Arabic Wedding Songs

Arabic Wedding Songs

Widely spread in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Palestine, Lebanon, Morroco and Mauritania, the rich Arabic Culture is an extensive collection of traditional music. In an Arabic Wedding, several rituals like Zaffe or Zaffa (grand entrance of couple), the first dance and the wedding dance occur where music or Arabic songs become an integral part.

A distinct kind of dancing on the instrumental music is quite popular in Arabic wedding culture, but if you are looking for prerecorded Arabic wedding songs, we have rounded up some of the best options for you.

Celebration and joy of a wedding will increase manifold after loading the below given Arabic Wedding playlist.

Arabic Wedding Songs for Dancing

There is no denying in accepting that Arabic Music is one of the most energetic genres. The high tempos, the inclusion of a wide variety of instruments and modern beats through electric guitar and keyboards make Arabic songs perfect for setting the stage on fire. Usually, people who belong to Arabic culture groove on these peppy songs and follow the art of Dabke dancing.

1. Mabrouk Alina –

The song enhances the charm and joy of every would-be bride’s big day through its music and lyrics imbibed with celebration. The song has created its place in the favorite song lists of people who are inclined toward peppy party music.

It was released in the year 2018 and composed by one of the most talented artists Ramy Sabry.

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2. Boshret Khair –

This song depicts the unification of all people in a grand event like a wedding. The lyrics and music of this song are solely influenced by the traditional Arabic culture. The song will compel all the attendees to groove collectively and express their love and joy. The song conveys the feeling of announcing “good news” among the attendees.

It was released in the year 2014Emirati star Hussein Al Jasmi created this masterpiece.

3. Mabrouk –

This track drenches the entire gathering into joy and excitement at grand events such as weddings. The catchy lyrics, the magnificent voice of an award-winning singer and the ideal supporting music and beats holds the potential to drag everyone to the floor. The track is quite popular at Arabic Weddings.

The soul-stirring voice of  Lebanese artist, Ramy Ayach in this song will make your D-day worth memorizing. Several versions of the song are also available but the original one beats and outshines all.

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4. Habibet Alby –

A perfect Arabic wedding song that pours out the unspoken emotions of the groom. The lyrics of the song say,” Badi yaki inti, badi tkoni Marti” which means I want you… I want you to be my wife…

The deep lyrics of this Arabic song offer more depth to your immense love for the female partner.

Joe Ashkar voiced this beautiful song and the peppy beats force you to thump your feet on the floor according to the pace of the track.

5. Al Tanoura –

The energetic music of this Arabic dancing song makes everyone comfortable to sway madly on a grand occasion of joy. The slow dance moves of attendees will turn into enthusiastic ones in no time.  Moments like getting off the heels and throwing the blazers on the dance floor are quite common while dancing on this track.

Fares Karam sang this powerful Arabic dancing song. Too much energy, humor, perfect accent and other detailed elements leave an indelible imprint on the mind and soul of the listeners.

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6. Efrah Fiki –

Thinking about picking an Arabic song that praises the beauty of a female partner with splendid beats and engaging music? Efrah Fiki is perfect for such a purpose. The grooms who are super excited to get married to their lady love must not seek any other Arabic song for grooving madly in their partners’ love on D-day.

The impressive and great performance of instrument players in it draws a unique image of the track. The song is voiced by the Lebanese charming and talented artist Ramy Ayach. It is from the album Gharamy.

7. Jaynak Bhaya –

Sitting calmly during this 4-minute-long Arabic dancing track is no less than committing a crime. The catchy lyrics of Jaynak Bhaya say,” We come to you like this.” Even if you do not understand the lyrics perfectly, the beats and music of the track will make people able to hop in sync with others.

In Iraq, you can hear this song very frequently at wedding celebrations. The great rhythm and melody have made this song loved by everyone who listened to this for once. Noor Al Zein and Ghazwan Al Fahad sang this enthusiastically.

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8.  C’est La Vie –

A vibe of grand celebration knocks your eardrums right after you hear the very first beat and a short music section of the song. The song has attained acclamation across the world due to its energizing music. Not only the Arab people, but people who do not know the Arabic language also find themselves connected to this peppy music.

Algerian star Cheb Khaled voiced this track and the song was released back in the year 2012. The whole song will infuse a feeling of the union at your wedding event.

9. Daraz Ya Ghazaleh –

To get on the dance floor, a high tempo music is demanded especially by the youths. Daraz Ya Ghazaleh has all ingredients that can drag you to the dance floor. Another unique trait of this Arabic dancing song is, it runs nonstop for nearly 10 minutes. So tie your laces tight as you may lose yourself in the joy of this music piece.

The song is created by one of the famous Jordan singers Omar Al- Abdillat. The people of Jordan show great love for this song.

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Arabic songs for the grand entrance of the couple or Zaffe

A tradition that is practiced in the Arabic wedding culture from the ancient ages is “Taking a royal Entry with your partner ” at the reception. This specific ceremonial moment is recognized as Zaffe or Zaffa in Arabic customs. Several couples choose to perform a royal Wedding March that includes belly dancers, men carrying shiny swords, dabke dancers, bagpipe players, drummers and all beloved guests around.

Walking and grooving on an instrumental Zaffe can be the choice of several traditional Arabic couples, but if you are seeking something penned and composed beautifully, here is a list of joyous and jubilant Arabic songs presented for you.

10. Mahlaki –

The Arabic term Mahlaki conveys the feeling of adoring the beloved female partner. You can find the original version of the song less energetic, but the remix versions are full of high tempos and peppy beats that make the entrance warmer and heart-winning.

The fast-paced music of the song creates a vibe of great fanfare at the wedding ambiance. Right after playing the song, you will witness your guests or attendees clapping, dancing and cheering you and your partner with all their heart.

Hussein Al Deek voiced the track who is a famous Syrian singer.

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11. Ya Baie –

The spellbinding voice of a renowned Lebanese female singer in this song charms everyone. The moments like Zaffe in an Arabic wedding look completed after adding this song to the background. The lyrics of the song are full of praising the groom by the beautiful bride. She says to her father that, ” the man standing in front of her is her world and she does not need anyone else other than him

If you as a bride want to confess something like this, choose Ya Baie for your reception entrance ritual. Najwa Karam has sung this beautiful song.

12. Shik Shak Shok –

A traditional music piece of Arabic culture that includes the perfect rendition and entwined twinning of the musical instruments is Shik Shak Shok. This song is created with the prime aim of celebrating the dance of women. Well, a bride can simply walk with grace or sway slowly in her splendid wedding attire. The whole ambiance will turn into heaven undoubtedly.

Hassan Abu El Seoud is the creator of this world-famous music piece in the year 2011.

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13. Alef Mabrook –

A song that conveys congratulations from all beloved ones to the couple who are entering the grand reception venue. Approximately 4 minutes long this track can uplift the charm and worth of your joy and love to a great extent. This widely famous song is played at all Arab weddings without a miss.

The song is from the album Gol Ma Ahibak. Hussain Al Rassam gave his magnificent voice to the track. The reception entrance moment will become magical after adding this music piece to the background.

14. Tallet Bil Abyad –

This well-known Lebanese song was released back in the year 2018. The song is ideal for those Arabic couples who are going to enter their reception event after having a joyful white wedding. The captivating music, soulful lyrics, and emotions of a partner who is madly in love, these all things are stringed together while creating such a masterpiece.

Even after 5 years, the song holds a specific position in the hearts of couples. Those who have listened to this song but are still unmarried, are eagerly waiting for their D-day when they can play Tallet Bil Abiyad and walk with his/her partner.

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Fares Karam sang the song and it is from the album 44:36.

15. Ahla El Ersan –

This great song in an amazing female singer’s voice wins everyone’s heart right from its beginning. The lyrics of the song are all about the sweetness of the groom which is appreciated by his beloved partner or wife. Along with the engaging lyrics, the song includes peppy music. Visualize the moment, when you both as a couple enter the room on the beats of this song and all your loved ones start swaying in the joy. The thought of such a tickling moment can give you goosebumps.

Mayssam Nahas is the singer of this melodious track. The song was released in the year 2011.

16. Ham Arees Ham Nashim –

The couple who want to add fun to their reception ceremony in an Arabic wedding does not give a second thought while picking this song. The song’s hook line conveys an indication of the groom. This Arabic track also expresses the love and joy of partners who waited a long for their marriage. If you find yourself fit in any similar situation, go grab the song for your reception entry on the big day.

Hussam Al Rassam gave voice to this track. The song was released in 2017 and gained 56 million views. The huge popularity of the track will easily connect your guests as well by humming it.

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17. Hatgawez –

This Arabic song simply conveys the joy and excitement of getting married. Not only the couples but the guests will also be unable to restrain themselves from dancing once the song starts. The fun element is heavily included in the song which makes it perfect for playing on such a jubilant occasion.

Saad El Soghayar created this. It was released in the year 2010 and from the album Had Yashtery ALB. The recreated version is also perfect for your grand moment.

18. Set El Kel –

A fine blend of amazing voice and wonderful music is depicted through this Arabic song. The title of the track says, ” Lady of All” which is famed for praising the beautiful Arabic bride. The lyrics of the track and the involved music can stir the souls of listeners. The prime aim of creating such a soulful track by a renowned singing artist is to maintain the legacy of Arabic culture.

Well, if you are choosing this new aged track for your grand reception entry, no one can question your unique choice. You will be able to easily convey your undesirable feeling through this song.

Wael Kfoury’s voice is the sole magic behind this beautiful track.

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Arabic songs for the first dance of the couple ritual –

The couples look for just one song that has slow-paced music and passionate lyrics immersed in the deep love for their First Couple Dance ritual in their Arabic wedding. But it is not as simple as it is sounding. Here we have sifted through several Arabic song options and rounded up a list of ideal songs for couple dance. This will surely help you find the best one for your big day.

19.  Baddi Hada Hebbou –

An ideal Arabic song having a melodious voice of a female singer will become your favorite undoubtedly after listening to it mindfully. The soulful lyrics convey the importance of love in a person’s life and they become more impactful when you hear them in a voice drenched in melody.

The lyrics are penned by Ahmad Madi, composition by Ziad Bourji and Nancy Ajram gave her voice to the track. The title of the track depicts the essence of the whole song which is “I want this love.” Swaying slowly with your partner for the first time on such a beautiful track will make your wedding worth memorable.

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20. Rohy Wakhdany –

Looking for something that can pour your heart out straight in front of your partner, this sonorous track is perfect for your first dance ritual. This romantic Arabic track says that “My soul is taking me to you.” The voice of the female singer will take you to the sky as well as into the depth of the ocean.

You can embrace this song wholeheartedly for your couple performance. The slow-paced music of the song is perfect for swaying romantically with your beloved partner.

Assala Nasri sang this song 10 years back but still, it stays in the heart of people. It is composed by Ahmed Mohi and written by Wael Tawfek.

21. Min Awel Dekika –

This duet romantic Arabic song is imbibed with tons of emotions that you want to express to your love on the wedding day. The title of the track describes the love of partners for each other from the very first moment when they saw each other.

The soulful voice of Elissa and Saad Lamjarred made this song more sonorous. The deep love and emotion they conveyed through their touching voices will remain in your heart for life long.

These ideal Arabic songs can puzzle you a lil bit as each one sounds so perfect for an occasion like a wedding. Here you need to do some extra effort to pick your best one.


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