punjabi wedding dates 2024

Punjabi / Sikh Wedding Dates 2024

Filled with vibrant colours and divine celebration, a Punjabi wedding is a grand event. The wedding includes many detailed traditions, including Roka (engagement), Mehendi raat, and Anand Karaj, a ceremony for the newlyweds to take vows before the Guru Granth Sahib. A destination wedding in Punjab provides a joyous atmosphere and luxurious venues, with people […]

punjabi wedding songs

Punjabi Wedding Songs

Any wedding feels bland without songs that include all emotions and immersive lyrics based on the event. But Punjabi wedding is specifically known for the peppy Punjabi songs. Whether a couple has a keen desire to embellish the floor with a beautiful couple dance or all Punjabis want to rock the floor with an electrifying […]

Punjabi wedding rituals

Punjabi Wedding Rituals

It is widely believed that Punjabi Weddings are repleted with great pomp, loud music, extravagant shadi setups, sumptuous food & drinks and rejuvenating Bhangra. But there is a lot more to know and see in a Punjabi wedding through its rich wedding customs and traditions. The meaningful wedding customs of Punjabi people depict a divine […]


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