karnataka wedding dates 2024

Kannada/ Karnataka Wedding Dates 2024

Located in the heart of south India and possessing the richness of several cultures, Karnataka can be considered a hearty location to take your pheras. The Kannada wedding Rituals based on Karnataka wedding dates 2024 itself represents the culture of the state through rituals, including Kaashi Yatra (a ritual used in which the groom pretends […]

Kannada Wedding Rituals

Kannada Wedding Rituals

India is widely recognized for its diverse, deep-rooted, rich cultures, and Kannada wedding rituals are one of them. The breathtaking visuals of this “not so razzle-dazzle event” can connect you with the cultural values of Kannada traditions. Image source: Times of India The glam and grandeur of a Kannada wedding become more surreal with the […]


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