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Plan Your Destination Wedding in Ratnagiri

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Why one should choose Ratnagiri for destination weddings?

Weddings are one of the most crucial occasions in every person’s life and when the person chooses a specific destination it becomes more peculiar.

The beauty of Destination weddings solely depends upon the beauty of the location that you choose.

Ratnagiri is widely known for its attractive locations which are perfect for destination weddings. Here are some unique features of Ratnagiri which make it ideal for a destination wedding venue.

  • Historical places
  • Temples
  • Beaches and Lakes
  • Hotels and resorts

Value of historical monuments

A historical monument gives a royal touch to the wedding occasion so if you are a history buff and want to remember your wedding function as a great event, there is no other place than Ratnagiri for your wedding.

In Ratnagiri, there is no shortage of historical places. Some of the very famous ones are Jaigad Fort, Ratnadurga Fort, Thiba palace, Tilak Ali museum and Purnagad Fort.

Temples make this destination virtuous

Visiting a temple and seeking the blessings of deities right after entering into a new phase of life, Marriage is considered suspicious in our religious beliefs.

You can visit many ancient temples which are located in the nearby areas of wedding venues like Swayambhu Ganpati Temple, Velneshwar Shiva temple, Jai Vinayak temple and Parshuram temple.


Pristine beaches and lakes make this place naturally rich

Spending quiet moments at a beach or the bank of a lake with your partner creates one of the most memorable parts of your life journey. Ratnagiri offers you several beach areas like Pandre Samudra, Ganapatipule beach, Bhatye beach, Kunkeshwar beach, Dhamapur lake and Guhagar beach.

The lush greenery, scenic view of mountains and clear water of these beach and lake areas makes your destination wedding occasion more pleasurable.

Hotel and resorts for a comfortable stay for you and your guests

While enjoying the functions of a wedding comfort comes first for every person whether he or she is a family member or a guest.

To make your wedding a perfect event and worth memorable Ratnagiri has a wide range of resorts and hotels which offers excellent services. Some top-rated resorts are Nakshatra Beach resort, Ratnasagar beach resort, Cherilyn Monta resort, Riverview resort Sun bliss resort etc.

These stay options offer the best services at a very reasonable price. You can shrug off your worries regarding the hospitality of your guests after booking these places.

Other factors that play a pivotal role in every wedding function are also easily accessible in Ratnagiri. Here is a glimpse of all those important supporting elements.

  • Makeup artists
  • Event planners
  • Decorators
  • Caterers
  • Entertainers
  • Management teams

These services will set you free from all the responsibilities so that you can spend maximum time with your loved ones and enjoy your wedding the most. Along with the easy accessibility of these services, the prices are also quite affordable. You can keep it simple and private or make it a big fat wedding function as well. The choice is completely yours.

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