Christian Wedding Dates 2024

christian wedding dates 2024

Do you know what two magical words carry more charm than the three magical words ‘I love you’? You guessed it? Yes, the two magical words are ‘I do’. Marriage is a ceremonious celebration of love that sees a couple declaring themselves as one before the world. But the words ‘I do’ hold their charm on this special day. Thus, the day you get married is utterly special and as per Christian wedding dates 2024.

Despite the dawn of the modern era in today’s times, many Christians still believe in the essence of tradition. While the love and blessings of God shine upon every devout soul every day, matrimony is a special occasion. Thus, every year, some select Christian wedding 2024 dates ensure that the couple sees good luck and auspiciousness on their side.

Are you planning to walk down the aisle soon and want to do things the authentic Christian way with Christian wedding songs and Christian wedding rituals? Then, we are here with the auspicious Christian wedding dates to enhance the beauty and grace of your nuptials in 2024.

Christian wedding dates in January 2024

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January is the month of new beginnings. What could be better than beginning the year with your forever person? India experiences winters in January, and thus, you’ll need a venue that will make you love the weather instead of fighting it. In this case, the best option for you would be the coastal city of Andhra Pradesh, particularly Vishakhapatnam.

Visakhapatnam houses the famous Ross Hill Church as well. The temperature of Vishakhapatnam in January stays at 26 degrees Celsius or 78.8 degrees Fahrenheit, with 11mm of rainfall. January has a total of five Christian wedding dates, with a majority of them after 20th January.

  • 2 January 2024, Tuesday
  • 20 January 2024, Saturday
  • 25 January 2024, Thursday
  • 27 January 2024, Saturday
  • 28 January 2024, Sunday

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Christian wedding dates in February 2024

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February brings the widely popular and adopted tradition of Valentine’s Week. While many choose 14th February as an obvious choice this month, many stay away to celebrate V-Day and their wedding anniversary separately. The city of Jaipur is the best venue for your nuptials this month.

The Pink City would be the perfect Valentine’s marriage getaway for you and your partner. The city houses a humble Christian population but several beautiful churches for Christian wedding rituals, including the St. Andrew’s (CNI) Church.

The temperature of Jaipur in February would be 25 degrees Celsius or 77 degrees Fahrenheit with 10mm of rainfall. February has two auspicious Christian wedding dates with a big gap between them.

  • 9 February 2024, Friday
  • 24 February 2024, Saturday

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Christian wedding dates in March 2024

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March comes with a change in fragrance and a change in season that can easily nurture your unchanging love with Spring’s arrival. March is a colorful month with Holi, St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter. The best place to be in March to marry with merry Christian wedding songs would be Goa, especially the Mae De Deus Church in Saligao.

The temperature of Saligao stands at 27.2 degrees Celsius or 80.9 degrees Fahrenheit, with 5mm of rainfall. You can add a tropical flavor to enjoy a spring-themed aesthetic for your wedding in Saligao. March has four lucky Christian wedding dates, out of which three fall in the first half of the month.

  • 1 March 2024, Friday
  • 2 March 2024, Saturday
  • 15 March 2024, Friday
  • 30 March 2024, Saturday

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Christian wedding dates in April 2024

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With April comes the romance of the summer and the Good Friday. April is quite a sacred month and carries the Lord’s graceful blessings. Karnataka‘s capital city of Bengaluru is the best place to get hitched this month.

This time, the city has modest weather and houses several beautiful churches, including the beautiful St. Mary’s Basilica. The temperature of Bengaluru in April is 26.6 degrees Celsius or 80 degrees Fahrenheit, with 45mm of precipitation. April has three auspicious Christian wedding dates, with the last two in the last 10 days of the month.

  • 2 April 2024, Tuesday
  • 20 April 2024, Saturday
  • 24 April 2024, Wednesday

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Christian wedding dates in May 2024

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The heat in India intensifies during the month of May as the summer season peaks. But your perfect wedding getaway in Ooty will allow you to exchange wedding vows without problems. Ooty is one of India’s best and most beautiful tourist destinations, and it will match the breathtaking feel you get with your partner at the Sacred Heart Cathedral.

The temperature of Ooty in May is 18.2 degrees Celsius or 64.7 degrees Celsius and gets a rainfall of about 171mm. May has three auspicious Christian wedding dates in total, two early on and the last at the end of the month.

  • 3 May 2024, Friday
  • 9 May 2024, Thursday
  • 31 May 2024, Friday

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Christian wedding dates in June 2024

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The light precipitation along with the hot and sunny days see a continuation in June. Christians dedicate this month and their energies to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Moreover, modern times also see June as the celebration of the pride month. The best place for your nuptials this month would be New Delhi.

The city is an amalgamation of the cultures of almost the entire nation and also has the divine and beautiful St. Mary’s Catholic Church. Perfect for all the Christian wedding rituals and the Christian wedding songs. The temperature of Delhi in June is 33 degrees Celsius or 91.3 degrees Celsius. June has four lucky Christian wedding dates spread across the calendar.

  • 1 June 2024, Saturday
  • 14 June 2024, Friday
  • 19 June 2024, Wednesday
  • 30 June 2024, Sunday

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Christian wedding dates in July 2024

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Half the year has gone by, and if you’re not married yet, you still have many more auspicious Christian wedding dates. The best city to walk down the aisle this month would be Puducherry. The city is lush with natural beauty and a fragrant mix of French and South Indian culture.

The temperature of Puducherry in July is 29.8 degrees Celsius or 85.6 degrees Fahrenheit, and it faces 60 mm of rainfall. Thus, you will have a loving and peaceful marriage without facing the monsoon washout. July has four evenly-spaced Christian wedding dates for you to say ‘I do’.

  • 1 July 2024, Monday
  • 11 July 2024, Thursday
  • 21 July 2024, Sunday
  • 28 July 2024, Sunday

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Christian wedding dates 2024 in August

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August is the month when our country won its freedom. And, if you play your cards well, you can get the freedom to make the one you love forever. Puducherry would once again be our venue of choice for your marriage. The city is immune to monsoons at this time and also bears a rich Christian culture.

Moreover, it has beautiful and gothic architecture that is best experienced at the St. Andrews Church. The temperature of Puducherry in August is 29.2 degrees Celsius or 84.5 degrees Fahrenheit, and it receives just 92mm of rainfall. The Christian wedding dates this month are also less and converge on the first two days.

  • 1 August 2024, Thursday
  • 2 August 2024, Friday

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Christian wedding dates in September 2024

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September is a very holy and religious month for every devout follower. September is the month of the Bible and the Feast of Creation. And if you get married this month, then the Holy Bible and your wedding feast await you. The best venue for you to get married this month would be Thiruvananthapuram.

The city houses one of the biggest and liveliest Christian communities and will experience less rainfall than others. The temperature of Thiruvananthapuram hovers around 25.3 degrees Celsius or 77.5 degrees Fahrenheit with 172mm of rainfall. September carries three auspicious Christian wedding dates that fall evenly on the calendar.

  • 1 September 2024, Sunday
  • 19 September 2024, Thursday
  • 27 September 2024, Friday

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Christian wedding dates in October 2024

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October comes with Reformation Month and Reformation Day, which pays respect to the Reformation brought in Christianity. While October witnessed the restructuring of your religion, you can also give it a chance to witness the adorable restructuring of your life with your partner. Panaji is the best place to carry out this process and your nuptials.

Panaji is one of the hottest destinations for marriage and a honeymoon. It also carries divinity from several churches, including the lovely Chapel of Our Lady Mount. The temperature of Panaji in October is around 26.5 degrees Celsius or 79.7 degrees Fahrenheit, with 137 mm of rainfall. Just like September, October also has three auspicious Christian wedding dates.

  • 2 October 2024, Wednesday
  • 12 October 2024, Saturday
  • 26 October 2024, Saturday

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Christian wedding dates in November 2024

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The slight chills you felt in October will take a stronger turn in November. But you will also experience cherry blossoms’ eternal beauty this month. Did you know you could experience such a thing in India? Well, apparently, you can in Meghalaya, particularly Shillong. Meghalaya is also one of the only three Indian states with a Christian majority.

The temperature of Shillong in November stays at 16 degrees Celsius or 60.8 degrees Fahrenheit, coiled with 52mm of rainfall. November has five auspicious Christian wedding dates, one of the highest in the calendar year.

  • 1 November 2024, Friday
  • 2 November 2024, Saturday
  • 14 November 2024, Thursday
  • 16 November 2024, Saturday
  • 27 November 2024, Wednesday

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Christian wedding dates in December 2024

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Last month. Another chance. And probably the best one. December is the month every Christian waits for, as it brings both Christmas and the New Year. Moreover, why kiss your partner on the night of the 31st if you can share a married life with them? While Christmas is widely celebrated in India, nothing beats the celebrations in Nagaland’s Kohima.

Nagaland is also a Christian-majority state, and almost every location in Kohima is lit up with the spirit of festivities and togetherness. The temperature of Kohima is 11.8 degrees Celsius or 53.3 degrees Fahrenheit, with 22mm of rainfall. December has three auspicious Christian wedding dates this year.

  • 1 December 2024, Sunday
  • 9 December 2024, Monday
  • 17 December 2024, Tuesday

With that, our list comes to an end. You must have attended several weddings throughout the year and may wonder how that could have happened. The reason is that while some days are specifically auspicious, Christianity only relies on them to a limited extent. But you can always add some extra holy light to one of the most important days in your life. We hope this article helped you, and we wish you the best for your marriage.

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