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Plan Your Destination Wedding in Kutch

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Why chose Kutch for a destination wedding?


Kutch is touted as one of the most significant places that depict the richness of the Indus Valley Civilization. The vast desert area makes a great impact on tourists. The traditional vibe of this place influences many couples also to pick Kutch for their destination wedding.

If we talk about the major attractions of Kutch, there is a package full of unlimited activities that you can experience here. From staring at the giant royal palaces to shopping the traditional stuff, everything here is perfect for a couple who wants to spend time together.

Many other unique things about Kutch attract couples to plan their destination wedding here. Some most favored are,

  • The glorious history of the Kutch
  • Rich tradition
  • Top-notch wedding venues
  • Romantic locations
  • Food and shopping

Destination weddings in Kutch will be a blend of pure cultural things and modern arrangements.

An ancient place

Not only limited to the history books, Hindu mythology also explains the significance of Kutch. If you are inclined towards the historical places of India and want to link your special memories with them, there is no better option than Kutch. Several places tell their story on their own like Dholavira, Siyot caves, Aina Mahal, Prag Mahal and Roha fort etc.

Not only couples but the guests or family members can also visit these places in their spare time.

Rich culture and tradition of this place

A wedding is considered a traditional event in India in which people wear colorful dresses, sing, dance and have great fun. What if you can add more colors and joy to the rich tradition of Kutch? That would be more pleasurable undoubtedly. You can buy gifts for your guests that give a glimpse of Kutch’s tradition so that they can remember your destination wedding for a long.

Various wedding venues offering the best services

Exchanging vows with your beloved partner at a place that you always dreamt of, is something that excites every couple. The wedding venues of Kutch have the caliber to turn your dream into reality. You can also ask for personalized decoration, themes and food at these places.

Some most liked and chosen venues of Kutch are The Grand Hotel Gandhidham, Radisson Hotel Kandla, Mount Heritage resort etc.


Romantic locations for spending quality time with your partner

Beaches, Wildlife sanctuaries, national parks, ports, temples and palaces every location of Kutch is so scenic that you can not refrain self from visiting them. You can reach here for a few days and plan your wedding shoot at these locations also or you can extend the vacation after the wedding to plan a honeymoon here.

Shopping is also an unavoidable part of the wedding and Kutch is full of traditional stuff that is required at weddings. You can buy world-famous Bandhani Sarees of Kutch and gift them to your partner. These little gestures will not only make your bond denser but also help you in memorizing your destination wedding in the best possible ways.

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