Catholic Wedding Songs

catholic wedding songs

Akin to the other wedding responsibilities, choosing the best tracks for different rituals and moments takes hours. Whether you are seeking a soulful song for walking down the aisle or reciting the wedding vows moment, loading the perfect wedding playlist always feels like a hectic task. 

Since it is your Catholic wedding, you must pick the songs carefully that suit well to your religious wedding ceremony. Another point that one should keep in mind while choosing Catholic wedding songs is, the songs must be approved by the Church priest for playing during the Catholic Wedding Rituals

Here is a wide range of Catholic wedding song options where you can dive in and convey your unspoken emotions, love and affection toward your partner and loved ones. 

A Catholic wedding is segregated into several moments or rituals. These Catholic tracks will add a unique charm to those moments. 

Processional Catholic Wedding Songs – 

The procession at a Catholic wedding is a moment when the beautiful bride walks down the aisle and meets her man of dreams. This magical moment demands a unique song or a melodious tune that can compliment the glorious vibe all around. 

1. Wedding March – 

If you are inclined towards the classic catholic music, the first thing that comes to mind is Wedding March. This brilliant piece of music will be perfect for your processional ritual. It was first played in 1858 on the occasion of Queen Victoria’s daughter’s wedding. Since then it became a popular one for Catholic weddings. 

Felix Mendelssohn created the Wedding March. If you want to make your Procession more unique, choose the piano or organ solo version.

2. Arioso – 

Arioso is a fine blend of soft and classical music pieces on which a bride can float down the aisle. The brides who are looking for soothing music that can match their pretty appearance must choose Arioso. To create a heavenly moment at the wedding procession place, a beautiful rendition plays a major role and this one has all potential to immerse the guests or attendees into those magical moments. 

J.S. Bach gave the beautiful composition to Arioso. 

3. This Is The Day – 

The wedding day always poses a special place in the hearts of the couple and all their loved ones. On this day the bride and groom strive to pour their hearts out through a melodious song that suits well to their emotions.  The gist of the lyrics of “This is the day” says, “Meeting with your partner is no less than a miracle or dream come true situation.” Well, this is all a bride wants to express while moving down the aisle on D-day. 

Scott Wesley Brown gave voice to this wedding song. 

4. Canon In D – 

Some couples who belong to the modern era still fall for the decades-old classic songs especially when they are picking songs for their wedding. Canon In D is one such heartwarming masterpiece.  Due to being an old and popular wedding tune, your guests will able to relate to the moment seamlessly. 

The cello and Piano version of this Catholic wedding song is quite popular among couples. Pachelbel is the creator of this wedding music.

5. In Christ Alone – 

A Catholic wedding song including the praise and gratitude for Christ can be the ideal choice for playing while the bride is walking down the aisle. This modern melody with a slight Irish touch will easily get permission from the music minister of the church where you are tying your nuptial knot. 

Keith and Kristyn Getty sang this sonorous track and the song was released in the year 2020.

6. Panis Angelicus – 

This wonderful rendition is now more than 40 years old but still, it catches the attention of youths as well as old age people when it is played with perfection. This ideal bridal procession song is from the series of hymns “Sacrissolemniis”. The sublime voice and the music full of emotions hold the attention of listeners. 

Franco Corelli voiced this masterpiece.

7. Come to Thou Fount of Every Blessing – 

Several versions of this soulful song are available on music apps and other platforms but the simple soloist version is quite popular. This soulful music will compel all the guests to shed tears. Such timeless and resounding melody will create magic at the bridal procession. 

This Christian hymn is written by Robert Robinson in the year 1757 when he was just 22 years old. Praising God and feeling gratitude for having a loving partner are some emotions that one can express through this musical art.

8. Lohengrin (Bridal Chorus) – 

If you are looking for such a music piece that brings a traditional Catholic vibe during the bridal procession, this bridal chorus named Lohengrin will be the ideal option for you. People of the Catholic community are using this traditional music for the procession ceremony in the wedding for ages and it still holds one of the top positions due to its widely spread popularity. 

Richard Wagner is the creator of this beautiful musical piece. It will create a fresh vibe into the wedding ambiance as soon as the bride will move forward while matching the pace of such a soothing song. 

9. Gabriel’s Oboe – 

Building an unforgettable moment of the bridal procession is only possible when you add unparallel music to that particular moment. This melodious but sentimental music will compel you and all your loved ones to evoke the moment whenever they listen to this sonorous song. Creating a heavenly vibe in your wedding venue through this composition will be your best decision ever. 

Several versions of Gabriel’s oboe are composed but the given link outshines all of them. It is composed by the legend Ennio Morricone

10. Meditation From Thais –

This absolute beauty infuses passion and spirit in any event where it is played by a perfectionist. A bride’s procession can be the ideal occasion for this heartwarming classical piece. Solely based on the violin, this magnificent music piece will tickle the hearts of guests and pour your emotions out. 

Jules Massenet created this masterpiece that is perfect for the bridal procession moment. While Rusanda Panfili played violin and Donka Angatscheva played piano brilliantly. 

Catholic Wedding Ceremony Songs 

Reciting the wedding vows while gazing into each other’s eyes is the most precious and captivating moment of the Catholic wedding. To compliment this once-in-a-lifetime moment, playing a delicate melody is mandatory. Here we have compiled a list of all songs that include all the ingredients which are needed to express the love and emotions of partners. 

11. Be Thou My Vision – 

From lyrics to music to beats, every bit of this modern Catholic wedding song feels quite appealing. Completely different from a typical mass song, this contemporary music can add a spark to your “reciting wedding vows” moment. Through the engaging and soulful lyrics of this melody, a couple can express their gratitude towards the lord for meeting with each other. 

The powerful lyrics of the song say,” 

Be Thou my vision, O Lord of my heart

Naught be all else to me, save that thou art,

Thou my best thought, by day or by night

Waking or sleeping, thy presence my light

Audrey Assad voiced this sonorous track. The song feels quite different when you are going to tie the knot with your beloved partner. 

12. Ave Maria – 

A pure traditional piece of music that goes so well with the important vows moment as a background melody. This classic Catholic song is ideal for those Catholic couples or families who want to keep the vibe of occasions like weddings completely traditional. The impactful yet soft melody of Ave Maria will support you to express all the heartwarming emotions. 

This calming music compels you to feel the arrival of angels at your wedding venue and singing at your precious life moment. The great voice of Schubert makes the song more beautiful. 

13. Bless Our Love This Day – 

A song having everything perfect like the impactful lyrics, slow-paced tempo and melodious music etc creates a blissful vibe on your D-day. Through the lyrics, the partners can seek the guidance and love of God during the crucial moment of exchanging wedding promises. 

Vince Ambrosetti made this melody perfect for a sacred Catholic wedding event.

14. God Is Able – 

A contemporary Catholic song beautifully accompanied by the piano and guitar holds one of the top places in couples’ favorite Catholic wedding song list. Though the song does not have any traditional touch in the music, it feels perfect for traditional occasions like reciting sacred wedding vows. 

The song is created by legendary artist Hillsong Em Portuguese.

15. The Prayer – 

One can find several versions of The Prayer on distinct platforms but the pairing of Josh and Charlotte is exquisite. You can pick the solo piano instrumental version of the track or go for the duo also. The tenderness and melody of the song can bring tears to the eyes of your guests and family members. 

This soul-stirring Catholic song is sung by the talented Josh Groban and Charlotte Church. They recorded the soft yet powerful version of this song in their mid-teens and it is still a favorite of lots of people.

16. For the beauty of the earth – 

Both the versions – a solo piano and a group performance are best for the Catholic wedding ceremony. This masterpiece of music will enhance the worth of your once-in-a-lifetime Catholic wedding moments.

Conrad Kocher created this splendid music piece. It is the piano version of the track. If a Catholic couple wants to add a different version of ‘For the Beauty of the Earth’ in a lyrical form, the John Rutter version is also worth appreciating. 

18. Jesu, Joy of Man’s desiring – 

This Catholic wedding song gives you the advantage of transforming its flexible instrumental version. Whether you want to play the recorded song or perform it by yourself, this piece of calm melody is ideal for both options. 

The song was released back in 1723  but the Catholic music lovers are still not tired of praising it in 2023. This song proves the mastery of J.S. Bach in composing the music. All your guests will surely enjoy and feel this fine piece of music during your sacred wedding vows moment.

19. Prayer of St. Francis – 

To make the moment of Catholic weddings more traditional and blessed by God, playing the prayer of St. Francis will be the best option. This traditional music piece will not only calm the couple and guests but also feel quite relatable due to its huge popularity. 

Through the beautifully penned lyrics a couple can seek the eternal peace, gratitude and love of the lord. The song urges God to replace all darkness with light, hatred with love and doubt with faith. Nothing can be more soothing than the Prayer of St. Francis at your wedding if you consider yourself a true devotee. 

The prayer is voiced by  Sebastian Temple, Michael Ward, and Dr. Martin Neary LVO. 

20. A nuptial blessing – 

Exchanging the wedding vows is considered one of the most sacred moments when the family and the couple seek the nuptial blessings of the lord. The lyrics of the song convey God’s blessings to the couple by saying ” May God keep the love forever new.” Adding this musical piece to your precious moment will make it worth memorizing. 

Michal Joncas gave his sonorous voice to this song.

Catholic songs for the Reception and First Dance rituals – 

After performing several sacred wedding rituals, now it is time to exit the church and celebrate the love of your life. Where in the previous wedding rituals a couple or family seeks the permission of church authority, on the flip the reception and first dance are entirely free from all kinds of restrictions. Having dinner with loved ones, giggling at the jokes and rocking the stage with a lovely dance are some most awaited moments in a Catholic wedding. Hence how they can be celebrated without music? 

Here we have shortlisted some unique songs for a reception and dance ritual at a Catholic wedding. 

21. Can You Feel The Love Tonight – 

The day of the wedding brings a lot of emotions where “love and affection for your partner” is an integral one. To express this specific feeling, Can You Feel The Love Tonight is a perfect song. The warmth of the lyrics and the flexibility of the music is a fine blend that must be served at the Wedding reception. You can pick the instrumental version or mix the original track with some DJ beats. 

Elton John voiced this lovely melody and it was released back in 1990.

22. Over the rainbow – 

For lively and joyful wedding rituals like the reception, the couple demands cheering music. The upbeat rendition of Over the Rainbow add more fun and spark to the event. The lyrics of the song include the fairytale moments and dream-come-true situations that fit so well in the frame of the ongoing event. 

This great reception choice is sung by  Israel Kamakawiwoʻole. This magical song was released nearly 12 years ago but it still gives a vibe of freshness.

23. A thousand years – 

The Catholic couples choose a very unique song for their first dance after the wedding. A thousand years has all the ingredients that a couple needs for expressing love. The depth of the lyrics, the soothing melody and the music that calms everyone are the main features of this Catholic song. 

Grooving slowly to this song and feeling the warmth of your love through the catchy lyrics will be no less than a dreamy moment for you at the wedding. 

Christiana Perri sang this melodious love track.

24. Perfect Symphony – 

The original version of this song is created with the prime aim of dancing. The couple who are completely drenched in each other’s immense love must pick this song for dancing at their first dance ceremony. 

The composition of  Ed Sheeran and the beautiful voice of Andrea Bocelli make this song perfect for a newly hitched Catholic couple.

These were some best Catholic Wedding songs that hold the potential of conveying the exact feeling of a couple and guests during a sacred Catholic wedding. If your big day is arriving, load these melodies for your wedding playlist soon.

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