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Plan Your Destination Wedding in Panchkula

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Why do couples plan their destination weddings in Panchkula?


Panchkula is a blooming paradise for couples where they can solemnize their wedding in nature’s abode. Due to being located near hill stations, couples can plan their honeymoon right after exchanging vows here.

Named after five canals, Panchkula offers you several unique spots to explore, dreamy venues for a fairy tale destination wedding, and quick access to modern services. The blend of all these advantages allures couples to Panchkula for hosting a grand or intimate destination wedding affair.

Have a look at those compelling features of Panchkula.

  • Scenic places for nature lovers, bird watchers and photography lovers
  • Stay places for a comfortable accommodation
  • Classy venues for the celebration of wedding
  • Mouthwatering food of Panchkula
  • Attractive market areas to explore
  • Pleasant weather
  • Proximity to hill stations
  • Better connectivity across the city
  • Party places as a stress buster

These lucrative qualities of Panchkula are unavoidable for couples who are seeking a perfect location for a remarkable destination wedding.

  1. Ideal places for nature admirers

Panchkula is the best pick for couples who love to spend time in nature and admire it together. This location is full of scenic places which are the treasures of nature like Morani Hill. Many artificially designed places like Cactus garden, Garden of silence and Yadvinder garden are also adept at catching the attention of couples.

Apart from them, couples can also visit the Zoo, Religious and traditional places of Panchkula together which shows a glimpse of ancient India and its culture.

  1. Hotels of Panchkula for a luxury stay

The lavish and grand hotels and resorts of Panchkula also act as a wedding venues for couples who do not want to book both places separately. Great hospitality, sumptuous food, nice ambiance and excellent arrangement for wedding rituals, these services of Panchkula’s stay places at affordable prices bring a smile to couples’ faces.

  1. Treat your guests to the best food of Panchkula

This urban city is apt for foodie souls as it serves the best street food items to satiate tinkling taste buds. Savoring local delicacies of Panchkula like Malai Chaap, Dahi Bhalle, Kadhai Milk and Papdi Chaat while exploring the markets and popular locations of Panchkula is a great way to build memories of your destination wedding.

  1. Shop together for your wedding outfits or other essentials

Picking the wedding attire, jewelry, make-up and grooming products, footwear and gifts for your guests, everything will be quite easy for couples in the lucrative markets of Panchkula. Sector 9 is famous as a street market of Panchkula but you can buy branded products as well from the giant shopping malls of this city.

  1. Proximity to hill stations

Due to being nearly located to a hill station like Shimla, it offers an additional advantage to couples. They can plan their honeymoon right after celebrating the wedding rituals in Panchkula. Within 4-5 hours they can smoothly reach their honeymoon location.

Famous actress Gul Panag also picked Panchkula for performing wedding rituals with Capt. Rishi Attari.

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