80+ Mehendi Designs for all Occasions!

Back Hand Mehendi Designs

Indian traditions are incomplete without mehendi. Be it the once-in-a-lifetime wedding or the many amazing festivals that bring joy to our lives. Mehendi or Henna is an ancient tradition with lovers of art spanning across continents.

Women are especially a fan of these intricate henna tattoos, spending hours to adorn their hands and feet with intricate beautiful designs for their special wedding day. Or the many festivals like Diwali, Karwa or Eid.

We have a long list of designs for women, men, and kids, so scroll down and pick out your favourites.

Henna, an art that has been alive since immemorial, has garnered many enthusiasts who have come up with their own patterns and Mehendi Designs. With this article, we have curated a list of Mehendi Designs from which you can take inspiration for any event or festival.

Don’t forget to scroll down till the end!

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Table of Contents

Front Hand Mehendi Designs

  • Patterns and more Patterns

This is one is laden with so many patterns it’s hard to keep track. A perfect choice for lovers of snazzy, unique designs.

Front Hand Mehendi Designs -1

Source : https://in.pinterest.com/nadirsamreen16/

  • An unconventional floral Henna art

Florals, polka dots, various finger patterns, with a narrow belt of leaves and partially shaded parts, this design is like a blast of creativity on your palms.

Front Hand Mehendi Designs -2

Source : https://in.pinterest.com/lifen_m/

  • You can never go wrong with the good ol’ traditional touch

The OG pattern with jaalis and charms hanging at the end, a beautiful repetitive pattern done with absolute finish is one of our all time favourites.

Front Hand Mehendi Designs -3

Source : Amrita Henna

  • A definite treat to eyes!

As striking and beautiful this mehendi design is, the unique pattern is what sets this one apart. A definite choice for festive palm.

Front Hand Mehendi Designs -4

Source :

  • Groovy Leafy

This is one of a kind , it’s sure to turn an eye or two. This whimsical design will make your Henna game stronger then the rest!

Front Hand Mehendi Designs -5

Source : Talk Henna

  • Trailblazer!

Who doesn’t love innovation and creative ideas which set you apart from the rest, this is one of our favourites: a mix and match of traditional and abstract style!

Front Hand Mehendi Designs 6

Source : https://arabmehndi.com/front-hand-mehndi-design

  • Go bohemian with Mandalas!

Playful and cultural. Mandalas speak to your hippie soul and put a cultural twist to the mehendi design. A Classic choice can never go wrong.

Front Hand Mehendi Designs -7

Source : Aayat Mehendi Designer

  • It’s All in the Geometry

No matter how much we despised math it does make things satisfyingly accurate. This geometrical work of art uses math in the most creative way!

Front Hand Mehendi Designs -8

Source: @henna_soul

  • Criss Cross

This criss-cross braided leafy henna is simple and cute at the same time.

Front Hand Mehendi Designs -9

Source : Hennabybab

  • The Highlight Show Stopper

This mehendi is giving us major goals! Personalised destination reference or the hidden wedding date, it’s all in the details. Henna design to match your vibe!

Front Hand Mehendi Designs -10

Source : https://www.instagram.com/hennabydivya/?hl=en

Mehendi Designs for Eid

  • It’s all in the details

Eid is just around the corner and the most favourite part about it is to get beautiful designs on our hands. This extremely intricate and detailed mehendi design is giving major Eid vibes!

Mehendi Designs for Eid-1

Source : Henna Creations by Iqra

  • For the lovers of Minimalism

These little overlapping squares are for all the minimalist mehendi lovers, if you don’t like getting your entire hands filled , there’s no better option than this!

Mehendi Designs for Eid-2

Source : Henna Treasures

  • Eid ka Chand

Eid and it’s moon is the perfect love story. This whispy moon adorned with little florals and spiralling lines is an instant heart for the moon lovers.

Mehendi Designs for Eid-3

Source : @nehanxhenna

  • Leaves and florals galore

An elegant bracelet at the end and the back hand covered with leafy bels and florals panels. Finessing with henna tips this one is a stunner.

Mehendi Designs for Eid-4

Source : Henna’s Henna

  • This minimal Arabic bel is both elegant and classy

Back of the hands are so tough and always puts us in a fix, this minimal Arabic design is perfect for classy Eid look. The different patterns on fingers give this design more life, complimenting the little leafy floral bel.

Mehendi Designs for Eid-5

Source : Nurahs Henna

  • For the lovers of theme Mehendi

If you love to go with the themes of the day look no further, this dome design which closely resembles Taj Mahal is major Eid goals! With a rose patch and mix of many patterns this is a standout design!

Mehendi Designs for Eid-6

Source : Sadiyas Henna Design

  • That spaced out look

The designing contrast is to die for. This repetitive design on one side of the hand and with a blank space on the other is striking to the eyes.

Mehendi Designs for Eid-7

Source : Laraib’s Mehandi

  • A mix of all your favourite styles!

This one is for all my indecisive sisters. Can’t put a finger on one design you get all in one with this henna design.

Mehendi Designs for Eid-8

Source : Sha_Mehndi

  • We have to use a microscope for this one

The designer’s skill speaks for itself. We can’t help but wonder the amazing skills of this artist. The space between the dome design to break the pattern gives it an amazing look

Mehendi Designs for Eid-9

Source : Henna by Hina

  • More for the lovers of Intricate designs

The little rose patches in the finger make this entire design so pretty. The artist should get their hands insured.

Mehendi Designs for Eid-10

Source : Intricate.Henna.designs

Back Hand Mehendi Designs

  • A wedding story

If you’re not a fan of extravagant mehendi designs for your wedding day. This one tells a story on its own, with little motifs of peacock , tabla , Ganpati , Kalash, Pandal and Gathbandhan.

Back Hand Mehendi Designs

Source : Lion Mehandi Art

  • The classic that never gets old

This one never goes out of style. The simple round mehendi design. But to add that little jazz , elaborate bracelets and beautiful finger tips.

Back Hand Mehendi Designs

Source : @hennabyang

  • Find your lovers name

Another one for the minimal wedding mehendi lovers. Personalised with the name of the bride and groom. The little tree of life at the end gives an earthy feel.

Back Hand Mehendi Designs

Source : Kavita Mehndi Studio

  • The bridal show stopper!

The most special day in the life of any girl , make it more special with this OTT elaborate Henna design.

Back Hand Mehendi Designs 4

Source : Raju Mehendi Artist GK

  • Beautiful Lotus patches

As beautiful as a wall hanging. This mehendi design sets itself apart with the lotus windchime style.

Back Hand Mehendi Designs

Source : @brownhue_mehendi

  • Mandala lovers unite!

If you want to go a little over and add more to your mehendi instead of just a mandala, this one should will top your mehendi list!

Back Hand Mehendi Designs 6

Source : Fizza’s Henna Studio

  • The mehndi design that looks like a painting

Looks like a stamp marker did this, that food is this artists skills. The ghunghat lady is giving us major shy bride vibes.

Back Hand Mehendi Designs

Source : Poonam Mehandi Art

  • The finesse and neatness makes this one of our favourites

Mandala, finger tips, extended to the ends of your back hand. Looks like this took a careful skilled hand

Back Hand Mehendi Designs

Source : Henna by Yoishi

  • The elephant Charmer!

The big elephant parading happily with little elephant charms dangling on the back of your hand, this one just takes the cake!

Back Hand Mehendi Designs

Source : Henna by Yisha

  • The traditional Hindu bride!

If youre a lover of traditional symbols, this ones for you. The swastika laden design is definitely a festive favourite!

Back Hand Mehendi Designs

Foot Mehendi Design

  • Beautiful Flow pattern

Foot henna can be tricky with less options for designs, but this one makes the process easier. This mehendi is beautiful with flowy patterns and a little Mandala at the end.

Foot Mehendi Design

Source : HennabyMehak

  • Criss Cross Polka

The criss cross patterns finnesed with leafy blocks and a floral band looks phenomenal. Don’t miss out the spirals on the toes.

Foot Mehendi Design

Source : rm_hennaartist

  • The Mehendi Anklet

Heard enough about the mehendi bracelets. Make way for the successor of the bracelet, the mehendi anklet!

Foot Mehendi Design

Source : Henna by Abayabgirl

  • Like a tattoo art

This style masquerades as mehendi and looks like a tattoo. The traditional patch and the cute toe patterns take it to the top 10 styles.

Foot Mehendi Design

Source : HennabyDahsha

  • The elegant boundary design

With elegant boundary design and colourful toe tips, the dark brown hue of this mehendi is making me go get a mehendi on  right now.

Foot Mehendi Design

Source : Norishhenna

  • Charm Anklet and the pretty flowy beads

This gorgeous anklet design throws bohemian hippy vibes and we’re here for it.

Foot Mehendi Design

Source : mr_hennaartist

  • The whole bridal package

A queen of minimalism with extravaganza. With blank spaces and elaborate designs at some , this one is a must pick to complete that bridal look.

Foot Mehendi Design

Source : Henna Payal

  • Blocks and Panels Leafs and Flowers

This one is a mix of everything pretty, with flower power, geometrical symmetry and perfectly aligned empty spaces.

Foot Mehendi Design

Source : poonams_mehendi

  • Flower Power

Little flower trails across the feet are a one of kind mehendi design. Oh that rhymed!

Foot Mehendi Design

Source : @rm_hennaartist

  • The spiky toe tips

A treat for the minimalist lover. Paint your toes to make them look like a dancers feet. A Classic!

Foot Mehendi Design

Source : Raudhahedrah

Men Mehendi Design

Cause why should girls have all the fun

  • This mandala design is both minimalistic with a traditional touch.

Men Mehendi Design

Source : Ritual by Design

  • The Personalised touch

If a full hand of mehendi is a no-no , then go for this tiny mandala, with the wedding rings intertwined.

Men Mehendi Design

Source : Gangaur Mehendi

  • The rule of the Thumb

Another design to add to your list of minimal marvels is this one covering just the thumb. The dark patterns withing and a dotted outline adds a pretty finish.

Men Mehendi Design

Source : @healinghenna

  • Me + You Forever

This mehendi will serve as a symbol of your love.

Men Mehendi Design

  • A portrait of your loved one

One for your traditional nuptials and one for the formal reception. It’s like a photo album on your palms!

Men Mehendi Design

Source : Nivedita Jadhav

  • Complimenting your better half

A pretty mandala with the initials of your better half, it doesn’t get more cheesy than this.

Men Mehendi Design

Source : PrernaHennaArt

  • Rock that geometrical look!

Lines and lines and lines , this geometric symmetrical look appeals to our eyes!

Men Mehendi Design

Source : www.henname.net

  • Ready to go all out!

A more traditional look for your special day, who knew triangles could look so pretty!

Men Mehendi Design

Source : Ritual by Design

Mehendi Design for Kids

We have plethora of designs in our store , age , gender, no contraints, that’s how we like it!

  • For the festive season

A cutesy festive look and to complete it, pretty traditional mandalas finessed with neatly arranged line patterns!

Mehendi Design for Kids

Source : Neeta Creation

  • Butterfly fly away

Adorn your kids hands with this adorable butterfly henna design.

Mehendi Design for Kids

  • Butterflies are all the vogue these days

A pretty butterfly sitting on a flower, with a tiny trail of design. A play on the pretty Arabic henna designs.

Mehendi Design for Kids

  • We can’t get enough of the cuteness!

Animal lover or want a cute little henna tattoo! Adopt this baby koala sitting of a tree with its shaded ears and cute belly!

Mehendi Design for Kids

  • A dainty floral trail

Cute, small, flowers. Not too much and just perfect.

Mehendi Design for Kids

Source : @aza_hennaart

  • This one is just too awwdorable!

A tiny doodle of a little girl , with balloons and a leafy tree with birds chirping. Now can you stop yourselves from saying AWWWW!

Mehendi Design for Kids

Source : binnimehndiart

  • Colourful Sparkles!

Twinkle twinkle little star, rhyme come alive. This design is for sure to be a hit at any event. The blue colour makes it look more like a tattoo than a mehendi design.

Mehendi Design for Kids

  • How many butterflies are too much butterflies!

We say they are never too much.

Mehendi Design for Kids

Source : Mehendi World

Mehendi Finger Design

  • Don’t like a palm full of mehendi or want to try a new style altogether. Try these finger designs, the patterns and creativity are limitless.

Mehendi Design for Kids

Source : MehndibyHayat

  • Thumbs Up!

Just want your decorated thumb to do the talking, we got you covered.

Mehendi Design for Kids

Source : @queen_of_heena

  • For the fans of minute details

The heart charms , the different finger patterns, looks wholesome.

Mehendi Design for Kids

Source : @hennabysana809

  • Tattoed Finger Sleeves!

Half and half! The lucky three leafed and the pretty henna on the crop fingers, paired with a beautiful mandala has our heart!

Mehendi Design for Kids

Source : @hennabyhafsax

  • One style and 5 alike

The beauty of repetitive henna design is so underrated!

Mehendi Design for Kids

Source : Henna By hehzlan

  • The symmetrical lines are satisfying AF!

A play on traditional henna design with intricate jaalis and leafy charms.

Mehendi Design for Kids

Source : prafulsmehendiart

  • Unique lines and floral stamps

A One of a kind finger henna design, beautiful , unique and simple to make.

Mehendi Finger Design

Source : @nurahahenna

  • Sketchy art with Henna

As simple as it looks, the real challenge is getting those perfect lines! A symmetrical marvel.

Mehendi Finger Design

Source : @queen_of_heena

  • It’s finger licki……uh sorry we got lost in this ones beauty

A tasteful design for a lowkey classy look.

Mehendi Finger Design

Source : @nurahshenna

  • A henna bookmark!

Resembles a book mark , what if we had bookmarks as pretty as this henna rendition of lines and little doodle patterns.

Mehendi Finger Design

Source : Tesma Mithun

Full Hand Mehendi Design

Sometimes we like to go over the top, and these gorgeous mehendi extavaganza fulfills all our mehendi Goals.

  • A perfect mix and match of dark highlights and lighter henna moments. The highlighted rose patches are to die for.

Full Hand Mehendi Design

Source : HeenaMehndiartist

  • This elaborate design doesn’t tire itself from top to bottom

As much effort has been put in the end its equally sylised at the bottom as well. The highlight mehendi lanes make this one an eye catching piece.

Full Hand Mehendi Design

Source : Monali@mehendi

  • A blast of creativity and contrasting designs

This one goes on and on and still doesn’t fail to impress us with creative patches here and there! The whispy floral patterns give this design an oomph factor.

Full Hand Mehendi Design

Source : @hennabyshimza

  • The neat cuts, tiny details a fairy tale for Millenial Brides

Don’t miss out on the mehendi semi-circle that conjoins this masterful art work. And ends with wholesome design at the end.

Full Hand Mehendi Design

Source : hennabydivya

  • Striking patterns in modern Henna Design

This one is full of surprises! With twists and patterns, jaalis and waves and the unique finger tips. We are loving this one.

Full Hand Mehendi Design

Source : Anali Henna

  • The one with all the patterns

When one is not enough, its time to mix and match with our favourite styles. Geometric patters, rose patches and jaalis is what makes this one unique.

Full Hand Mehendi Design

Source : nirja_mehndi_creation

  • Yeah, our jaw also dropped

Before we say anything for this design , we have got to compliment the phenomenal artist. This is a masterpiece of patient and sheer talent. The neatness and the intricacy is what sets this apart.

Full Hand Mehendi Design

Source : 9T9 Arts

  • Impressive Mehendi Design

This makes our eyes wide with wonder! The Lotus touch to the already beautifully done mehendi makes it more charming!

Full Hand Mehendi Design

Source : Heenamhndiartist

  • This one is a Garden of Eden

A flowery bunch , an impressive jaali , delicate rose patches and a full hand design to compliment it all.

Full Hand Mehendi Design

Source : Fidaz_bridalhenna

  • A Tale of Love

Personalise your special wedding day mehendi with this beautiful bride and groom rendition.

Full Hand Mehendi Design

Source : Tulsi_Mehendi

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