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Plan Your Destination Wedding in Kashmir

Here are other Awesome cities for Destination Wedding in Jammu & Kashmir other than Kashmir

Destination wedding in Jammu

Destination Wedding in Jammu

Why choose Kashmir for your destination wedding?

Best known as the “Heaven on Earth” Kashmir is emerging as a favorite destination among couples for celebrating their weddings. Everyone is aware of the splendid beauty of Kashmir but there is much more to know about this destination that favors a couple in enjoying their grand moment of life.

Whether you want to organize a big fat wedding celebration with great fanfare or you want to keep it an intimate affair, Kashmir is unique in every way.

A glimpse on the never-ending advantageous traits of Kashmir for planning a destination wedding.

  • The sheer elegance of God’s creation
  • Unmatchable culture and traditions
  • Include the authentic cuisine of Kashmir
  • Pleasant weather as a gift to couples
  • Wedding photography at picturesque locations
  • An ideal vacation for your guests
  • Full of professional services for your wedding functions
  • Best hospitality by the hotels of Kashmir

Celebrating the most important moment of your life with great pomp at a place far from the rush of the city will be one of the wisest decisions of life.

Witness the sheer elegance of God’s creation

The magical grandeur of Kashmir dazzles everyone’s eye and if you talk about natural beauty, nothing can take place of Kashmir. Couples can plan their short trip and witness the majestic creation of God. Gazing at the calm water of lakes by enjoying Shikara boating, visiting the gardens repleted with flower beds and wandering freely on the lush green meadows, there is a spark in doing everything in Kashmir.

The rich culture of Kashmir

When you talk about the culture of Kashmir it can be seen in everything like music, clothes, local language and gestures. The families of couples can explore these exceptional features of Kashmir by visiting nearby places in their spare time during the wedding schedule. Sipping Kahwa, grooving on the beats of local music and understanding the language of locals, everything can be a part of your memorable destination wedding.

Hotels of Kashmir offering excellent hospitality to guest

The hotels and wedding venues of Kashmir are as beautiful as Kashmir. The more alluring thing about these stay places and venues is they are quite affordable. Kolu group of houseboats, Fortune resort, Hotel heritage and Centaur lake view hotel are some best venues that provide your wedding a perfect place.

Quickly hire professional help at budget-friendly prices

In Kashmir, you can easily book professional photographers, make-up artists, decorators, caterers etc without hurting your pockets. Taking help from wedding planners and local vendors is also easy here. They will take responsibility for entire functions and you can spend every bit with your loved ones.

Involve the lip-smacking cuisines of Kashmir

Kashmir is well known for its delicious cuisines not only in India but in the entire world. The use of freshly plucked herbs and spices makes Kashmiri cuisine a distinct experience for guests and when it gets served in a pure traditional style, the appetite increases with a sudden effect.

The pleasant weather of Kashmir acts as a natural gift to couples.

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