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Plan Your Destination Wedding in Agra

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Planning a destination wedding? Thought of Agra yet? Here’s why you should

Taj Mahal. A monument that is not just one of the wonders of the world but is also considered as a “Representation of pure love” in our Indian history. The moment you enter into Agra, you can sense that love and that romance in the air of the city.

Your wedding, whether love or arrange, could be one of the most beautiful day in your entire life. Every couple waits for their “D-Day” and wants to make it as special and as memorable as they could. For people who want to plan their destination wedding, Agra can serve them with an extremely royal feel and utmost beauty. Something that you won’t easily find in every other city in the country.

From the ethnicity and culture to an artistic tradition that’s just filled in each and every venue, here are a few venues that you can look for if you’re planning to tie the knot in this city of love.

  1. Jaypee palace

The Jaypee Palace hotel is built with sandstone bricks and marbles. This place in Agra is probably one of the palaces that is just filled with royalty. It has 12 venues and is perfect for 200-300 guests

  1. Hotel Clarks Shiraz

Located at the Taj Road, this hotel is known for its greenery that it serves. From big beautiful green farms to some of the most majestic banquets, Clarks Shiraz would be a great budget-friendly venue for you

  1. The Orchid Farm

If you’ve a gathering of about 1500 people and you still want a budgeted wedding, Orchid Farm is just made for destination wedding. In Agra, this is a reputed place and is known for its lush green farms.

  1. Oberoi Amar Vilas

Just located at about half a kilometer from the Taj Mahal, Oberoi Amar Vilas could be an extremely picturesque place for you. It definitely can give those amazing and beautiful marble sights for you and your guests.

Some of the other reasons why Agra is a great location for a destination wedding is that the city is located just 2 hours away from the National Capital Delhi. It has a number of great options when it comes to exploring the folklore of the place of even the artistic side. You can have as big or as small of a gathering that you want in Agra… there are just way too many venues to choose from.

Agra has the perfect weather and not too hot but it would still be a great idea to plan a wedding between the months of October and March. It is also a great tourist destination, so taking care of the guests isn’t too tough as well. You can easily avoid the “hotchpotch” by making your bookings in advance. As for the catering, you can get a variety of cuisines but trust us, you would want to try that ethnic “UP ka khaana” in the city. Nope, you just can’t miss that.

A place that represents eternal love… make it a place that represents “your eternal love” and becomes the beginning of “your eternal love story”

Why choose Aagra for a destination wedding?

Flaunting the epitome of love Taj Mahal, the city of Agra is full of excitement for planning a solo trip, a family vacation and a destination wedding. But the beauty of Agra is beyond the Taj Mahal.

Lush green gardens, splendid hotels, beautiful architectures and smooth accessibility of modern services enhance the glory of the ancient city of Agra. A couple can utilize all these compelling features of Agra in planning an exquisite destination wedding.

Let’s know about the earmarks of Agra city that can mold your wedding event into a beautiful memory for you as well as your guests.

  • Stare together at the epitome of love – the Taj Mahal
  • A romantic strolling at the old monuments and photoshoot
  • Giant hotels drenched in luxury and comfort
  • Explore the Agra market for wedding stuff
  • Famous cuisines of Agra
  • Hire the excellent services of professionals
  • Quick transportation services and connectivity

The great blend of the above-mentioned factors makes Agra perfect for a  destination wedding.

  1. Iconic beauty of world famous Taj Mahal

Featured in the seven wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal enhances not only the beauty of Agra but also India’s beauty. Several couples visit this shining architectural gem and evoke the love of Shahjahan for his beloved Mumtaj. You can plan a romantic trip right before or during the days of the destination wedding here.

  1. Myriad locations for a captivating photoshoot

Agra is a city of forts and tombs that remind the history of India. Couples can pick the locations like Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri, Jodha Bai ka Rauza and Mehtaab Bagh for adding a scenic backdrop to their pre-wedding pictures. History buffs will love these locations as well as the photographs.

  1. Hotels and resorts of Agra flaunt luxury and comfort

Agra is a famous tourist destination hence the availability of top-starred hotels and resorts is common. Couples can go through a wide range of stay places and pick the best one for their guests. The modern quality services and excellent hospitality will please them surely. Numerous hotels, resorts and farmhouses provide services as a lavish wedding venues as well. Therefore you can plan your wedding and stay at the same place.

  1. Agra Market for your wedding shopping

Agra is home to several wedding stores for providing unique designer costumes for bride and groom both. Apart from it, the local markets of Agra are capable of offering plenty of wedding stuff like ethnic shoes, bangles, sarees, and jewelry. Women plaza, Sadar Bazar, Shahganj Bazaar etc are popular shopping spots in Agra.

  1. Famous cuisines of Agra leaves an indelible imprint

Agra is a place for foodies and you can utilize this trait of Agra in quenching the appetite of your guests. Including Agra delicacies in your wedding menu will remind them always about your grand celebration of love. Agra Petha, Mughlai, Bhalla, Shawrma, diverse varieties of Namkeen and Bedai will infuse a great taste in the tinkling buds of your guests.

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