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Plan Your Destination Wedding in Allahabad

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Why a couple should choose Allahabad for a destination wedding?


Couples idealize the Triveni Sangam of Allahabad for performing their nuptial rituals and commence a newly wedded life in this pious land of India. Brimming with beautiful Ghats and infusing an auspicious vibe among devotees, this sacred land of Allahabad serves numerous modern services as well.

The pure blend of traditions, religious significance, top-notch services and sumptuous food create a paradise in Allahabad for couples who have a keen desire to host a traditional destination wedding.

  • Great place for history enthusiasts
  • Holy land for beginning a new journey
  • Markets for wedding shopping
  • Luxury hotels of Allahabad
  • Classy wedding venues for a dreamy setup
  • Local food for satiating taste buds
  • Smooth services for transportation and connectivity
  • Affordable professional services for wedding rituals
  • A religious tour for your guests and family members
  • Several spots for a photoshoot


Let’s take a look at the above given the diverse traits of this ancient city.

  1. Historical and religious significance of Allahabad

Allahabad is enveloped in the past and boasts history and mythology like no other place. Forts and British monuments depict the anecdotes of India’s freedom. If you belong to the category of history buffs, Allahabad is the best pick for you to celebrate your love. On the other hand, having a holy dip into the holy water of Triveni Sangam can be a deviant experience for your guests.

  1. Famous Chowk Bazaar for wedding shopping

Chowk Bazaar of Allahabad is a jewel of this city and during the wedding seasons, it becomes full of shoppers who are looking for unique bridal attire, cosmetics, jewelry, bangles and professional makeup services. Buying your destination wedding stuff from the same place where you are exchanging vows builds many strong memories for a lifetime.

  1. Luxurious accommodations for couples and their guests

Pre-booking of lavish rooms well equipped with modern services is not a big deal in Allahabad as couples can go through a wide range of hotels and resorts. The accommodation places can be booked nearby your wedding venue without confronting any obstacles and in a budget-friendly manner.

  1. Revel in exploring the streets and lip-smacking street food of Allahabad

Taste and traditions sum up the great mouthwatering local food of Allahabad. A foodie in you will appreciate your decision of visiting local places and relishing the delicacies of Allahabad. Kachori-Sabji, Lassi, Chaat, Chole Samosa, Angoori petha and Kandmool and Allahabadi Amrood are rich in taste.

  1. Locations for a pre-wedding shoot

The ancient glorious monuments and pristine ghats can add a picturesque backdrop to your pre-wedding photographs. Couples can hire professional teams for wedding photo shoots and visit the locations that they find scenic. The famous temples of Allahabad can also be a perfect spot for a traditional photo shoot of couples.

  1. Connectivity with other states

Prayagraj Airport, railway stations and bus stations connect the major cities with Allahabad. The smooth transportation through cabs and taxi services across Allahabad city also eases the desire of couples in exploring their destination.

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