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Treat Beach Resort, Gholvad

Treat Beach Resort & Spa, Faliya, Gholvad, Maharashtra, India

Plan Your Destination Wedding in Silvassa

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Why you should choose Silvassa for your destination wedding?

Silvassa is an ancient place in Gujrat that is repleted with wildlife, scenic destinations and beaches. Hundreds of tourists visit this place and make their vacations memorable. Not only tourists but couples also choose this site for their Destination weddings.

If you are thinking that what forces couples to plan their destination wedding at Silvassa, here is a list of those unavoidable features of this scenic location, Silvassa.

  • Deluxe hotels
  • Food points offering multi cuisines along with the local food
  • A visual treat for nature lovers, a perfect option for pre-wedding shoots.

Grand Hotels offering classy services

The venue where you celebrate the grand wedding function plays a pivotal role in having fun. Silvassa offers you many options regarding Hotels and resorts. Luxurious hotels and resorts are not only adept at providing comfortable stays but they organize grand or intimate weddings also. What else can be better than enjoying the ceremonies of the wedding at the place where you are staying with family and friends?

Some most opted wedding venues in Silvassa are Treat Resort Silvassa, Wonderland resort, Ras by Treat resort and Hotel Saubhagya Inn etc.


Tempting cuisines of Silvassa’s top restaurants

No function in Indian culture is considered completed without savoring food with loved ones and a Wedding is a grand function so you must maintain this ritual and explore the top restaurants of Silvassa with your partner or the close ones. You can also include the dishes in your wedding menu after knowing their specialties.

Spectacular visiting spots of Silvassa

Destination weddings are primarily focused on the destination that is chosen by the couples. So the one major way to make your destination wedding memorable is by exploring the beauty and history of that specific place.

In Silvassa, there is no shortage of places where you or your guests can visit during the wedding period or after that. Whether you want to know about the history of Silvassa or gaze at nature while holding hands with your partner, this place has options for everyone.

Swaminarayan Temple, Dudhani Lake, Nakshatra Garden, Vanganga lake garden, Church of our Lady of Piety, museum, safari and much more … The scenic locations of these places will give a perfect backdrop to your romantic pictures.

Another major attraction of Silvassa is, it is a hub of artifacts and paintings. Famous Warli painting creates a room for itself in everyone’s heart. You can go shopping in Silvassa and amaze your partner with beautiful gifts depicting the culture of Silvassa. This will be a great memory of your destination wedding in Silvassa.

When you should plan your destination wedding in Silvassa?

The weather always impacts the glory of any place and the same applies to Silvassa. Picking the right destination will not be enough but at the right time will be.

Months from October to March will be great to explore the city as well as to celebrate your destination wedding because the blooming nature will romanticize your event more.

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