8 Simple Mehendi Designs for Men and Boys

Men Mehendi Design

Why should girls have all the fun? Men also look handsome while wearing mehendi. Let’s look at Simple Mehendi Designs for Men and Boys.

The mandala design

It is both minimalistic and traditional in touch.

Men Mehendi Design

Source : Ritual by Design

The Personalised touch

If a full hand of mehendi is a no-no , then go for this tiny mandala, with the wedding rings intertwined.

Men Mehendi Design

Source : Gangaur Mehendi

The rule of the Thumb

Another design to add to your list of minimal marvels is this one covering just the thumb. The dark patterns withing and a dotted outline adds a pretty finish.

Men Mehendi Design

Source : @healinghenna

Me + You Forever

This mehendi will serve as a symbol of your love.

Men Mehendi Design

A portrait of your loved one

One for your traditional nuptials and one for the formal reception. It’s like a photo album on your palms! It is one of the best Simple Mehendi Designs for Men and Boys.

Men Mehendi Design

Source : Nivedita Jadhav

Complimenting your better half

A pretty mandala with the initials of your better half, it doesn’t get more cheesy than this.

Men Mehendi Design

Source : PrernaHennaArt

Rock that geometrical look!

Lines and lines and lines , this geometric symmetrical look appeals to our eyes!

Men Mehendi Design

Source: www.henname.net

Ready to go all out! Simple Mehendi Designs for Men and Boys

A more traditional look for your special day; who knew triangles could look so pretty?

Simple Mehendi Designs for Men and Boys

Source : Ritual by Design

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