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Taj Madikeri Resort & Spa, Coorg

Madikeri, Karnataka, India
  • Destination Wedding

Plan Your Destination Wedding in Coorg

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Why choose Coorg for a destination wedding?

It will be an injustice to the serene views of Coorg if we explain them with the word beauty. Verdant valleys, teak wood forests, stunning mountain ranges, blooming nature and vibrant culture are some elements that leave an indelible imprint on the hearts and minds of couples.

Besides offering the scenic setup for weddings and celebrations of love, it is a modern and advanced city of Karnatka that keeps couples in touch with the latest trend and fashion.

Here are the features that affect couples the most for prioritizing Coorg as their wedding destination.

  • The glorious history of Coorg
  • Nature offers panoramic views
  • Make your guests awe-struck by great food and hospitality
  • Book a perfect venue for your dreamy celebration of wedding
  • Great accessibility to the modern services
  • Buy a gift for your partner or guests
  • Perfect weather for enjoying the rituals of love
  • Imitate the wedding destination of celeb couples

Let’s brief us about the assisting traits of Coorg for a hit destination wedding.

An ideal destination for history enthusiasts

The ancient name of Coorg is Kodagu and the giant monuments are enough to remind the history of Coorg. If you have a keen interest in knowing the historical facts of Coorg, visit Madikeri fort, Gaddige Raja’s Tomb, Nalakunad palace etc with your partner.

The panoramic beauty of Nature

Every nook and corner of Coorg is blessed with the divine beauty of nature. Couples can not resist praising the painting-like view of this majestic place. Sunset point at Raja’s seat and several spellbinding waterfalls and an enticing range of mountains can be a perfect backdrop for your pre-wedding photographs.

A perfect vacation for your guests

There is too much to explore in Coorg for your wedding guests. Planning trekking, sightseeing, exploring market areas and relishing the local food with sipping exotic coffee of Coorg, can be an ideal vacation package for your guests.

Great choices for wedding venues

Several resorts and hotels in Coorg are capable of preparing a dreamy wedding venue for couples. The luxury setup and top-quality services can dazzle your eyes. Coorg wilderness resort, Hotel Coorg International, Taj Madikeri resort and Paddington resort are some frequently chosen venues in Coorg for a destination wedding.

Smoothly access the wedding-centric services

Coorg is located at a very short distance from the metro city of Bangalore hence couples can access several wedding-related services with just a phone call. Whether you want to book a professional makeup artist or hire a photographer, everything will be at your doorstep.

Favorable weather conditions for enjoying the wedding

If couples pick a month between October-June, they can enjoy their destination wedding the most as the weather does not trouble them with sudden showers and scorching heat. The pleasant weather of Coorg will enhance the fun and pleasure of your rejoicing moments.

Popular actress Shubra Aiyappa picked Coorg for an intimate wedding affair and tied the knot with her long-time beau Vishal Sivappa. The venue, decor and wedding attire was drawing the attention of people.

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