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Plan Your Destination Wedding in Kodaikanal

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Why choose Kodaikanal for a dreamy destination wedding?


Kodaikanal is a popular hill station of Tamilnadu and it is also widely known as the Princess of Hill stations among the locals of Tamilnadu. Several nature lovers visit this place and make their vacations memorable. Many couples plan their honeymoon in this beautiful lap of nature. But Kodaikanal is much more than a honeymoon destination. A couple who dreams about a fairy tale wedding can choose Kodaikanal for a destination wedding.

Surrounded by maximum elements of nature like mountains, waterfalls, lush greenery and winding streams this place is a complete delight for couples who are seeking a wedding destination.

The modern facilities and quick access to required services add more attraction to this location. Here are the advantages that you can enjoy after picking Kodaikanal as your wedding destination.

  • Plenty of tourist attractions
  • Smooth road network
  • Numerous wedding venues that match your requirements
  • Best shopping hubs and delicious local cuisine
  • Top-rated hotels and resorts near the airport

Let’s know about these alluring features of Kodaikanal from the aspect of a perfect destination wedding.

Witness the beauty of major attractions with your partner

A destination wedding includes much more than taking part in the wedding rituals. You must plan your wedding schedule in such a manner that you can spend quality time at the beautiful locations of Kodaikanal like Green Valley View, Kodaikanal lake, Bear Shola falls, Coakers walk and Dolphins nose etc. This mesmerizing location can add a perfect backdrop to your romantic pictures also so planning a pre-wedding photoshoot will also be a wise decision.

Great connectivity between the Kodaikanal and other nearby places

Reaching Kodaikanal from the airport is quite easy as you and your guests can access the cab or taxi services to the hotel or resort where you are going to stay. Other places of Tamilnadu like Ooty, Madurai, Coimbatore and Munnar can also be accessed through a strong road network between Kodaikanal and these.

Luxurious wedding venues and hotels or resorts for hosting the wedding ceremonies

As Kodaikanal has made a place in couples’ hearts as a wedding destination, the availability of hotels, resorts and wedding venues has also grown rapidly. You can go through several options and then choose one – the best according to you. Some most favorable wedding places in Kodaikanal are Woodland resort, Green Lake view resort, The Tamara Kodai and The Carlton Kodaikanal etc.

Keep your guests indulged in exploring Kodaikanal through shopping and tasting local foods

Shopping is one of the best ways to know about a new place and its culture. Along with offering you scenic locations, Kodaikanal also allows you to create some fun and loving memories together through its shopping spots. You can visit Shalimar waves, Bazar road, Eco but and Dynasty for shopping your heart out. Your guests will surely enjoy this local activity after having a lot of fun at the wedding functions.

The weather of Kodaikanal remains good throughout the year but October to March it will be ideal to celebrate your grand moment.

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