Bengali Wedding Dates 2021

Every Bengali Wedding Dates 2021 is a special day for all Bengalis. They get bonded to their loved ones on that auspicious date. Most Bengalis prefer their wedding on auspicious dates, as denoted in the Ponjika. They consult the Ponjika to know about the time and the tithi applicable to their wedding. In general, they prefer to have their wedding on full moon nights. They call it Purnima tithi.

On the other hand, they avoid new moon nights, called Amabashya, for their wedding or Destination wedding in west bengal. The Bengali wedding takes place according to the Bengali calendar, where every Bengali month extends from the 15th day of any month in the English calendar to the 15th of the next month. Let us first look at some of the concepts used in choosing Bengali wedding dates and then make a list of auspicious dates available in 2021.

The concept of Molmash

Bengali Wedding | Know What Makes Bengali Weddings Rituals So Special

Most Bengalis avoid the Molmash concept for their wedding. The Molmash is the month where two new moon nights take place. Since Bengalis consider the new moon as ill-omen, having two of them in the same month spells ominous for them. Therefore, Bengalis prefer to avoid the entire month of Molmash.

Important Rituals

Bengalis love to get married on dates that are reserved for any pujas or ceremonies. In Bengali Ponjika, auspicious dates are common for different pujas and weddings. For example, a Bengali will get delighted if their wedding date falls on any puja date like Saraswati Puja, Durga Puja, etc. People consider these dates with ultimate sanctity and purity. Anyone getting married on these dates is believed to have a wonderful, prosperous married life.

After getting an idea of some of the factors that play an important role in deciding Bengali wedding dates, let us look at some of the Bengali wedding dates in 2021. Since it is a Bengali wedding, it takes place according to the Bengali calendar, which starts from Baisakh Mash (April 15th). Therefore, you will see a change in the year as you go through the list mentioned below. However, we will start it from the first month of the English calendar for your convenience, although they are listed according to the Bengali months.

Bengali Wedding Dates 2021 on particular ceremonial dates

Poush Mash (December 15th to January 14th), 1427

Poush Maas Inauspicious for Marriage: পৌষ মাসে বিয়ে ,শুভ কাজ হয় না হিন্দুদের! জানুন আসল কারণ... - Dharm Religion - Aaj Tak Bangla

The Poush mash extends from December 15th to January 14th of next year. Bengalis consider Poush mash to be ominous and prefer not to get married this month. Therefore, all Bengali dates start from January 15th, which marks the beginning of the Magh mash.

Magh Mash (January 15th to February 13th), 1427

Magh Bengali Month Auspicious Dates: বিয়ে, গৃহপ্রবেশ থেকে সরস্বতী পুজো! জানুন, মাঘ মাসের সবচেয়ে শুভ দিনক্ষণ, মুহূর্ত - Magh Bengali Month Auspicious Date time fixture of Saraswati Puja ...

Bengalis consider Magh mash to be extremely auspicious. Most Bengalis prefer to get wed this month. The ominous dates that you can use for your wedding this month are:

  • January 15th (Friday)
  • January 18th (Monday)
  • January 19th (Tuesday)
  • February 1st (Monday)
  • February 2nd (Tuesday)
  • February 3rd (Wednesday)

Falgun Mash (February 14th to March 14th), 1427

Falgun Maas: When Is The Falgun Month Starting | Know About The Religious Significance Of Falgun Month - Falgun Maas: जानिए फाल्गुन मास में किन देवी-देवताओं की होती है पूजा | Religious

Bengalis also have the inclination to get married in the month of Falgun. There are several fortunate dates this month. One such date is February 16th, which is the date for Saraswati Puja. The occurrence of the puja on that date increases its value for the wedding by manifold. Any Bengali getting married on that date will be very happy regarding the austerity of the situation. Let us look at some of the Bengali wedding dates in Falgun mash, 1427.

  • February 14th (Sunday)
  • February 15th (Monday)
  • February 16th (Tuesday) – on the eve of Saraswati Puja
  • February 17th (Wednesday)
  • February 18th (Thursday)
  • February 21st (Sunday)
  • February 26th (Friday)
  • February 28th (Sunday)
  • March 1st (Monday)
  • March 5th (Friday)
  • March 8th (Monday)
  • March 13th (Thursday)

Chaitra Mash (March 14th to14th April), 1427

Bengali Wedding | Know What Makes Bengali Weddings Rituals So Special

The Chaitra mash extends from March 14th to April 14th. Bengalis consider this month to be ominous for some reasons and avoid getting married this month. Therefore, there are no wedding dates for Bengalis in Chaitra mash.

Baisakh Mash (April 15th to May 15th), 1428

Bengali Wedding | Know What Makes Bengali Weddings Rituals So Special

The Baisakh mash is the first month of the Bengali calendar. Every Bengalis highly regard this month, and it has several auspicious wedding dates. Some of the dates include

  • April 23rd (Friday)
  • April 24th (Saturday)
  • April 26th (Monday)
  • April 27th (Tuesday)
  • April 30th (Friday)
  • May 2nd (Sunday)
  • May 8th (Saturday)

Jaishto Mash (May 16th to June 16th), 1428

11 Bengali wedding rituals you should know if you are getting married Bengali style! | Real Wedding Stories | Wedding Blog

The Jaishto mash is the second month of the Bengali calendar. Although most Bengalis prefer not to have their wedding this month because of the tremendous heat, the Ponjika has considered several dates to be good for the wedding. They are:

  • May 19th (Wednesday)
  • May 19th (Wednesday)
  • May 31st (Monday)
  • June 1st (Tuesday)
  • June 15th (Tuesday)
  • June 16th (Wednesday)

Ashar Mash (June 17th to July 17th), 1428

Bengali Wedding Dates 2021

For those who are planning to get married in the Ashar mash, this might sound sad. There are only four wedding dates in Ashar mash, according to Ponjika. They are:

  • June 25th (Friday)
  • June 30th (Wednesday)
  • July 2nd (Friday)
  • July 13th (Tuesday)

Shrabon Mash (July 18th to August 18th), 1428

Bengali Wedding Rituals Part IV – Mala Bodol , Hom , Saath Paak and Sidurdaan – Bong Bride

In the month of Shrabon, Bengalis can get married on seven dates. They are:

  • July 26th (Monday)
  • July 27th (Tuesday)
  • July 29th (Thursday)
  • August 4th (Wednesday)
  • August 12th (Thursday)
  • August 13th (Friday)
  • August 14th (Saturday)

Bhadra Mash, Ashwin Mash and Kartik Mash (August 19th to November 18th), 1428

Bengalis consider Bhadro mash, Ashwin mash, and Kartik Mash to be ominous for any wedding ceremonies. Therefore, they avoid getting married in these three months. There are no Bengali wedding dates in these three months mentioned in the Ponjika.

Abrahamyan Mash (November 19th to December 18th), 1428

weddings - Popular Bengali wedding games, traditions and rituals - Telegraph India

Abrahamyan is the last month of the Bengali calendar. The auspicious dates for Bengali wedding in the Agrahayan Mash mentioned in the Ponjika are:

  • November 20th (Saturday)
  • November 21st (Sunday)
  • November 29th (Monday)
  • November 30th (Tuesday)
  • December 1st (Wednesday)
  • December 11th (Saturday)
  • December 13th (Monday)
  • December 14th (Tuesday)

These are some of the best Bengali wedding dates in 2021. If you plan to get married soon, look at these dates and choose the one that will suit you the most. Getting married on any of these auspicious dates will guarantee you a happy, peaceful, and prosperous married life.

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