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Plan Your Destination Wedding in Vrindavan

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Why Vrindavan is perfect for your destination wedding?

Brimming with stunning temples and well-furnished gardens, Vrindavan allures several devotees from the entire world. But do you know the magical vibe of love makes Vrindavan apt for a Destination wedding?

The religious significance, the divine bond of Radha-Krishna and a touch of modern services make this sacred city best for tying the nuptial knot with your partner. You can plan the grand celebration of love in this spiritual city with ease and comfort and build some indelible memories for rejoicing in your big moment in the future.

Let’s know what features of Vrindavan make it distinct from other locations for hosting a splendid Destination Wedding.

  • Icon of ancient love and a devotional place
  • Explore the streets of Vrindavan and its food
  • Chic wedding venues of this devotional city
  • Places for a photo shoot of couples
  • Rich traditions and culture of this place
  • Swiftly available professional services
  • Smooth connectivity and affordable transportation

Have a glimpse at the detailed analysis of these fruitful features of Vrindavan.

  1. A devotional place for showering blessings

Vrindavan is well known for its divine vibe and intricately built temples in every nook and corner of the entire world. The couples can give a good start to their wedded journey by visiting the temples of Radha Krishna who are the epitome of immense love and affection. Banke Bihari Mandir, Prem Mandir, Krishna Balram Mandir and Rangnath Mandir of Vrindavan can dazzle your eyes with their great structure and positive vibes.

  1. Explore the streets of Vrindavan and the sumptuous food

Everyone talks about the beauty of the narrow streets of Vrindavan but you can live this moment while celebrating your love and wedding here. Due to being the place of Shri Krishna, you both can relish many dishes and drinks related to milk products here. Lassi, Rabri, Malpua, Makkhan Mishri, Pede and Ghewar of Vrindavan are ready to satiate your taste buds here.

  1. Chic wedding venues of Vrindavan in form of hotels, resorts

You must not make a misconception that due to being a traditional and cultural city it can not serve you classical wedding venues. The elegant hotels, resorts, farmhouses and banquet halls of Vrindavan can dazzle your eyes with their luxury ambiance and modern services. Magsons resorts, Ganpati palace, Hotel Idhayan etc are the top choices of couples.

  1. Plan a unique photo shoot here

Choosing a devotional place for a destination wedding enhances the keenness of your guests that what are you doing differently here? Well ditching the western costumes and picking a pure ethnic dress up for a traditional photo shoot at the Ghats and surreal gardens of Vrindavan can leave your guests agape.

  1. Swift services of professionals and great connectivity

In Vrindavan, couples can easily book professionals for services like makeup, mehendi, decoration, entertainment etc at reasonable prices. The smooth connection between other major cities and Vrundavan makes reaching here easy for couples and guests. Railway stations and bus stations are located in nearby areas.

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