Gujarati Wedding Songs

Gujarati Wedding Songs

Gujarati weddings are full of gleeful traditions, striking Gujrati Wedding Rituals & customs, lip-smacking food and a lot of fun through Garba, Dandiya or Bollywood-style dancing. Every Gujarati couple and family member shows a great inclination toward planning an indelible and catchy wedding event. Gujarati wedding songs act as the most happening catalyst in a D-day event. 

Several moments like “Groom’s entrance in the Mandap, bridesmaids & groomsmen entry, bride entry, family’s surprise, couple dance and Vidai etc.” demand a relatable Gujarati song. But it is always difficult to act than say… I mean choosing a catchy track that matches your emotions is not a duck soup. 

Well, for minimizing your concern we have shortlisted some best Gujarati tracks for you. This list includes the hit dancing numbers as well as the beautiful romantic ones that are ideal to set the stage on fire. 

Dance your heart out on Gujarati Songs – 

Gujaratis hold a keen desire to groove on the stage with great enthusiasm. Whether your cousins want to rock the floor or the elder ones want to surprise the couple, the below-given songs will pump the energy into your D-day event. 

1. Chogada Tara – 

Usually, a gang of cousins and friends from the bride’s side or the groom’s side looks for a Gujarati song that includes peppy beats and engaging lyrics. This song fits so well in that frame. A fine blend of a modern vibe and deeply rooted Gujarati tradition is perfectly depicted in this chart-buster hit song. The whole group of the bride or groom’s family can add a colorful theme (costume) to this song and catch the gaze of the couple and guests through fluid dance moves.

The song is from the movie LoveyatriDarshan Rawal and Asees Kaur nailed this hit song with their exceptional voices.

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2. Mor Bani Thangat Kare – 

Every Gujarati has a deep connection with this unique song. Though the song was written decades back by the very famous poet Jhaverchand Meghani, Sanjay Leela Bhansali gave a new dance touch to this iconic track in his movie. The track gives the feel of authentic Gujarati culture and the people who do not even belong to the Gujarati community, feel a connection or familiarity with the song. A slow-paced yet imbibed with great beats, this distinct song will add an indelible memory to your Gujarati wedding event. 

Osman Mir and Aditi Paul gave voice to this song and it is from the quite popular movie Goliyon Ki Raasleela – Ramleela. 

3. Udi Udi Jaaye – 

Beautifully showing the Kite Flying event as a romantic conversation between the love birds, this song is apt for a mesmerizing stage performance. Even Gujarati couples can also plan a well-choreographed performance on their wedding day. The rhythm, lyrics and tune of this song have the potential of engaging the audience from the very first moment and compel them to stay till the end moment. 

Bhoomi Trivedi, Sukhawinder Singh and Karsan Sagathia have crooned this song and it is from the movie Raees. Renowned author Javed Akhtar has written the engaging lyrics of Udi Udi Jaye.

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4. Dholida – 

Another beautiful dancing number from the movie Loveyatri is Dholida. As the name of the song signifies, you need to be well-versed in footwork, perfect expression and swaying the hands to coordinate your dance partner or entire group. Heavily influenced by the traditional Gujarati Garba music, this song steals the heart of listeners. Well, there is nothing to worry about for the youths who are seeking a trending element in a song as this track is a beautiful blend of traditional and trendy vibes. 

Iconic singers of the music industry Udit Narayana, Palak Mucchal, Raja Hasan and Neha Kakkar gave voice to this song. It is from the film Loveyatri. The composition is by Tanishk Bagchi and the lyrics are from Shabbir Ahmed.

5. Photocopy – 

A super trendy and new-aged Gujarati song having electrifying beats can add spark to the stage. The spellbinding peppiness, perfect dancing beats and short Gujarati proverbs in the middle of the track can create a pure Gujarati vibe at the wedding function. Especially the groom’s gang can plan a rocking performance to praise the looks of the beautiful Gujarati bride. The song is quite familiar to everyone as it is from one of the hit movies Salman Khan named Jai Ho. Your guests will feel connected throughout the performance while humming this song. 

Himesh Reshamiya, Keerthi Sagathia and Palak Mucchal sang this song.

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6. Su Che Maane Kai Dyo – 

Planning to surprise the groom with a cute and bubbly dance performance, the girl gang must pay attention here as this song is apt for such purposes. The innocence in the lyrics and melodious music hit the audience of all age groups. The girls or the bride can tease the groom perfectly by giving catchy facial expressions and well-coordinated dance moves. Your guests will also enjoy this bubbly dance performance in a colorful bridal costume. 

Bela Shende and Suhail Sen sang this super hit Gujarati dance number and it is from the Priyanka Chopra & Harman Baweja starrer movie What’s Your Rashee! 

7. Dholi Taro Dhol Baaje – 

A song that ruled over so many hearts especially the people who are still a die heart fans of the movie Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. Imagine the fast beats of this song with DJ mix sounds and grooving yourself with great fun and enthusiasm, you must be thinking about turning this thought into reality. Trust us, this song and your brilliant performance will force your Grandmas to stand up from their seats and groove with you on the stage. 

Hariharan, Vinod Rathode, Karsan Sagathiya and Kavita Krishnamurthy sang this song several years back but it still has a craze among Gujarati people. 

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8. Sanedo Sanedo – 

It is impossible to not talk about Falghuni Pathak while discussing the best Gujarati dancing songs for a wedding celebration. This one belongs to her most popular dancing track and now it has become even more popular when the remake version is included in the film “Made In China”. The trendy lyrics and peppy beats of this song are perfect for young dancers and they will surely feel a spunk to dance on the stage after choosing this track. 

In the remake version Mika Singh, Nikita Gandhi and Benny Dayal gave their voices.

9. Kamariya –

Several tracks in Bollywood films are famous with this name but the track with a traditional Gujarati touch is from the movie “Mitron“. It is quite famous among the new age people as the song includes a mix of pop and traditional vibe. You can plan a modern Garba fusion performance on this song for your lady love and ask her to join you lovingly in the mid of the performance. 

Sensational singer Darshan Rawal gave his voice to the song. You can also copy steps from the well-choreographed performance of Jackky and Kritika.

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10. Bhai Bhai – 

If a group of boys from the bride’s side or the groom’s party give a tremendous and traditional Gujarati performance on the stage, choose Bhai Bhai from the film Goliyon Ki Raasleela – Ramleela film. A power pack performance of male dancers can force the audience to clap, groove and emerge into it just because of the energy that song transfers to them. 

Osman Mir voiced this specific piece in the movie and the song was launched in the year 2014.

Romantic slow-paced songs for the couple’s performance – 

How would you feel if you do not watch or enjoy a couple’s dance performance that adds a lovey-dovey vibe to the ambiance? I bet you’ll feel bland. Seeing or living the moment of a cute couple swaying lovingly on the stage is a dream of every Gujarati. Here is our contribution to turn your dream into reality. The below-given Gujarati songs are one of the hit romantic songs of the music industry. 

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11. Chand Ne Kaho – 

This love anthem is ideal for grooving on the stage while holding hands on each other and expressing the warmth of love to each other. Not only the couples but the guests or audience will also skip a heartbeat while listening to this beautiful melody and watching the bride and groom swaying romantically. The song maintains a constant speed and the beats do not escalate in the song while moving forward. This is an advantage for non-dancer couples. Simple yet significant dance moves will compliment the track perfectly. 

Singers Sachin – Jigar, Jigardhan Gadhavi and Tanishka Sanghavi voiced this sonorous track. Niren Bhatt penned the engaging lyrics of the song and it is from the movie Chal Jeevi Laiye.

12. Manada Na Meet – 

This song hits differently when you are deeply and madly in love with your partner. Though the romantic track has only a female voice, your groom can join you in the mid of the performance to express his love and embrace yours. A beautiful bride can give a solo performance on her D-day on this song. Trust us, you will feel no less than a fairy swaying softly for her love. 

Santvani Trivedi added a spunk to this romantic song and Baldevsingh Chauhan penned the soulful lyrics of this track.

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13. Kaho Punam Na – 

Looking for a melodious romantic Gujarati duet for a mesmerizing couple performance? Your search must take a pause here as this song has won the heart of several couples and got a special corner in their mind. Both partners can express their love, affection and acceptance for each other through this song’s lyrics. Dancing smoothly with holding hands will turn the fanfare of the wedding into a surreal fairytale moment. 

Sung by Dhaval Kothari and Simran Chaudhary, this song can light up your evening of D-day.

14. Vela Milan Ni – 

A quite special story behind this song made it closer to the hearts of Gujarati couples. The writer of this romantic hit penned this song for his engagement entrance moment and gained applause for the vibe created by this soulful song. You can also score 10/10 by choreographing a personalized couple dance performance on this song. A few lines of Pehlu Mangal (an identical Gujarati lagan get) are also added to this melody. 

Jigardan Gadhavi and Kavya Limaye gave their sonorous voice to the song. The song will act as a loving catalyst during your dreamy entry or performance. 

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15. Raja Ne Rani – 

This song is different from the others as in the whole song the male and female lyrics go hand in hand similarly you are going to walk together & forever. It will be a treat to the eyes of your guests and family members to witness your pair dancing like an ideal pair of lovebirds. 

Parthiv Gohil and Manasi Parekh Gohil are the singers of this lovely Gujarati track. Released one year ago this song still compels the couples to feel loved.

16. Mangamta Divaso – 

Nothing can soothe your eardrums more than this newly released track if you are a little shy in expressing your tenderness towards your partner in words. This track is released a few months back hence the couples and youths of the Gujarati community are quite familiar with it. Your imperfect yet cute efforts while dancing together on this lovely track will surely impress the guests. 

Parthiv Gohil and Mansi Parekh voiced this super hit Gujarati love song and the lyrics of the song are penned by the highly talented Sneha Desai.

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Gujarati Songs for a divine bridal entry into the wedding ambiance – 

When a well-dressed and pretty Gujarati bride takes royal entry into the wedding hall, the guests feel bound to hold their vision at her. But it will feel like something missing or incomplete if the bride moves forward in the absenteeism of a Gujarati track. Yes, you are thinking right, a song infuses life in the bridal entry moment. But which one will be perfect for your dreamy entry? Don’t think too much and have a glimpse at the below-given options. 

17. Valam – 

Not the whole song but the initial few minutes of this Hindi song are created with magical Gujarati lyrics and melodious music. The brides who are planning to take a memorable entry on their D-day and surprise everyone with their looks that match the background song must go with this song option. The duration of this initial part of the song “Valam” is lengthy enough that a bride can cover a good distance while walking. 

This song is from the popular Bollywood movie Made In China. Sachin-Jigar, the tremendous pair of musicians in the industry composed this song and sensational new age singer Arijit Singh voiced this track along with Priya Saraiya

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18. Mehendi Te Vavi – 

If you are a fun-loving bride and your partner is ready to accompany you in this fun bridal entry, this new Gujarati track is for you. The simple hand moves and slight grooving while walking forward will best suit the lyrics and music of this song. On the flip your male partner can do some simple steps on the stage but his expressions must be 10/10. 

The young talent of the music industry Dhvani Bhanushali has given her voice to the track. While the powerhouse of the music industry Vishal Dadlani voiced the male lyrics of this track. 

Emotional Vidai Songs for a Gujarati Bride – 

Though it is quite hard to choose a track for the most emotional and vulnerable moment for the bride and her entire family,  to make it a memorable goodbye moment for the loved ones, brides pick a sensitive song for the Vidai.  Not so many songs can convey the best message and emotions of a bride on her Vidai. Hence we have shortlisted the perfect Gujarati Vidai song as well. 

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19. Vidai Ni Vasami Che Vedana – 

The very soulful lyrics of this Gujarati song convey a bride’s message or request to her brother to take care of the parents after her Vidai or goodbye. The emotional music intensifies the feelings of the bride toward her family. The pain of leaving her house can be easily picturized by this song in a wedding album as well. 

Bhoomi Trivedi and Parth Bharat Thakkar gave their melodious voice to this sensitive track. 

Whether you are a pro dancer in Garba, Dandiya and a Bollywood-style dance or not, these tracks will drag everyone to the floor in the Gujarati Wedding Dates 2024.

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