 2012.

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8. Travelling with you (带你去旅行) –

No doubt Love is a beautiful journey but what makes it even more beautiful? Your Partner. This is all about the song “Travelling With You“. You will end up loving the beats, lyrics, tunes and remembering the person you love the most. If you fall in the category of ‘travel-loving couples’, this one is for you.

Xiao Zhang gave his heart-touching voice to the track. Couples can choose it for their reception ceremony after the wedding.

9. Qing Fei De Yi (情非得已) –

This Chinese song will drag your guests to the old or nostalgic era as it belongs to one of the most famous Taiwanese dramas. Remembering the sweet and young romance between Shan Cai (played by Barbie Hsu) and Dao Ming Si (Jerry Yen) will melt your heart while listening to this song.

If you are not well-versed in intricate dance moves, this song will help you a lot in swaying slowly. Harlem Yu is the singer of the lovely track.

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10. Love is Easy ( 愛,很簡單) –

If you are a true Chinese lovesongs admirer you can not forget this brilliant piece of music. Even after a decade, the song is still treated like an evergreen wedding melody. The song is from the classical Chinese song era, hence the old-aged guests will surely recall their golden days while listening to it at their wedding.

It was the debut song of David Tao and he became a sensation right after the release of this Chinese love song. The soothing piano tune of the song touches the heart softly and whispers a feeling of love.

11. Hand in Hand ( 恋爱频率 ) –

Looking for a track that can add charm to your March-in moment? Here is the right result of your search. This song was sung by a renowned Chinese singer couple for their wedding celebration. The thought of moving to the slow yet impacting beats of the song will swell your heart with tickling vibes.

Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu created this iconic love melody. Moving forward while holding hands with your partner while this song in the background will surely stun your guests.

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12. You and I are like milk and fritters (豆浆油条) –

Equating your love with a perfect blend of your food… Well, this one is something unique and catchy! If you want to catch the attention of loved ones with a sweet love song, do not give a second thought to this song while choosing. This cute and bubbly song will be perfect if you are a fun-loving couple. 

JJ Lin sang this fun-filled romantic melody. It was released in the year 2011.

13. Little Couple (小夫妻) –

Though the song did not get too much popularity, it will soothe your heart and drench it with dense love showers. The beats and soulful lyrics are just enough to depict your cute love story in front of guests through this song.

A couple who wants to create a light and fun vibe during their D-day celebration can go with these options freely. Joe Chua and Ocean Yang made the song more sonorous with their captivating voices. It was released in the year 2008.

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14. The moon represents my heart (  月亮代表我的心) –

Cited as one of the most beloved Chinese love songs, “The Moon represents my heart” is a Mandarin song. Not only the couples but even the bride and groom can also dance with their parents to this song. The song is too close to the hearts of the people of China as you can listen to several of them whistling this melody.

The sweetest and purest voice of Teresa Teng embellished this song with deep emotions. Well if you are new to this song, it can be the best Mandarin song you have ever listened to.

15. The Special One ( 特別的人) –

The lyrics of this song exactly convey the ups and downs of married life. It perfectly conveys that “the marriage is not a bed of roses”. The magical voice of the singer enhances the true worth of the lyrics. It says,” You have to be tolerant to understand a person”, “Inevitably, there will be heartache along with happiness” and “You are the special person whom I was destined to meet.

The voice of Khalil Fong and the soothing vocals of the composer blows the mind when you listen to the song wholeheartedly.

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Chinese Songs for a Dance Performance in Weddings –

Akin to the love or romantic songs a Chinese wedding is incomplete until everyone dances on the floor and breaks their heels. It doesn’t matter much how perfectly your groove on the thumping beats of Chinese Dance Numbers. You only need to fold your sleeves, find a partner and start matching the pace of your feet with the beats of electrifying songs.

16. Yīqǐ Xiàng Wèilái –

Looking for a quite popular song among Chinese people for your wedding celebration? Then “Together for a Shared Future” will be perfect for you. The song was a theme track for the Beijing Olympics 2022 and people memorized it with great enthusiasm.

Including a positive beat and lyrics stating that” when there is more love in the world, it becomes a more beautiful place“, this song is ideal for a family performance on the reception evening.

Jackson Yee voiced the song.

 17. Little Apple (Xiǎo Píngguǒ) –

A few couples seek a silly yet romantic track to add some fun and energy to their reception or first dance ritual at a Chinese wedding. If you are that one couple, go with this quirky song option. It will infuse great energy into your guests and compel them to thump their feet rhythmically.

The lyrics of the song might seem silly for the first time as it says,” You are my little apple, I can never love you too much“. But once you start grooving, there is no sitting back.

The renowned Chopstick Brothers created this nostalgic musical piece.

18. My Exciting Solitary Life (萧亚轩《一个人的精彩) –

You might get confused with the lyrics as they do not seem favorable according to the wedding. But the beats are just perfect for the girl gang to set the floor on fire. The singer has expressed that,” She is living brilliantly on her own“.

This classical song is full of positive energy and it will compliment the swift moves of dance lovers. It is sung by Taiwanese pop star Elva Hsiao. She got fame after the release of this catchy tune among Chinese people.

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19. Super Star –

This perfect 90’s era song that reminds so many moments, can be a part of your wedding also. The song starts with a high tempo and energizing guitar string sounds and escalates to fast-paced tunes. Well, the track’s title “Superstar” suits perfectly to your beloved partner.

A famous Taiwanese girl gang named S.H.E. created this big Mandopop hit. This song was the biggest studio album of the girl group S.H.E. Since its release people have been showering love on this song. Still, in 2023, it tops the favorite song list of several people in China.

20. I Love Taiwanese Girls (張震嶽 《我爱台妹》) –

Having a keen desire to spice up your wedding celebration or reception evening? This song will fit in that frame. The track is a rap song hence you need to hone your skills for understanding so many Chinese words in a short span. Whether you want to perform a dance or sing a chorus, it can be slightly difficult. But for that spark moment, all efforts will be worth it.

The lyrics of the song are very catchy as they speak,” You are my Coca-Cola, help me quench my thirst/ Just look at what I’m wearing and you know I’m a rapper… “.

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21. Hey Girl Look This Way (任贤齐《对面的女孩看过来) –

The song comparatively includes easier Chinese vocabulary and mid-paced music & tune. To catch the attention of your beautiful bride on the big day, you can choose this song. The effortless dance moves will please her undoubtedly.

The lyrics of the song are, ” The girl across the way, look over here, look over here/ The performance here is great, please don’t pretend to ignore it… “.

Richie Ren voiced this melodious track. The song was released a decade ago but still, it is winning the heart of music lovers.

These songs will surely shape your bond in a new way. Rounding up a Chinese wedding playlist by including the above-given big hits will make your D-Day even more memorable. The joyful tunes, upbeat dance numbers and folk cultural vibe of the given songs will give a strong dose of entertainment to your guests.

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