Top 14 Pre Wedding Shoot Location in Mumbai

mh band stand

There are numerous charming areas in Mumbai that are ideal for pre-wedding shoots. As you and your love continue to drive along places like Marine Drive where your wedding photographer can capture stunning photos of the beauty of the ocean.

There is nothing more important than capturing the best moments and articulating them correctly. Also, they will capture those special moments that will stay with you for a lifetime. The excitement found before the wedding can be captured through pre-wedding photoshoots. To capture this perfect moment, it’s always helpful to have a good, scenic backdrop.

Here are some of the best Pre Wedding Shoot Location in Mumbai:

1. Moroccan Lounge

mh moroccan lounge

Source- WeddingSutra

It is one of the most distinctive pre-wedding shooting sites in Mumbai. It’s also known as “Morocco in Mumbai”.  The ancient art and color combination provides a fantastic choice of pre-wedding photo session locations. The walls are made of cloth, the furniture lights are brilliant colors, and the hues of blue give it a distinct appearance.

This place is ideal for couples who are more close to art. Morocco has frequently been the focus of lush and passionate fantasies. Consequently, Moroccan interior design has grown fairly fashionable in Mumbai.

How To Get There?

  • Location– 602, B, Annapurna Building, Off New Link Rd, near Adarsh Nagar, Above Delicacy of China, Oshiwara, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400102.
  • The nearest station is Ram Mandir (35 mins)
  • Visitors can use local transportation to cover the distance

2. Bandstand

mh band stand

Source- Vocal Media

At the end of the street, where prominent Bollywood stars live in mansions and bungalows, there is a rocky beach ideal for a romantic photo session. Bandstand, one of Mumbai’s most attractive locations for photoshoots, offers a range of settings for your album. It has everything, including a little garden and a large fort. The Bandra Worli Sea Link and the Arabian Sea provide as a stunning background. The location is unique since it allows you to capture everything in one frame. Bandstand creates a beautiful mix of natural beauty and architectural style.

How To Get There?

  • Address: Ranwar, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050
  • The nearest metro station is D Monte Park (19 mins)

3. Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Pre Wedding Shoot Location in Mumbai

Source- Pinterest

Say farewell to the noise and bustle of the city and enter the tranquil green and lush Sanjay Gandhi National Park. This is an excellent location for photography since there are several backdrops to select from. Options for backdrops are the Kanheri caves, Tulsi and Vihar lakes, Jarvis bushes, enormous trees, and green hills. With so many possibilities, you’ll leave with more than a few stunning photographs from your pre-wedding photography.

How To Get There?

  • Address: Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • The closest airport is the Mumbai airport (15 km).
  • Visitors can also take the western railway line from Mumbai to Borivali.

4. Hanging Garden

Pre Wedding Shoot Location in Mumbai

Source- Mumbai Coworking

The Hanging Garden is a famous romantic site for couples to create wonderful memories before their wedding day. It is one of the most picturesque pre-wedding shoot sites in Mumbai. Don’t miss out on a couple of photos along the neighboring Nepean Sea Road. Have a traditional photoshoot while admiring the panoramic vista of south Mumbai. This park on the summit of Malabar Hill offers stunning views of Chowpatty, Mumbai Harbour, and the Queen’s Necklace on Marine Drive.

How To Get There?

  • Address: Ridge Rd, Simla Nagar, Malabar Hill, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400006
  • Charni Road and Grant Road are the closest train stops to the Hanging Gardens.

5. Imagica Theme Park

Pre Wedding Shoot Location in Mumbai

Source- Vocal Media

Are you looking for the perfect pre-wedding shoot in Mumbai? There aren’t many pre-wedding picture locations in Mumbai that are as vibrant as this one for couples who are still kids at heart. Come here to enjoy some calm rides with the person who will be your companion in whatever you do in life. Allow the photographer to get some candid photos while you have a carefree laugh. Though this site appears great in strong light, lit-up theme parks are very beautiful!

How To Get There?

  • Location– 30/31 Sangdewadi, SH92, near Lonavala, Khalapur, Maharashtra 410203.
  • The most suitable road route to reach the location directly is the NH 548A

6. Marine Drive

Pre Wedding Shoot Location in Mumbai

Source- Pinterest

The Queen’s Necklace, as it is known, is a boulevard that has inspired several filmmakers to shoot here. Even after all these years, the charm remains intact. It’s no surprise that it’s one of Mumbai’s most well-known picture shoot locations! With the limitless ocean on one side, Marine Drive is a work of art and unquestionably a favorite location.

The view of the Arabian Sea and the city’s attractive view of skyline make it one of the most popular and stunning pre-wedding photoshoot venues in Mumbai. If you want to have a private time, go early in the morning. However, the evening is the finest time for pre-wedding photography in Mumbai, as well as activities to do in Mumbai for couples, because of the shimmering city lights.

How To Get There?

  • Address: Chowpatty, Girgaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • The nearest station is Marine Lines (8 mins)

7. Gateway Of India

mh gateway of india

Source- Pinterest

In Mumbai, the Gate of India can be considered a legendary pre-wedding shoot site. It is an important landmark in the city with a Victorian architectural style inspired. The twentieth-century monument near the sea represents a portal to fresh beginnings and firsts in your life. The renowned Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, with its brilliant maroon domes, is just beside the monument. Don’t forget to be photographed in front of it as well. Go early in the morning to avoid crowds; nights are generally too hectic for a nice shot.

How To Get There?

  • Address: Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001
  • The nearest station is Churchgate (25 mins)

8. Juhu Beach

mh juhu beach

Source- Travel Triangle

Isn’t it beautiful to capture a fleeting moment forever; with sand on your toes and your better half in your arms? Some quiet areas, a little further from the main Juhu beach, might serve as posing grounds. Visit this beach spot for pre-wedding photography in Mumbai and spend the day having fun with your significant other. If you select a busy beach, plan an early morning shoot.

How To Get There?

  • Location– Juhu Beach, Juhu Tara Road, Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400049.
  • The nearest station is Ville Parle. Visitors can cover the 40 mins distance by using local taxis.

9. Asiatic Library

mh asiatic library

Source- Pinterest

The century-old structure is the ideal location for couples who enjoy reading. The Town Hall structure in the Fort district is entirely white and provides an old-fashioned, attractive setting for pre-wedding picture photos in Mumbai. The flight of steps and portico with its eight Doric columns transport you back in time, resembling old buildings in Athens and Rome.  The interiors are decorated with intriguing sculptures, busts, and portraits that add to the building’s old-world appeal. This place can be ideal for book lovers, who want to give a bookish romance touch to their photographs.

How To Get There?

  • Address: Town Hall, Shahid Bhagat Singh Rd, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400023
  • The nearest station is Churchgate (20 mins).

10. Madh Island

mh madh island

Source- Wedding Wire

If you want a solitary existence in the heart of the city. Madh Island will provide you with your own little bubble of enjoyment in the midst of the storm and sunset. This Island is one of the most tranquil pre-wedding photo shoot settings in Mumbai. Aksa Beach located on this island has a beautiful view of both sunset and sunrise. If you want to have a candid picture session, Madh Island is a terrific  (change) alternative.

How To Get There?

  • Address: Christian Wada, Madh, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400061
  • The closest station is Malad Station. To go to Madh Island, visitors can use public transport from Malad Station, such as buses or taxis.

11. Bandra Worli Sea Link

mh bandra worli sea link

Source- Simplypush Photography

Despite its bustling traffic the sheer beauty and splendor of this iconic structure make our list. The best place to view this bridge is from the popular Bandra Fort. You might enjoy taking a picture of yourselves with this architectural wonder in the background while watching the sunset over the Arabian Sea. Mumbai pre-wedding photoshoot locations are popular because of their iconic design and brilliant architecture. There is no better time to visit than during the monsoons. There is no doubt that you’ll get beautiful pictures with big waves that will leave you with an overwhelming sense of nostalgia years from now.

How To Get There?

  • Address: Bandra Worli Sea Link Flyover, Mumbai
  • The nearest station is Babasaheb Worlikar Chowk (25 mins)

12. Elephanta caves

mh elephanta caves

Source- Hamaraevent

There are numerous ancient archaeological remains at this world heritage site, located just minutes away from the Gateway of India. There are beautiful details in the rock architecture, and the caves inside and outside add an old-world charm to your photos. This place is ideal for couples who are history fans and want a traditional touch. There are cave temples here with old Hindu god statues. The rock-cut building makes for a stunning setting for a unique photograph. With the appropriate colors, atmosphere, and a good photographer, you can create magic here.

How To Get There?

  • Address: Gharapuri, Maharashtra 400001
  • The nearest station is Churchgate. Visitors can use local transportation to cover the one hour journey from the station to the location.

13. Ballard Estate

mh ballard estate

Source- Vocal Media

If you’re more interested in renowned European architecture like wooden buildings, cobblestone streets, palaces, and forts. The opulent Ballard Estate is the ideal pre-wedding photoshoot destination near Mumbai for a memorable and thrilling experience. This calm yet exquisite neighborhood has Victorian-era structures constructed by George Wittet. The architect who created many of Mumbai’s prominent attractions, including the Gateway of India and the Prince of Wales Museum. You might bring a vintage Volkswagen to the location to enhance the attractiveness of the photographs.

How To Get There?

  • Address: Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001
  • The nearest stations are Mumbai CSMT and Marine Lines (11 mins away)
  • Another station that can be taken in Churchgate.

14. Taj Mahal Palace

mh taj mahal palace

Source- Pinterest

The most beautiful pre-wedding shoot locations in South Mumbai are the Gateway of India and the Taj Mahal Palace. You will be able to capture the glory of the most significant milestones in Mumbai that will enhance the beauty of your wedding photoshoot collection without a doubt. Those early morning shots will be filled with sparkling light and brilliant colors.

How To Get There?

  • Address: Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001
  • The nearest station is Churchgate (25 mins)

The city of Mumbai offers a wide variety of enchanting photoshoot locations, destination weddings in Mumbai from iconic landmarks like Marine Drive to serene spots like Sanjay Gandhi National Park and Bandstand. Couples can create lasting memories with the help of skilled photographers in a variety of settings that capture the city’s history, natural beauty, and architectural marvels. As couples embark on their journey together, these photoshoots not only celebrate love but also remind them to cherish their bond and their wedding rituals as well.

Frequently Asked Question for Pre Wedding Shoot Location in Mumbai

How much does a pre-wedding shoot cost in Mumbai?

Pre-wedding shoots cost differently to everyone based on the location you prefer. It might range between 20,000 INR to 1 Lakh INR based on the location.

What are some unique pre-wedding shoot locations in Mumbai?

Places like Moroccan Lounge, Ballard Estate, and Juhu Beach can be an ideal choice.

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