Bihari Wedding Dates 2024

bihari wedding dates 2024

Bihar is an exceptionally delightful location for those considering a Bihari destination wedding. Despite its initial perception, Bihar is a state that is abundant with unexpected wonders. Bihari culture is renowned for its devoutness, modesty, and, notably, its joviality.

This colorful and enthusiastic culture also bleeds perfectly into Bihar’s wedding ceremonies. While weddings are celebrated with joy everywhere, they seem like mini-festivals in Bihar, especially when you look at the rituals. The rituals involve the relatives of both sides enjoying the traditions while witnessing their loved ones tie the knot with God’s true blessings.

While Biharis can easily create a mini-Bihar wherever they go, a Bihari destination wedding maximizes the beauty and joy you can experience. Especially when Bihar blends its uniqueness with Hindu rituals. You will always find a twist of fun in how things typically happen in the Bihari wedding rituals. This includes the exchange of ground turmeric for haldi, welcoming the wedding couple with a silbatta, and most importantly, the Bihari wedding songs sung by relatives at every junction.

Naturally, dates play a very vital part in weddings in Bihar. Biharis follow the Hindu calendar and value the difference in auspiciousness of wedding dates. In fact, there’s something special and vibrant you can include in the wedding ceremony every month. Let us dive into how you can have a sacred and memorable Bihari Destination Wedding in 2024.

Auspicious Bihari Wedding dates in January 2024

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January is usually the first choice of many Indians, especially Biharis, while planning a wedding. The first month of the year has an average temperature of 23 degrees Celsius, or 73.4 degrees Fahrenheit. January receives very little rainfall, averaging about 17mm.

The wedding outfits may face a slight pinch of variety for people who don’t do well with the cold. But if you look for pieces that go well with the cold weather, you may end up styling a very royal and lavish look.

The auspicious days begin in the second half of the month, so you will have plenty of time to prepare yourself for the Bihari wedding rituals. Lastly, the chilled weather of January makes those litti chokha servings extra delicious.

The best venue for your nuptials in January would be the city of Kaithar. Kaithar is blessed by both the River Koshi and the Ganges and has a welcoming atmosphere and infrastructure, perfect for your Bihari destination wedding.

According to the calendar, the following days are the best for this month.

  • January 16 (Tuesday)
  • January 17 (Wednesday)
  • January 20 (Saturday)
  • January 21 (Sunday)
  • January 22 (Monday)
  • January 27 (Saturday)
  • January 28 (Sunday)
  • January 30 (Tuesday)
  • January 31 (Wednesday)

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Auspicious Bihari Wedding dates in February 2024

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The month of February brings Valentine’s Week along with it, something that is seeing a rising craze in the Bihari youth. Thus, it is natural that you may also wish to have a romantic Bihari destination wedding in this lovely month. Interestingly, although Cupid already blesses this month, the Hindu gods and goddesses also favour it.

The cold ambience experienced in January continues into February. The temperatures slightly go up and reach 26 degrees Celsius, or 78.8 degrees Fahrenheit, this month. The rainfall changes minutely and drops to 15mm. Your winter collection will still shine in February.

Moreover, you can also pick up things from your pre-winter wardrobe to maximise variety. You can try a variety of reds during this month for your dresses as well as the venue decorations. Red is a very auspicious colour when it comes to weddings and will go perfectly with the Valentine’s theme.

According to the calendar, the following days are the best for this month.

  • February 4 (Sunday)
  • February 6 (Tuesday)
  • February 7 (Wednesday)
  • February 8 (Thursday)
  • February 12 (Monday)
  • February 13 (Tuesday)
  • February 17 (Saturday)
  • February 24 (Saturday)
  • February 25 (Sunday)
  • February 26 (Monday)
  • February 29 (Thursday)

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Auspicious Bihari Wedding dates in March 2024

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The cold doesn’t suit you? A little warmer temperatures match your vibe more? Well, then, March is the perfect month for your Bihari wedding. Most importantly, March brings the spring season with it. This means you can reap the maximum benefit of the booming flower business in East Champaran.

March will bring in the warmth that January and February lacked at 32 degrees Celsius, or 89.6 degrees Fahrenheit. You can enjoy all the great fits you want from your spring collection and choose floral designs to complement the season.

An outdoor venue would be perfect for a Bihari destination wedding, like the Rajmahal Marriage Garden in Patna. The venue boasts beautiful color schemes and lights for wedding decorations. But you will have to hurry since March 12 is the last auspicious day of this month.

According to the calendar, the following days are the best for this month.

  • March 1 (Friday)
  • March 2 (Saturday)
  • March 3 (Sunday)
  • March 4 (Monday)
  • March 5 (Tuesday)
  • March 6 (Wednesday)
  • March 7 (Thursday)
  • March 10 (Sunday)
  • March 11 (Monday)
  • March 12 (Tuesday)

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Auspicious Bihari Wedding dates in April 2024

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April will mark the beginning of the peak summer season and can be pretty hot. However, it is a golden month to get married and can also make your Bihari destination wedding a hot affair. The temperature in April reaches 37 degrees Celsius, or 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. You can make use of all the breezy fabrics you wish to use for your Bihari Destination Wedding in April.

Do note that only a few days in April are auspicious for your Bihari destination wedding.

Accordingly, you will need to plan certain things ahead of time to accommodate all the Bihari wedding rituals. Speaking of venues, the best venue for a summer welcome month would be the prolific city of Rajgir. The place has several fantastic venues for a great wedding in April. According to the calendar, the following days are the best for this month.

  • April 18 (Thursday)
  • April 19 (Friday)
  • April 20 (Saturday)
  • April 21 (Sunday)
  • April 22 (Monday)

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Auspicious Bihari Wedding dates in May and June 2024

The months of May and June do not bear any auspicious days for you to have a Bihari Destination Wedding with your partner. But this also means that you have extra time to make preparations for your big day when the holiness to unite gets restored in July. Two months is an excellent time frame to choose your venue, hire staff, and shop for essentials, prepare for Bihari wedding rituals as well as a few extravagant items.

But hey, you don’t just have to make it all about getting stuff done for your wedding. You will soon be forming a union with someone new. This makes it the best time to cater to your already-established bonds and relationships. Spend time with your family and friends, and add more moments to your memory whenever you get nostalgic in the future.

Auspicious Bihari Wedding dates in July 2024

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The month of July brings back the favour of the gods for all couples who wish to enter a married union. July welcomes another change in season. This means that you can enjoy a monsoon-themed Bihari destination wedding in this auspicious month. The temperatures will take a slight dip to 33 degrees Celsius or 91.4 degrees Fahrenheit this month. Moreover, the rainfall climbs to a whopping 339mm in July.

Attending a wedding amidst the rain carries its own aesthetic and romance.The pitter-patter of rain and the delightful winds soothe anybody’s mind. Besides, apart from all the delicacies available in Bihar throughout the year, you can relish soul-winning Bachkas during the rains at your Bihari Destination Wedding. Make sure to get your bookings fast since July dates don’t even last a week.

According to the calendar, the following days are the best for this month.

  • July 9 (Tuesday)
  • July 11 (Thursday)
  • July 12 (Friday)
  • July 13 (Saturday)
  • July 14 (Sunday)
  • July 15 (Monday)

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Auspicious Bihari Wedding dates in August, September, and October 2024

If you couldn’t fully utilise the two-month break of June and July for your perfect Bihari Destination Wedding, you get round two of solid preparations from August to October. Considering that this will be a three-month break, you can also spice up your Bihari Destination Wedding with a popular and modern element: pre-wedding photoshoots.

Moreover, you and your significant other can also use this time to bond and shop for things together. Since this is an off-season for the wedding market, you may also bag some very lucky deals on items that will otherwise cost you a mini fortune.

The odds of great bargains also increase since November will see the return of the first days of winter. Most importantly, you can use the fall season to fall harder for each other and add more memories together as a romantic couple before marriage.

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Auspicious Bihari Wedding dates in November 2024

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No month can beat November when it comes to optimal weather conditions. This month, the temperature stays at 29 degrees Celsius, or 84.2 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, the rains are as low as 9mm in November, adding more points to its account. Most importantly, November is the month when Bihari people celebrate the auspicious Chhath Puja.

The festival is central to the Bihari culture and is highly anticipated every year after Diwali. In 2024, the Chhath Puja will begin on November 5th and end on November 8th. This way, you can hold the hand of your loved one in the mandap just four days after Chhath Puja. But even if you miss that, November’s auspiciousness blesses many days. The best venue to get married this month would be the peaceful Bodh Gaya for an added spiritual touch.

According to the calendar, the following days are the best for this month.

  • November 12 (Tuesday)
  • November 13 (Wednesday)
  • November 16 (Saturday)
  • November 17 (Sunday)
  • November 18 (Monday)
  • November 22 (Friday)
  • November 23 (Saturday)
  • November 25 (Monday)
  • November 26 (Tuesday)
  • November 28 (Thursday)
  • November 29 (Friday)

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Auspicious Bihari Wedding dates in December 2024

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Last, but not least, December also carries several auspicious days for you to get married. The temperatures in December stay at 24 degrees Celsius, or 75.2 degrees Fahrenheit. The rainfall is almost non-existent at 4mm. December allows you to soak in all colours with your winter collection and the many layers you can experiment with.

Your winter-themed wedding can carry the aesthetic of warm colours like peach and have an ambiance as soft as snow. For this, you can choose an elegant hall as the venue, like the MRT Banquet in Patna. This spacious venue sparkles with luxury and takes pride in its aesthetic decorations, lighting, furnishings, and staff.

Destination Wedding. December also carries another special and beautiful prospect. Getting married in December will allow you to start 2025 as a married couple. Moreover, you will have the entire second half of the month to yourself since the last auspicious date to get married falls on December 14.

According to the calendar, the following days are the best for this month.

  • December 4 (Wednesday)
  • December 5 (Thursday)
  • December 9 (Monday)
  • December 10 (Tuesday)
  • December 14 (Saturday)

Did you decide on a wedding date? Perfect! Now, all you need to do is prepare for all the fun rituals. Worry not if you’re unfamiliar with what happens in a Bihari Destination Wedding. Here is a detailed list of what you would love to look forward to in the coming days as you giggle and dance to Bihari Songs through the marriage ceremony.

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