Celebrity Superstitions: Well-Known Gamblers and Their Lucky Charms


Over the years, a couple of punters have been able to achieve legendary status due to their performances. As a result, their names pop up anytime there is a discussion about betting in any room. Their fame stories and cautionary narratives don’t fail to inspire other punters. While there are already tons of people on this list, from pro poker players to sports bettors, you can also join their community.

Just like these people, it is possible to achieve this feat. Thanks to online platforms like 7Slots, you can practice whichever area interests you. Being consistent and ready to put in the work as you learn is one of the factors they all have in common. Having a lucky charm is another common factor. Continue reading to find out what lucky charms are preferred by celebrity gamblers.

Famous Gamblers in History and Their Lucky Charms

Gambling has been a source of entertainment for countless years now. Hence, this list combines players of various ages who have made an impact in the industry. Dig in!

Famous PuntersHistorical ProminenceLucky Charms
Nick DandolosThe inspiration behind the establishment of WSOPCigar
Phil HellmuthA famous and successful poker playerSport cap
Doyle BrunsonA pro poker legendBlack rock
Alvin Clarence Thomas (a.k.a. Titanic Thompson)Legendary gambler and hustlerHat

Nick Dandolos

Nicknamed the King of Gamblers and Nick the Greek during his time, he inspired the WSOP. Born Nikolaos Andreas Dandolos, he specialized in card and dice games as well as wagering horse races. He lived off the allowance he got from his parents before he started to make a name for himself, betting on horse races.

He once challenged the legendary player Johnny Moss to play all variants of Lucky Star online casino games by Benny Binion, the owner of Horseshoe Casino. Many came from far and near to see this duo compete, and it soon turned into a tourist attraction. This game is acknowledged as the inspiration for the WSOP. He has won and lost more than $500 million on gambling while in action and was known to play with a cigar in his mouth to attract luck in such a way.

Phil Hellmuth

Phillip Jerome Hellmuth Jr. is another American pro poker player. He won 17 WSOP bracelets and holds a record for the most WSOP cashes and the most WSOP final tables. He is nicknamed “The Poker Brat” because of his attitude and nature. His skills and temper tantrums made him popular.

In addition to playing, he has made tons of instructional poker videos and written books on this subject. He amassed over $24 million as a professional poker player and often wears sports caps during tournaments that have already become his trademark and talisman.

Doyle Brunson

This American professional player is also known as Texas Dolly. He played poker professionally for about 50 years before retiring. He is recognized as one of the most influential individuals in the niche. Also, he was the first punter to win $1 million in poker tournaments. Texas Dolly won 10 WSOP bracelets, making him one of the four players to have won multiple times. Doyle Brunson was also the first punter to win the WSOP Main Event and World Poker Tour titles. He was known for carrying a black stone and placing it on the table during game rounds to attract luck.

Besides winning many titles and making a name for himself, he has also written numerous books on this subject. In addition to being an accomplished author, he also served as a consultant for a movie titled “Lucky You.” He coached the lead actors on how to play like a professional and made a cameo appearance in the movie. This was not the last movie he showed up in.

Titanic Thompson

Alvin Clarence Thomas, also known as Titanic Thompson. He was a legendary gambler and hustler, popular for his remarkable skills in different forms of puntering. They vary from poker and proposition betting to golf hustling. He was a master of deception, known for his cunning and manipulative ways of handling situations. Titanic Thompson relied on his sharp wit and keen understanding of human psychology to win bets and hustle opponents.

According to reports and photos available now, he frequently wore high hats that can be considered as some sort of lucky charm.

What Is Your Lucky Charm?

Many of these legendary punters didn’t fail to mention the significance of an object that served as their lucky charm. Although it might seem superstitious, it was a source of inspiration for their successful careers. So, when next you join a blackjack or roulette table, make sure you bring some talisman with you.

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