Marathi Wedding Songs

Marathi Wedding Song

Though the Marathi Wedding Rituals are away from the glamour and flamboyance, dancing till the ankles ache on drums and cymbals of Traditional, Peppy, Slow and Regional marathi tracks is must in an authentic Marathi Wedding. These days Bollywood films have also started including Marathi music but the foot-stomping madness during dance can only be seen on the regional Marathi songs. 

Marathi wedding songs are heavily imbibed with fun, love, peppy beats and emotions which are perfect elements to add a spark to one of the most humble and traditional Marathi Weddings. Digging the deep ocean of Marathi wedding numbers and preparing an exclusive and personalized playlist is a tough task. 

Here are the best Marathi Wedding songs on which one can plan a well-choreographed performance for D-Day. From group performances to solo ones, every bit of your wedding functions will be embellished with Marathi Song Beats. 

For the group performances of the bride’s family or the groom’s family – 

The Marathi wedding will be felt incomplete without the buoyant dance performances of all family members of the bride and groom. The below given Marathi numbers do not require too perfect dancing steps. Happily grooving on these beats will be worth capturing and evoking. 

1. Zingaat – 

Nothing can be more firey on the stage than adding Zing with Zingaat. Every Marathi person is a fan of this energetic song Zingaat. Though the song was released back in the year 2016, still it has not lost its charm. The dance lovers immerse into the zone of madness right after the very first beat of this iconic song. You can choreograph the performance according to the convenience of dancers but keep the hook step intact throughout the song. 

This popular Marathi number is sung by Ajay Gogwale and Atul Gogwale. The song was picturized in the sensational Marathi movie Sairat

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2. Navrai Majhi – 

Whether a female gang wants to give an enthralling performance on Haldi or D-day, this song is perfect for such occasions. Though the song was introduced first years back, the remake version of Navrai Majhi revived its charm among people. This authentic Marathi song will help you in spicing up your group’s overall performance through brilliant and catchy expressions. 

The remake of Navrai Majhi is from the movie English Winglish and the lyrics are beautifully articulated by Swanand Kirkire, Sunidhi Chauhan, Neelamabari Kirkire and Natalie Di Luccio

3. Kombadi Palali – 

Everyone was fascinated by the fast-paced beats of Chikni Chameli’s song from the Bollywood movie Agnipath. It was a hit dance number among dance lovers. But do you know from where this new era song has taken inspiration?  A Marathi song named Kombadi Palali has the actual credit for compelling everyone to groove. Equally hit akin to the Chikni Chameli, this song can be the exclusive one in your Marathi wedding songs playlist. 

The song is the part of movie Jatra, released back in the year 2007. Anand Shinde and Vaishali Samant gave their voice to this superhit Marathi dance track. 

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4. Dhagla Laagli Kala – 

For those who are masters of grooving on the fast beats of an energetic song, no other Marathi dance number can replace Dhagla Laagli Kala. This all-time hit song will be ideal for a refreshing group or solo performance. You can bet with someone that the ending part of this track will drag everyone to the stage for dancing madly. The song is quite old in the Marathi industry but several artists gave it a new look by remaking its several versions. 

The recently released Bollywood movie Dream Girl also included this hit number. Usha Mangeshkar and Mahendra Kapoor made it worth listening to even after decades with their distinct voice and music. 

5. Mala Jau Dya Na Ghari – 

This old yet evergreen Marathi track will be quite familiar to all your guests and especially young couples. Whether the whole bride gang performs on this track or only the bride, the guests will be immersed in the fun and joy of your wedding function. Fast beats, traditional music and perfect lyrics for giving killer expressions everything is available in this Marathi track that makes a dance performance worth watching. 

The original song is from the movie Natrang but several new mixed-beat versions are also available on music applications. Bela Shende, Ajay Gogawale and Atul Gogawale poured fun into the song through their magical voices. 

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For the solo groom’s performance or groom’s gang stage performance – 

Which groom does not want to impress his lady love on D-day in front of each other? Well, no method is better than praising her or showing affection towards her through your lovely dance moves. Take the help of your friends and cousins or do it solo, the stage is all yours. Keeping the fact in mind that all boys do not feel too much comfortable dancing on the floor, here are the best songs that require only the genuine efforts of a handsome groom and his entourage. 

6. Galyat Sankali Sonyachi – 

The 90’s era songs were the best in capturing the attention of people, especially couples. You can also add the 90’s era vibe to your Marathi wedding by including Galyat Sankali Sonyachi in your wedding playlist. The girls on the groom’s side can also share the stage in this performance. The lyrics of the song depict the tone of praising and teasing the girl. For a slow-paced dance performance, this song is ideal but you can pick the DJ mix version of Galyat Sankali Sonyachi as well if you are pro in intricate dance moves. 

The song is from the movie Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahi and the singers are Anuradha Paudwal, Debashish Dasgupta and Babla Mehta

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7. Udhal Ho – 

Groom’s gang can pick this Marathi track which was recently released in the movie Malal. Describing an engaging chemistry between the boy and girl the lyrics of this hit track will surely make your wedding functions memorable. The thumping beats of drums add more energy to the track. Those who love doing something extra through the dance moves must pick Udhal Ho for their big day event. There is no doubt that the bride and all the guests will enjoy your performance and show their acclamation through cheering and whistling loudly from the beginning to the end. The song is perfect for pre-wedding festivities as well. 

The song is sung by Adarsh Shinde and it is from a romantic movie Malal released in 2019. 

8. Ye Go Ye, Ye Maina – 

Want to express your love and desires towards the bride through a swanky dance performance? This track suits well to your wish. The naughty expressions and the moves full of swag will compliment the lyrics and music of this iconic Marathi track. But it is a suggestion for you that choose this song for your performance only if you are well versed in fast dance moves. Swiftness in changing the steps and confidence in the facial expressions are two main essentials for this superhit song. 

The song is from the movie Jatra: Hyalagaad Re Tyalagaad and the singers are none other than Ajay and Atul. 

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9. Bring It On – 

Another Marathi track best for the electrifying performance by the groom’s gang on the stage is Bring It On. The pace of the song will compel you to swaying and foot-thumping on the dance floor madly. The group performance of all the boys from the groom’s side will be a treat to the eyes of the guests. 

The energy is fueled by the unique pair of Ajay & Atul in this Marathi song. 

For the bride’s solo or bride’s girl gang stage performance – 

10. Hi Chal Turu Turu – 

Though the original Marathi Hi Chal Turu Turu is sung by a male artist but several female versions are also available on music platforms. These female versions are apt for the bride and her girl gang performance. One of the cutest Marathi songs in which the hero praises his lady throughout the song becomes more sonorous when a female sings it wholeheartedly. In the female version, the bride can imitate the actions and expressions of her would-be husband during her stage performance or just do self-praising with her catchy moves. 

The original song was sung by Jaywant Kulkarni. It became a sensation when Mithila Palkar gave her voice to this song. 

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11. Phulale Re Kshan Majhe – 

As a bride, if you want to add some grace to the stage with your solo performance, this popular song’s music and lyrics will be a perfect option. Originally sung by India’s highly respected Asha Bhonsle ji, this track’s lyrics include all the feelings of love and praise towards a male partner. For the brides who love to sway majestically on slow-paced songs, this one is the best option.

The song belongs to the album Ritu Hirwa Marathi Bhaavgeete.  

12. Chandra –

Every Marathi woman is a fan of this high-energy song. If a bride is fun-loving and wants to create her wedding memories through cute dance expressions and moves on the stage, choosing Chandra will be her best-ever decision. The girl gang of the bride’s side can also join her on the stage. Well-synced dance movements of the beautiful bride and all the pretty girls will set the stage ablaze. 

This song is from the movie Chandramukhi and is sung by the owner of a melodious voice, Shreya Ghoshal. Atul & Ajay composed this Marathi track. 

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13. Apsara Aali – 

One of the favorite  Marathi tacks for new brides is Apsara Aali. The original track has no match with any other version but if you want to perform on a Marathi-Bollywood fusion of Apsara Aali, choose the remake version of this track from Bajirao Mastani. The graceful entry of Deepika Padukone influenced so many girls and women. You can plan a complete stage performance on this Marathi track or take a royal bridal entry.  

Bela Shende and assets of the Marathi song industry Ajay & Atul gave their voices to this song. The song was released in the film Natrang. Even after several years, this song has maintained a charm for itself among people. 

14. Jhumka – 

The brides who like fun-loving songs for their stage performance with their entire girl gang should go for Jhumka. The lyrics of the song include the demanding tone of the bride regarding Earrings, Makeup and Dresses etc. The lovely voice, the touch of modern music, and the perfect lyrics for expressions go parallel with the style of a fun-loving bride. 

Sanju Rathode and Sonali Sonwane have embellished this track with their harmonious voices. The track is from the album Jhumka

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For the couple’s dance performance on Stage – 

Though all the performances in a Marathi Wedding are praiseworthy, when a couple sways lovingly together on the stage it leaves everyone spellbound. Romanticizing the whole wedding ambiance through a couple’s performance is quite easy but not possible without selecting the right Marathi Romantic track. Here are some of the best romantic numbers on which you can groove with your partner smoothly or dance like a pro. 

16. Sukh Kalale – 

Catching the heartbeats of everyone, this song has become a sensational romantic track right after its release. The lyrics and music of Sukh Kalale involve all the emotions that a female partner feels for her man. The groom can accompany his partner on the stage by doing some simple yet impactful dance moves. So start preparing for that heavenly couple performance from today with your partner.

This lovely romantic Marathi track is from the recently released movie Ved. The melodious voice of Shreya Ghoshal and the magical music of Ajay & Atul made this song a masterpiece. 

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17. Baharla Ha Madhumas – 

The song has gained so much popularity on social media platforms through reels or short videos. If a couple wants to share the love language on the stage through a duet lyrical song, Baharla Ha Madhumas is the right choice. The couples can compel all the guests to get immersed in their beautifully choreographed performances. 

The song was from the movie Maharashtra Shaheer.  Shreya Ghoshal got the companionship of Ajay & Atul in imbibing the song with soulful voice.

18. Mala Bullet Chi Have Sawari – 

Want to dance and act with your partner on a Marathi song that adds fun and sparks to your D-day function? This song is for you. The lovely conversation between the male and female, demanding tone of girl, acceptance of all those demands by her husband and joyous music in the background, these all elements make this song special for a couple’s stage performance. If you and your partner are perfect and frank on the stage, ditch any other Marathi duet song and go for it. 

The song is from the album Deewana and the voices of Keval Walanj & Sonali Sonvane make it more sonorous for the audience.

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19. Nauvari Pahije – 

Another hit Marathi number in which the groom can lead the couple’s performance while his lovely lady can match his energetic steps is Nauvari Pahije. The fast music and engaging lyrics of this iconic romantic song will hold the attention of the audience or guests from the start to the end. But you need to be well versed in fast dance moves as the peppy beats demand a highly energetic performance. Inclusion of some English words in the middle spice up the fun of this song. No doubt guests will evoke your couple’s performance whenever they will think about your D-day. 

Sanju Rathod and G-spark gave their voice to this song and it belongs to the album Nauvari

20. Marathi version of Zara Zara – 

Planning a cozy or sensual couple performance on your wedding day? Well, it can be a completely different choice from the traditional performances. But if you require a song that fits well to such a performance, The Marathi version of Zara Zara is irreplaceable. You can plan a very beautiful performance on this track and announce your immense love for your partner through the moves. The slow pace of the song requires the perfect finishing of your dance moves. 

The song is available in both voices (male and female) You can pick anyone or go for the fusion of both.

All the above-given songs hold the caliber in making a perfect and desired playlist for your Marathi Wedding. No doubt the moments created by these Marathi songs will last long in the memories of your guests. Make sure to look for perfect dates by Maharashtrian Wedding Dates 2024 for your wedding.

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