Funny Wedding Quotes & Wishes

The shadi ka season is here and you can’t keep calm. Weddings in India are no less than a festival. It seems like everybody around you is getting married especially when you attain the so called marriageable age. However, the best thing about this season is wedding of your friends and close ones. Though filled with fun and excitement, weddings can sometime become very overwhelming. And what better way to put some water on fire than a funny wedding quote?Funny wedding quotes are sure to lighten up everybody around and put a smile on the faces of to be weds. Considering that you have come to the right place looking for the funny wedding quotes, is going to provide you with the best of the lot. We have created a set of wedding quotes that would not just make the couple laugh but also convey your message at the same time.We have one for all the bonds, for friends, for brothers, for sisters, cousins who so ever are in your list, we have got it all. For all of us would agree that nothing makes the relationships last long than a hilarious sense of humour. The ability to see comic in life and make comedy out of everything goes a long way. It cheers up everyone and truly leaves a lasting sense of gratification. We eagerly wish that you find one perfect wedding quote you are looking for so that you can make the receivers laugh tremendously.
funny wedding quotes
The only upside to your wedding is that now you have someone else who you can irritate when you are bored. HaHa congratulations to both of us!
funny wedding quotes 1
What do late-night parties, outing with friends and lazy weekends have in common? They all disappear after you get married. So cheers to this new chapter!
funny wedding quotes 2
Your marriage today marks the end of your happy love story and marks the beginnings of your never-ending war. May the best player win.
funny wedding quotes 3
Tying the knot is downloading new software into the computer. You accept all terms and conditions without knowing what they are all about.
funny wedding quotes 4
I cannot wait for you two to fight as a married couple, especially if you are this entertaining before marriage already.
funny wedding quotes 5
Never laugh at her choices. You are her biggest one dude! Congrats for this amazing journey you’re about to witness!
funny wedding quotes 6
The only difference being married and being stupid is that when you marry, you are paying someone to conduct that stupid act.
funny wedding quotes 7
On your wedding day, I would like to disclose the secret to a happy married life…well it is such a secret that no one knows it. Here’s wishing you both a very happy married life.
funny wedding quotes 8
In every argument you have, remember, one of you is going to be right, but you will have to concede no matter who that person is.
funny wedding quotes 9
If all you wanted was bondage, you could have looked for a less permanent one than marriage – a 5 years FD maybe? Just kidding, have a happy married life man!
funny wedding quotes 10
Marriage is the bond between a person who never remembers anniversaries and another who never forgets them – ready or not here it comes! Congrats!
funny wedding quotes 11
Your life had always been a rollercoaster and now I am glad you have someone to scream along with you. Congrats bro!
funny wedding quotes 12
Stick this card on your fridge door and thank me later for not being the one who forgets anniversaries. Congratulations bestie B!
funny wedding quotes 13
The day he got your Elephant-Ant joke, I knew this was real! Congratulations on finding a man as weird as you.
funny wedding quotes 14
Marriage is an attempt to solve problems together – problems that never existed before you married. But since you’ve picked your problems, let’s celebrate. Cheers!
funny wedding quotes 15
I’d say you rushed it, but Jij is a gem so I’ll make my peace with your wedding and get dressed too. Congrats bub!
funny wedding quotes 16
Deep down I always knew you were mad in love but mad enough to get married? That’s a shocker! Hold tight for what’s to come.
funny wedding quotes 17
I’ll tell you the secret of a happy marriage if you let me open your wedding gift with you, until then, Congratulations!
funny wedding quotes 18
Getting married is like reading Shakespeare – you get comedy, you get romance and you get a whole lot of history and tragedy. Cheers to Shakespeare and you!
funny wedding quotes 19
The actual way to keep your married life perfect is to let your husband think he is making all the decisions and do things your own way. Things will go your way and he won’t know any better, congratulations!

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