Christian Wedding Songs

Christian Wedding Songs

A Christian wedding is a pious ritual of tying two beautiful individual souls and their respective families in a church according to christian/ catholic Wedding Dates 2024. This union is celebrated by great cheering, party and more specifically dancing or grooving on Christian Wedding Songs.

Christian songs that fall under diverse categories can build a perfect playlist for your D-day. Whether you want to honor your faith in the almighty or show the dense love between you and your partner, the music and lyrics of these songs will speak the language of love on your behalf. But one might get puzzled in picking the apt tracks for expressing his/her emotions, shrug off the worries, we have simplified this complex task for you.

Here is an ideal playlist of all those Christian wedding songs that hold the potential of adding fun, love, joy, faith and spark to your Christian Wedding Rituals. For making it more convenient to choose the best tracks, they are further segregated into specific categories.

Just take a glimpse of them, listen and start the preparation to sway on your Christian Wedding.

Slow-paced Christian Wedding Songs for the entry of the couple or other beautiful moments –

To show love and affection towards your partner becomes quite difficult for a couple sometimes especially on the occasion where all the guests and family members are present. But a perfect romantic song can do magic at such moments. Here are some best options regarding Christian wedding songs for couples.

Love will be our home –

Imagine the captivating entry of yourself with your partner on a soothing track that creates a heavenly vibe in the entire wedding ambiance. Surely this imagination will give you goosebumps. To transform this thought into reality you can pick the track “Love will be our home.” The melody, flexibility and wide soprano vocal range of singer Sandy Patty will act no less than a love catalyst at your D-day event. You can use this track to infuse love and happiness in any special couple’s moment.

The track is from the album Love Will Be Our Home and the singer is Sandy Patty.

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I promise –

A very soothing track that gives voice to the feeling of unconditional, faithful and lifelong love towards your partner was released back in 2015. The fine blending of a dulcet voice and romantic music of this Christian song can immerse all your guests into the mesmerizing moments of your holy Christian wedding. The song is perfect for playing while moving down the aisle or exiting the holy church after your Christian wedding.

This beautiful track is from the album Purified and best gospel artist C.C. Winans gave her magical voice to this.

When I Say I Do –

Starting with the magical notes of the Piano, this song conveys the promise of staying together through thick and thin. This track is present in several people’s list of favorite tracks. By playing this unique and soulful song on your D-day event, you can make your partner believe that she matters to you and this equation will remain the same forever.

All your guests will be immersed in the melodious voice of Matthew West. He has also written the lyrics of this track.

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Perfect Union –

Akin to the name of the song this could be a perfect option to choose on your big day. The engaging beats in the beginning and the touching lyrics of the song make it perfect. One of the most beautiful attributes of this song is, it depicts how a strong love between partners lasts till their last breath.

This simple yet significant song for Christian weddings has the captivating voice of Matthew Ward. He belongs to the team of Christian contemporary music pioneers.

Love Never Fails –

This song wins the hearts of every couple and they do not give a second thought while picking it for their wedding day. The warm vocals of the singer are paired with the gentle strumming of the guitar. The lyrics of the songs emphasize that love never fails in providing the best to your partner and protecting him/her from every harm. What else do you need to confess through a song on your D-day?

Brandon Heath has embellished the lyrics of songs with his melodious voice. It is from the album “What If We.”

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I Choose You –

The exact words that you want to say to your partner at your wedding event are included in this popular song. Do not get surprised while seeing your lady love lisping the beautifully written lyrics of this track for you. The touching tunes and piano keys give more strength and soul to this song. The moment when you will hear this song will leave an indelible imprint on your mind and soul undoubtedly.

Ryann Darling has poured all her magic into this song through his writing, composing, singing and producing.

Unfailing Love –

Walking with your partner down the aisle while holding hands in hands and expressing unfailing love toward each other is the dream of every couple. This song is also special for a groom as the lyrics say “Be my Wife” multiple times.  If a groom wants to express himself as the most romantic partner and is madly in love with his lady, this serenade is an ideal choice for him. The guitar strummings make this feeling more intense throughout the song.

Jimmy Needham poured his romantic voice into this soft acoustic piece. It is from the album “Unfailing Love“.

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Commitment –

Marriage is all about small and big commitments and that is what the song’s lyrics say. The apt lyrics are combined with the perfect music style which is quite evident in the beautiful track. The song starts with very soft guitar notes and wins the hearts of listeners with the strong drum beats from the mid to the end. Emphasizing the commitment between two souls this song catches the attention of every romantic couple.

Sanctus Real is the singer of the track “Commitment” and Matt Hammitt composed this song.

Jesus and You –

Every partner thanks Jesus for finding a perfect love for him/her and what else can be a better way to feel gratitude through a melodious song? Lyrics of “Jesus and You” talk about attaining grace, love and healing through a beautiful partner and thanking the almighty. A quite sensitive track including sincere lyrics and soulful music can make your D-day worth memorizing for all the guests.

Matthew West is the singer of “Jesus and You” and the song was released in the year 2017.

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Flawless –

Released in the year 2014, this song includes the hopes and faith you hold in your heart towards the God Jesus. A great wedding song having lyrics that talk about the hopes of imperfect people. The soulful lyrics stringed together through a soothing musical tone impact the couple straight on their souls. Through this song, your guests will also feel connected with God.

MercyMe who is recognized for his great love songs, has given voice to “Flawless” as well. The song is from the album “Welcome to the new“.

Powerful upbeats for a power-packed performance on the stage –

A Christian wedding not only shows the soft, lovely and soothing side of the wedding but the family members and couple celebrate it with great fanfare as well. For creating such moments you need an upbeat and inspiring song. To ease the task, here is a list of all such songs that can add a spark to your wedding event.

Write Your Story –

The song is perfect for a group performance by the girl gang of the bride’s or groom’s side. The song also got a nomination in the Grammy Awards for Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance. Conveying the message of writing a new chapter on the pages of each other’s hearts to the bride and groom, this addictive track is perfect for a grand stage performance. The majestic beats and the powerful voice of the female singer make the song more intense.

Francesca Battistelli gave voice to the song and it was released in the year 2014. Since then it is winning the hearts of every listener.

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Angel –

Which bride does not want to get attention, praise, love, and compliments from her groom on the big day? And it will be more presentable when your groom sways romantically on stage for you while praising you as an Angel. This song has all emotions and words that a groom wants to convey to his bride. The escalating tunes in the song hold the grip of a bride’s heart till the end of the track.

Sung by the Casting Crowns, winner of several awards, and a competent contemporary Christian music and rock band, this track can make your D-day special.

Till I Found You –

Those who love to celebrate their wedding through modern songs filled with addictive beats and a high-pitched voice should choose “Till I Found You”. The groom and his entire gang plan a stage performance as well to surprise the bride. The slow start of the song can give groovy vibes and the escalating electrifying beats will surely capture the heart of your bride as well as of all the guests.

Phil Wickham enhanced the impact of this song through his magical voice. It is from the album Living Hope which was released in the year 2018.

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For those who wait –

If you have found your love after so many difficulties, this song can act as an acclamation for your patience and wait. The lyrics of this song perfectly articulate the purpose of love and waiting for the partner with great intensity. The song also got a nomination for best rap/rock gospel at Grammys.

The rock band Fireflight released this song in the year 2010.

Love Is Here –

Want to take a dreamy entry in the church on the constant beats of a romantic song? This track is for you. In a powerful tone and formidable vocals, the song speaks about the joy of welcoming immense love in life through his/her partner. The song will infuse life into your big event through its extremely exaggerated beats and empowering voice notes.

Dave Pettigrew gave the voice to this beautiful track. The song belongs to the album Faith and Gasoline.

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The Duet Christian wedding songs for a couple’s  performance –

A wedding event is incomplete without the romantic couple performance that holds the breath of every guest from start to end. Swaying or grooving lovingly with each other depicts the deep bonding between couples. In a Christian wedding, it is even more important as the people of the Christian community celebrate a ritual named First Dance after getting married. From the below-given list, you can pick the most sonorous song for your dance performance on D-day. These duets will compel you to look back on you wedding day fondly.

Amazing Grace –

Not even the people of the Christian community love this song but other music lovers also show a great inclination toward this soulful romantic track. The couple can choreograph the simple yet catchy moves on this song and give a spectacular performance on the stage. It will surely spellbind the guests and compel them to hold their gaze on the pretty couple grooving together. The song’s lyrics include the feel of “New Beginnings” and make it perfect for a wedding celebration.

The song is created by the artist IL Divo and released in the year 2012.

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Two Becoming One –

Though the eloquent sound of the violin, in the beginning, catch the attention, the melody of the whole track sticks to the ear and infiltrates the heart. The dance performance of the couple or a duet singing will be no less than a treat to the eyes of the guests. The wording of the song fuses the two individual souls into one very romantically.

Jonathan and Emily Martin gave the melodious voice to this beautifully written song.

Cherish the treasure –

We all know that a partner does not feel a little lesser than a cherished treasure for the other one. And this song conveys gratitude for such treasures in your life. Starting with a very elegant musical tune this song ends with the promise of building a home of pure & divine love. In short, this song holds the potential to express immense love to your partner on your behalf.

Steve Green and John Mohr are the singers of this beautiful romantic duet.

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When God Made You –

A beautiful harmony is created by this song to praise God for creating and sending a beloved partner for both persons. Another special feature of this song is, it was penned by the founding member of the Newsong band for his daughter. The sincere depiction of the love and affection of a father towards his daughter will win your heart.

Newsong and Natalie Grant are the creators of this track. It was released in the year 2014.

By My Side –

A perfect track for the slow-paced dance performance on the stage is “By My Side”. Apart from the soulful musical notes, the song’s lyrics include the extract of pure emotions expressed by a couple in their letters. The musical transformation of those real-life letters makes it more touching for the couples as well as for their guests.

Annah Edwards and Michael Allen Harrison made it sonorous with their dulcet voices.

From these above give tracks, you can pick the best ones that reflect your very own love story. But if you find something missing or not contentful while choosing the tracks for a Christian wedding, here are some more melodies mentioned below.

21. The Prayer –  Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion

22. Household of Faith – Steve and Marijean Green

23. Answered Prayer – Lisa Bevill and Bob Carlisle

24. Made To Love – TobyMac

25. Thankful For You – TobyMac

On one hand where the couples can sway sweetly together on the slow-paced tracks of popular and trendy singers while on the flip the family members, groomsmen and bridesmaids can also groove joyfully in a group or solo performance to surprise the lovely couple. These songs will play a pivotal role in evoking the best moments of your grand Christian Wedding. The list is created for the convenience of persons who are seeking a unique track instead of quite popular Christian Wedding songs.

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