maharashtrian wedding dates 2024

Maharashtrian Wedding Dates 2024

A Marathi-style wedding has become a familiar sight for many due to its popularity in films and daily soaps. A Maharashtrian wedding incorporates several beautiful rituals that blend in every hue of love, togetherness, spirituality, and connection. While the elaborate functions, Marathi wedding songs, and practices make everything alive and happening, the Maharashtrian wedding dates […]

Marathi Wedding Song

Marathi Wedding Songs

Though the Marathi Wedding rituals are away from the glamour and flamboyance, dancing till the ankles ache on drums and cymbals of Traditional, Peppy, Slow and Regional marathi tracks is must in an authentic Marathi Wedding. These days Bollywood films have also started including Marathi music but the foot-stomping madness during dance can only be […]

Marathi Wedding rituals

Marathi Wedding Rituals

In a Maharashtrian wedding, the essential rituals play a vital role in uniting the two individual persons and their respective families. The easygoing yet intricately designed Marathi wedding rituals enhance the glory of this unique culture. Every single wedding ritual of a Marathi wedding holds significant meaning and helps in making the love and reverence […]


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