• Bihari Wedding Dates 2024
    Bihar is an exceptionally delightful location, particularly for those considering a Bihari destination wedding. Despite its initial perception, Bihar is a state that is abundant with unexpected wonders. Bihari culture […]
  • Bengali Wedding Dates 2024
    Your wedding year is only a month away! Filled with rich, vibrant colour and traditions followed by centuries, the Bengali wedding can certainly be considered one of the most momentous […]
  • Christian Wedding Dates 2024
    Do you know what are the two magical words that carry more charm than the three magical words ‘I love you’? You guessed it? Yes, the two magical words are […]
  • Kannada/ Karnataka Wedding Dates 2024
    Located in the heart of south India and possessing the richness of several cultures, Karnataka can certainly be considered a hearty location to take your pheras. The Kannada wedding Rituals […]
  • Tamil Wedding Dates 2024
    Filled with vibrant colours and traditions followed over centuries, a Tamil wedding truly highlights one of the sheer cultures of our country. The traditional wedding, also known as Kalyanam, filled […]
  • Telugu Wedding Songs
    For deep diving into the fun, celebration and emotions of a Traditional Telugu Wedding, songs play a main character role. The great composition, sheer brilliance in penning the lyrics, and […]
  • Catholic Wedding Songs
    Akin to the other wedding responsibilities, choosing the best tracks for different rituals and moments takes hours. Whether you are seeking a soulful song for walking down the aisle or […]
  • Punjabi Wedding Songs
    Any wedding feels bland without songs that include all emotions and immersive lyrics based on the event. But Punjabi wedding is specifically known for the peppy Punjabi songs. Whether a […]
  • Tamil Wedding Songs
    The Tamil culture is widely admitted as one of the most ancient, intricate and traditionally lavish lifestyles of India. Music is an integral element of Tamil civilization and a glimpse […]

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