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Plan Your Destination Wedding in Surat

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Why do couples choose Surat for a destination wedding?


Everyone knows that Surat is a hub of diamonds and textiles but do you also know that Surat is considered a center of the celebration? And that is why couples choose Surat for the grand celebration moment of their life- The Destination Wedding.

The sheer amount of tourist spots, scenic locations, shopping places and wedding venues help this place perfectly set up as a dreamy wedding destination.

Planning an intimate wedding in Surat in which fun and joy exist in abundance, can be the best decision that you have ever taken. The reason is the distinct charm of this city.

Here are the major attractions of Surat that make it perfect for destination weddings.

  • Best-rated luxury hotels of Surat
  • Diverse locations for a romantic trip
  • Shopping hub especially for jewelry and clothes
  • Wedding venues that match your imaginary setup

These unique features of Surat are unavoidable for a couple who is looking for a location for a destination wedding. Let’s know about these specialties in a detailed manner.

Book the best hotel and enjoy a comfortable stay during your wedding days

While planning a destination wedding in another city the very first thing that comes to mind is, Where we are going to stay? Will it be good enough or not? Etc. Well if you’ve planned your destination wedding in Surat, shrug off all the worries related to the stay of your guest as here in Surat, you can find top hotels that excellently serve their guests. Surat Marriot hotel, Lords Plaza, De glance etc tops the list of lavish hotels in Surat.

Locations of Surat that are worth visiting

Surat has a wide range of options where you can spend quality moments with your partner. Beaches where you can go for a long romantic walk, nature parks where you adore the creation of God together or adventurous parks where you can build the most lively memories with him/her, you can make any choice here.

Go shopping together

Including the most famous thing of Surat in your destination wedding memories will be a wise decision and that is Jewelry shopping in Surat. Buying jewelry gifts for each other of their choice will be an irreplaceable memory of your destination wedding. Your family members can also go out and pick a lovely wedding gift for the newlywed couple.

Choose the venue and plan your dreamy wedding functions there

Surat is no short of wedding venues where you can ask for the arrangements regarding your personal choices or themes. Many resorts provide the facility of stay along with wedding services. You can book the services of these best wedding venues regarding the food, decoration, music, entertainers and most important one – the excellent hospitality of your guests and family members.

Couples can enjoy the wedding rituals the most in pleasant weather when nature starts blooming gradually. Therefore you must choose a time from October to February so that nothing can ruin your joy of a Destination Wedding in Surat.

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