10 Latest Back Hand Mehendi Designs

Back Hand Mehendi Designs

The latest Back Hand Mehendi Designs play an important role in the overall look of your mehendi. Let’s check out some of the latest designs and get a beautiful idea for enhancing your look.

A wedding story

If you’re not a fan of extravagant mehendi designs for your wedding day, this one tells a story independently, with little motifs of peacock, tabla, Ganpati, Kalash, Pandal, and Gathbandhan.

Latest Back Hand Mehendi Designs

Source : Lion Mehandi Art

The classic that never gets old

This one never goes out of style. The simple round mehendi design. But to add that little jazz , elaborate bracelets and beautiful finger tips.

Back Hand Mehendi Designs

Source : @hennabyang

Find your lover’s name in the latest Back Hand Mehendi Designs

Another one for the minimal wedding mehendi lovers. Personalised with the name of the bride and groom. The little tree of life at the end gives an earthy feel.

Back Hand Mehendi Designs

Source : Kavita Mehndi Studio

The bridal show stopper!

The most special day in the life of any girl, make it more special with this OTT elaborate Henna design.

Back Hand Mehendi Designs 4

Source : Raju Mehendi Artist GK

Beautiful Lotus patches

As beautiful as a wall hanging. This mehendi design sets itself apart from the lotus windchime style and becomes Latest Back Hand Mehendi Designs.

Back Hand Mehendi Designs

Source : @brownhue_mehendi

Mandala lovers unite!

If you want to go a little over and add more to your mehendi instead of just a mandala, this one should will top your mehendi list!

Back Hand Mehendi Designs 6

Source : Fizza’s Henna Studio

The mehndi design that looks like a painting

Looks like a stamp marker did this, that food is this artists skills. The ghunghat lady is giving us major shy bride vibes.

Back Hand Mehendi Designs

Source : Poonam Mehandi Art

The finesse and neatness make this one of our favourites

Mandala, finger tips, extended to the ends of your back hand. Looks like this took a careful skilled hand

Back Hand Mehendi Designs

Source : Henna by Yoishi

The elephant Charmer!

The big elephant is parading happily with little elephant charms dangling on the back of your hand, and this one just takes the cake! It becomes Latest Back Hand Mehendi Designs.

Back Hand Mehendi Designs

Source : Henna by Yisha

The traditional Hindu bride!

If youre a lover of traditional symbols, this ones for you. The swastika laden design is definitely a festive favourite!

Back Hand Mehendi Designs

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