Top Bengali Wedding Jewellery to Deck up on the D-Day

Red colour authentic Bengali saree, red large bindi, a white Mukut, added with authentic Bengali wedding jewellery, all these make up the right attire. This is precisely the actual Bengali wedding attire for the bride. Giving a Bangla touch in the contemporary wedding style gives a subtle look. With every new fashion, wedding bridal jewellery is changing, and you must stay updated accordingly. To make your search and research handy, we have listed down some of the top Bengali wedding bridal jewellery. Yo can follow the link for a perfect venues & planners for destination wedding in West Bengal.


Also called the Nathni or the nose ring, this is the most important part of wedding jewellery. It is worn after she is pierced. In Bengali tradition & Bengali wedding rituals and Bengali Wedding Dates 2024, it is believed that bigger the Nath, higher the status of the bride and her family. This is also why most Bengali women wear bigger Nath during weddings and other special occasions.

Paati Haar

Bengali bride,India and her main jewellery during marriage. – Dalbir Sons Jewellers

Paati Haar is the necklace worn by women in Durga Puja and weddings. Many affluent Bengali women wear ethnic wear as the bridal jewellery. What makes this jewellery unique from others is the intricate and complicated design. Today, you will find new designs which are more convenient to wear and have a broader shape. You can flatter this Paati Haar with other jewellery options.


Jhumko and Kaan Pasha

Fancy Gold plated Jhumka-pasha design/ Fancy Gold plated Kan-jhumka design - YouTube

There are different designs of Jhumko you will find in the market. If you belong to the affluent family, then you can check with the top jewellery designers having the mix of contemporary and traditional look. Over the years, there are new designs and elements added to give an authentic look to the bride on the wedding day. Kaan Pasha, on the other hand is a large gold stud having some intricate designs.

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Shonar Mukut – Completes Bengali wedding Jewellery

Gold Mukut Crown Bridal Taj Tiara Bengali Style for womens and girl

This golden crown is a must for the bride on the wedding day. Shonar Mukut comes with the new designs giving the bride a queen look. You can give a royal touch if you have any design in mind to grace your overall wedding jewellery and outfit.

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Tikli and Tiara

Traditional Tiara Tikli

Tikli is a head jewellery worn in the middle of the head partition and is made up of gold. Not just for weddings, Tikli is also worn by women for different occasions to add up to the glamour. Tiara is like a headgear which is also worn by catholic brides. The best is to combine the tiara with Mangtika to give a graceful look. Tiara can be two or three layers depending on the need.

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Chic- The Choker

Chic Choker Necklace Designs To Pair With Sarees!! • South India Jewels | Choker necklace designs, Fashion wedding jewelry, Necklace designs

The gold necklace also called the Chick is an essential part of the West Bengal destination wedding bride attire. The width of Chick is around 1 to 1.5 inches and is usually worn below the neck and the collar bone. What makes Chic unique from other jewellery is the intricate designs and the craftsmanship. You can look for some contemporary design.

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Saath Noli Haar- The Layered Necklace

saath noli haar-Jewellery styles famous in West Bengal

This is yet another important part of jewellery worn traditionally by Bengali wedding brides. Mothers and mothers-in-law pass this necklace from one generation to another. The Saath Noli Haar is a seven-layer gold and is also available in five layered and is called as Paanch Noli Haar.

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This hand trinket is also called as the Haath Phool, and is the essential part of the Bengali bride jewellery. Ratanchur carries a round pendant at the centre and four strings out layered attached to rings and bangles. This hand jewellery is usually gold plated and comes in different designs.

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Chur & Bala

Latest gold chur design with price/Light weight gold chur collection from 4 gram#bangles#jewellery - YouTube

Bangles are the most important part of the jewellery and girls love having the collection. In Bengali weddings, bangles are called Chur and Bala. Chur is a gold broad single-piece bangle worn on one hand and Bala- kada is usually worn in pairs. Both carry some intricate design and are the signature of this part of jewellery.

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Shakha, Pola & Noa

All About Traditional Bengali Bridal Jewellery & Where to Find Them

These three pieces of bride bangles are an important part of the jewellery. Shakha (conch shell), Pola (Coral Bangles) and Noa (Gold plated iron bangle) come with different designs. Shakha is a white colour bangle; pola comes in red color, and are worn during the NandiMukh ceremony. Noa is a gift by the mother-in-law after entering the home. Once the bride wears these three bangles, it has to stay forever.

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Traditional Nupur

The Anklet is an optional part of the jewellery for the bride, but many prefer wearing it due to its design. Nupur is made up of silver or the Kundan setting stones and carries different beads.

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Like these, there are different Bengali wedding jewellery options for the bridal wear which have changed in terms of designs over the years. When complimented with designer traditional sarees, all these give the bride a unique and beautiful look.

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