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Plan Your Destination Wedding in Maheshwar

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Why choose Maheshwar for a destination wedding?

Being situated on the banks of river Narmada, it can be a couple’s dream location for weddings who have a great inclination towards temple weddings. Nothing can replace Maheshwar from the priority list of couples who want to initiate a blissful wedded world at a holy place.

Scores of other reasons that make it specific among hundreds of wedding destinations are also given here. Let’s know them one by one.

  • Beautiful ghats and temples
  • Purchase Maheshwari sarees for your spouse
  • Plan a pre-wedding photo shoot at the forts of Maheshwar
  • Satiate the taste buds with local delicacies
  • Choose the best venue for your dreamlike wedding
  • A favorable climate for your wedding celebration

Maheshwar offers everything that can aid couples in transforming their imaginary marriage celebration into reality but only after having a depth knowledge regarding those treasures of Maheshwar.

Beautiful Ghats and temples of Maheshwar

Glorious Maheshwar is popular for the beautiful evenings and sunsets at the Ghats of Narmada. If you love spending quiet evenings at the banks of the riverside and gazing at the calm water for hours with your loving partner, visit Ahilya Ghat, Peshwa Ghat, Mandaleshwar, Jaleshwar and Pandarinath etc. At these places, you can grab blessings for your doting bond.

Gift the special Maheshwari saree to your partner and make your destination wedding memorable

The traditional weavers of Maheshwar have something magical in their hands which turns out in their hand-woven cotton sarees. You can find exquisite prints of the famous temples of Maheshwar on these beautiful sarees. Going shopping and picking such a surreal wedding gift for your partner will be something like dream come true for her.

Plan a pre-wedding shoot for a lifelong memory

Maheshwar is so full of captivating locations where you can plan a dazzling pre-wed shoot. And be sure that people will not be able to off their eyes after seeing the pictures for once. The royal forts of Maheshwar like Ahilya fort, Maheshwar fort, Holkar fort and Queen’s fort etc will give a rich backdrop to your romantic pictures.

Enjoy the local delicacies of Maheshwar while exploring it

While witnessing the beauty of glorious Maheshwar you must tinkle your taste buds with the popular local food of this location. One local delicacy that you must try is Daal Bafle. These little moments of savoring the edible in Maheshwar will assimilate sweetness to your loving bond.

Time to live your dream by choosing the best venue for trying the nuptial knot

Couples who want to live their dream of performing wedding rituals at a divine temple or near the fort must pick Maheshwar for their destination wedding. Here they will seek the blessing of several cities along with their parents and elder ones. But if you want to host an extravagant wedding ceremony, spacious halls, resorts and hotels are easily available here.

For a pleasant experience, you are advised to plan your dreamy destination wedding in the month between October and March in Maheshwar.

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